MS-21 received certified aircraft engine and wing

The first 6 units of serial fully Russian medium-haul narrow-body airliners MS-21-310 are planned to be delivered at the end of 2024 to Rossiya airlines. About it on the air of the TV channel "Russia 24" said the general director of PJSC "UAC" (part of the state corporation "Rostec") Yuri Slyusar.

At the same time, Slyusar also said during a joint briefing on December 29 at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation that the issuance of a permit to use the domestic PD-14 aircraft engine and a composite wing became an important milestone in the implementation of the project - this is the foundation for the subsequent import substitution of all aircraft components. He explained that some of the equipment is already undergoing bench tests and in 2023 it will begin testing as part of the aircraft. For 2024, the entire flight test program should be carried out, the appropriate type certificate from the regulator should be received, and mass production should begin.

In turn, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian government, head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia Denis Manturov specified that the Federal Air Transport Agency approved changes in the design and certified the domestic PD-21 aircraft engine and composite wing developed for the MS-310-14. The functionary emphasized that by the time the liner appears on the highways, it will receive the most extended type certificate for unhindered maintenance and operation.

MS-21 received certified aircraft engine and wing

The head of the Federal Air Transport Agency, Alexander Neradko, confirmed that the agency has reissued the FATA-01010A type certificate of the Irkut corporation with the addition of a new model MS-21-310. According to him, the documents confirming the amendments to the liner's certificate were handed over on December 28. He added that tests were carried out and the aircraft showed good performance even at low temperatures.

Moreover, the Rostec state corporation indicated that in 2022, the MS-21, equipped with the PD-14, made more than 160 successful test flights. At the same time, the PD-14 showed characteristics that are not inferior to similar foreign power units. Sergey Chemezov, Director General of the Rostec State Corporation, added that by 2030 more than 270 MS-21-310 aircraft should appear.
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  1. soloist2424 Offline soloist2424
    soloist2424 (Oleg) 29 December 2022 19: 37
    Well, we can only wish MS-21 good luck.
  2. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 29 December 2022 21: 22
    Let's wait and see. As they say, don't say GOP ... they also wrote a lot about mass deliveries to the VKS 76x and other things ... So we'll see.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 30 December 2022 09: 04
    And what are these three clowns doing in the photo?
    Maybe they are making a wing or a new engine?
    1. Mikhalych Offline Mikhalych
      Mikhalych 13 January 2023 15: 14
      And what are these three clowns doing in the photo?

      They pose and show that without them nothing would have happened. True, GDP recently raped Manturov in an intelligently perverted form. angry
  5. Sergey3939 Offline Sergey3939
    Sergey3939 (Sergei) 30 December 2022 09: 44
    Now, just wait for the end of 2024, when 4 aircraft will take the wing of the Russian airline!
  6. Vladimir80 Offline Vladimir80
    Vladimir80 30 December 2022 13: 54
    if only in 24 it didn’t turn out that some of the equipment was still imported (Chinese, Korean, ...) and they need to be replaced again, now for sure by 100% ... you need another 100 billion and be patient for a couple of years ...
  7. Velmi Shin Offline Velmi Shin
    Velmi Shin (Velmi Shin) 3 January 2023 07: 28
    This is strange - they promised the efficiency of the PD-14 by 10-15% better than foreign engines. Now they say it's not worse. In general, it seems that the engine is simply repainted with the labels of the Russian Federation. And there's nothing I can do about this feeling.
    1. whitebeard Offline whitebeard
      whitebeard 16 January 2023 13: 23
      Yes, just theoretical characteristics must be confirmed in tests. And on them it could well be found out that the engine is not as good as it was calculated. However, even equality with modern Western engines is quite good, the main thing is that there is a potential for further modernization. Moreover, now it makes no sense for us to chase performance exceedances, because we need to quickly make a large-scale line of engines, first of all, in addition to the PD-14 itself, this is the PD-8, and it would also be very nice to get a serial PD-35, although it is already moved to the right, unfortunately.
  8. Mikhalych Offline Mikhalych
    Mikhalych 13 January 2023 15: 10
    PD-14 showed characteristics that are not inferior to similar foreign power units.

    This, of course, is good, but there is such an NK-93 engine. The engine officially has a thrust of 18 tons, but in tests it was possible to exceed this figure by 2 tons. If we take into account the fact that it was created more than 30 years ago (80s of the last century), then with the use of modern materials it is possible to increase traction up to 23 tons without any problems. Compared to the PD-14, the NK-93 is much quieter (there is no noise characteristic of turbojet plants), more environmentally friendly, cheaper and more economical. Despite the fact that the NK-93 has already been created, and its adaptation to modern realities requires only about 1,5 billion rubles, it was decided to freeze the project and deploy the development of the PD-14 family worth about 80 billion rubles.
    1. whitebeard Offline whitebeard
      whitebeard 16 January 2023 13: 26
      Well, after all, NK-93 is from a different cohort of dviguns, it is both more powerful and a different type. Its dimensions for the same MS-21 are too large. For some new transport workers or large wide-bodies, he could go, but this topic is not yet the most relevant in the Russian aviation industry
    2. Gadley Offline Gadley
      Gadley 23 January 2023 12: 49
      Where did you get that he could replace the PD14; he has a very large screw diameter. He would have gone to transport aviation with an overhead wing, but weak thrust, since for such aircraft it is necessary to make twin-turbine ones.
  9. Gadley Offline Gadley
    Gadley 23 January 2023 03: 04
    the work on fine-tuning MS21-310 has been going on for a very long time