Igor Strelkov: Poland, Romania and Turkey may intervene in the Ukrainian conflict

Former DPR Minister Igor Strelkov believes that in the coming year, hostilities in Ukraine will receive a new impetus. The conflict is waiting for further development: large-scale battles and the entry into the confrontation of new world players are possible.

The former head of the defense department of the DPR believes that Polish troops may enter the territory of Ukraine in the future. Strelkov also does not rule out Romanian intervention in the Transnistrian direction. Provocations are also likely from Turkey, which currently supports Azerbaijan in its desire to oust Russian peacekeepers from Nagorno-Karabakh.

The military also noted the high probability of strengthening the Ukrainian armed forces in 2023 due to the influx of new weapons from the West and assistance from NATO.

Along with this, intensification of hostilities is possible in different directions, and several important battles may take place this winter. At the same time, the ex-minister did not name specific places where the situation is likely to worsen.

In general, the coming year will be very important for the implementation of the special operation, and under favorable circumstances, the RF Armed Forces may win. In the meantime, Igor Strelkov states, there are no clear prerequisites for this.
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  1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 30 December 2022 17: 12
    he forgot to mention lithuania, sweden and austria laughing
  2. Rainy Offline Rainy
    Rainy 30 December 2022 17: 26
    Yes, NATO will not interfere so rudely. They will make everything beautiful. They are waiting and hoping that Ukraine will reach the borders of 91.
    After that, they calmly go to the whole of Ukraine at her request. Everything. End of SVO.
    Putin will not fight NATO, otherwise he would have hit Poland long ago in order to cut off the supply of weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 30 December 2022 20: 39
      (Rainy) NATO is already grossly interfering in the NWO (through the Tribalts, the Czech Republic, Poland, etc.), arming and training the Armed Forces of Ukraine at their training grounds. Poland alone transferred more than 200 modernized T-72s, dozens of Crab self-propelled guns, and a lot of other things. Sent rotationally up to 10000 mercenaries, former Polish soldiers. NATO is not waiting, but participating in the NWO. According to the recent events of the defeat of the infrastructure, the hopes for the victory of Ukraine among all NATO members have evaporated, and therefore the United States did not give Zelensky offensive weapons for victory. It is clearly seen how J. Biden, familiarly with humiliation, puts his hand on Zelensky's shoulder, smiling like a stupid boy messenger - that's all today's attitude towards Ukraine...
    2. oao Offline oao
      oao (Chizhov Kirill) 31 December 2022 13: 45
      And if it doesn't come out?
  3. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 30 December 2022 19: 08
    Possibly. Probably. Considers "brilliant" analytics. Would be silent. stop
  4. Pro100 Offline Pro100
    Pro100 (Vladimir Babaev) 30 December 2022 23: 56
    At the beginning of the article, you need to add: If (once) Washington decides ...., and if not, they will get in the face from both Moscow and Washington.
  5. Pravodel Offline Pravodel
    Pravodel (ppp) 31 December 2022 12: 19
    Poland, Romania and Turkey may intervene

    The only condition under which Poland, Romania and various other Poles and Tribalts can intervene in the conflict in Ukraine is if Russia loses to the West. In all other cases, they will carefully watch and wait.
    But I hope that Russia will not lose, but will win the battle for Ukraine, and return the lands taken away from Russia to Russia, and Ukraine to the Russian world.
  6. ivan2022 Offline ivan2022
    ivan2022 (ivan2022) 31 December 2022 12: 28
    As far as I remember, in the offensive operations of the Second World War, up to 500 large-caliber guns were used per 1 km of the front. And now in the Russian Federation there are only about 500 Pion howitzers, which have not been produced since 1991. The power of the UVZ is several pieces. tanks per day .... For the period from 2007 to 2020, about 100-200 Iskanders were produced .... The power of the warheads of the same Iskanders is limited to 400-500 kg. While the German FAA 80 years ago carried 1000 kg

    Already from these small examples, we can conclude that, indeed, everything is possible in our time ..... and even explain why the Avdiyevo fortifications have not been destroyed so far. .. If you do not chat, but simply calculate real resources, you can understand a lot.
    1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
      Sapsan136 (Alexander) 1 January 2023 19: 59
      The problem here is more likely not in the Iskanders, but in the fact that we still have a fairly strong pro-Western and pro-Ukrainian lobby in the Kremlin, which is openly anti-Russian in nature. Only this can explain the insufficient use of the most effective ammunition, such as ODAB of various calibers, the effectiveness of which was proven even during the assault on Bamut ... There were also concrete fortifications that did not even take 152 mm howitzers, and ODAB solved the problem ..
  7. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 3 January 2023 12: 27
    How to fight in Ukraine? If no one knows the purpose. If there is no Law of the Russian Federation or Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, in accordance with which the SVO is carried out. If there is no strategy The absence of a legal basis on the part of the Russian Federation provokes Poland, Romania, and others to the occupation of Ukraine. Ukraine is now a "gray" territory that any country can capture and the Kremlin supports this "dullness".