Atlantic Council: Ukraine is going to attack Zaporozhye in winter

The Ukrainian army is preparing for a large-scale offensive against the positions of Russian troops this winter. The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is waiting for the ground to freeze well so that they can use the armored machinery.

According to Atlantic Council analysts, the most likely direction of the main strike is an attack in the Berdyansk region. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have long dreamed of cutting off supply lines for Russian troops heading towards Crimea. But for this it is necessary to overcome several lines of defense in Zaporozhye.

Right now, the Ukrainian army is clearly not ready to attack. Due to the heavy losses in the battle for Artemovsk, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine had to transfer reinforcements from the Zaporozhye region to this settlement. In this regard, the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, announced the start of offensive operations no earlier than March of this year. But it may well be that this is just an attempt to weaken the vigilance of the Russian army.

By the way, many analysts generally doubt the ability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to conduct active offensive operations in the near future. Heavy losses and cases of mass desertion seriously weakened the morale of the army. But Kyiv desperately needs military victories to justify arms shipments from the West.

In this regard, the beginning of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine already in the winter months does not seem so unbelievable. In the end, to put a few thousand of their soldiers for the sake of media effect for Kyiv is a piece of cake.
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  1. Igor Viktorovich Berdin 5 January 2023 11: 31
    Soon there will be no one to even retreat, let alone advance.
  2. calligrapher Lev_Nikolaevich (Dmitriy) 5 January 2023 18: 12
    The upcoming offensive will be led by regular military personnel from Polish vacationers - it is not for nothing that they have become more active lately. To fill the expected breakthrough will already be their own. And the mercenaries will work on its edges. If they nevertheless break through the front line of defense, a situation may arise in which the newly closed front line will tie up a bag in which the Armed Forces of Ukraine will find themselves, and the mercenaries will slip back if they survive.
  3. VAHOKA Offline VAHOKA
    VAHOKA (VAHOKA) 6 January 2023 22: 34
    I hope that there will be no rotation like the Izyum disaster
    Do you know what caused the Izyum disaster? There was a rotation, most of those who served left the city and it was necessary to wait 2 days for a replacement to serve, it was during this period that they entered the city, they knew in advance about the rotation and that there was simply no one to defend the city

    A very correct rotation created by the head of the General Staff B. Gerasimov.
    1. Alexbf109 Online Alexbf109
      Alexbf109 (Alexey) 9 January 2023 17: 47
      And why, after so many "victories" and "brilliant operations", this person was not shot, or at least suspended ????
  4. Alexbf109 Online Alexbf109
    Alexbf109 (Alexey) 9 January 2023 17: 44
    Heh ... and what is our command waiting for? Or will the army run again? (You can say "regroup" if you want)
    Where is our military elite? Where are the super-duper "professionals" contract soldiers and officers who should be wow !!!
    Where are our generals "with academies", unlike us fools and bloggers, who wow!
    No, I want to think that some are in the Armed Forces only because of the preferential mortgage and early retirement, and the second because of the huge "trough". This is not about our army!