Ukraine loses 30 times more soldiers in Bakhmut than Russia

The losses of the Ukrainian army during the battle for Bakhmut are thirty times higher than the Russian ones. At the same time, the military leaders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to make directly opposite statements.

The so-called Bakhmut meat grinder has already become a symbol of the catastrophe of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this direction. The Ukrainian garrison of the city is on the verge of losing combat capability. The reason for this was not only the courage of the Russian military, but also the overwhelming superiority of the Russian army in artillery.

According to experts, in terms of the number of deployed guns "Gyacinth-B", "Gyacinth-S" and other self-propelled guns, as well as howitzers D-20, D-30 and rocket artillery, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are about 100 times inferior to the allied forces.

The activity and effectiveness of the Russian artillery near Bakhmut is such that for one dead soldier of the Russian army there are 30 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, the medical service of the Ukrainian army today is able to evacuate only one of the three wounded. Which, of course, increases losses.

Experts predict that by the beginning of January, every second Ukrainian soldier will die from Russian artillery fire in the Bakhmut direction.

Despite this state of affairs, the Kyiv regime continues to send reinforcements to Bakhmut and its environs. But fresh forces often fall into positions that have already been shot down by Russian artillery.

Currently, fighting is already taking place in the urban area of ​​Bakhmut. The front line here passes through the southern quarters of the settlement.
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  3. Joke Offline Joke
    Joke (Alexey Shu) 30 December 2022 04: 17
    Isn't everything going according to the US plan? Every killed or wounded Ukrainian has a family, relatives and friends (7-10 people). Those. We are increasing the number of people who are not positive about Russia (negatively or generally hostile), it is not clear what to do with this, it is impossible to stop the NWO. And this despite the fact that the majority of those loyal to RUSSIA on the territory of the Khohloreikha have probably already been re-flashed or destroyed. It is possible that the NATO members (they are in command) send to the meat grinder, first of all, the unprepared and ideologically weak (to strengthen hatred towards US), the ideological ones - those who have gone through the ATO school (who are protected) stand behind their backs and drive the first into the slaughter. Those. the longer the war lasts, the more profitable NATO is, because it is possible that a bet is made that we will get territories (if we take them) with a hostile population. For unknown reasons, we are starting to fight only now (and not much), as it was recently said "we have not started anything yet" The question is whether WE have a plan, and what's next. RUSSIA, of course, will win, conduct and complete the NWO, Ukraine will lose in every way. Or the question here is not about Hohlonazis, Our goal is much more serious, so we are not in a hurry.
  4. VAHOKA Offline VAHOKA
    VAHOKA (VAHOKA) 30 December 2022 12: 09
    EXCELLENT! Let them go to Bandera and Shukhevych in hell
  5. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 30 December 2022 15: 20
    The defenders lose more attackers, and even so much .... I would certainly like to believe ...
  6. Dmitry Volkov Offline Dmitry Volkov
    Dmitry Volkov (Dmitry Volkov) 31 December 2022 09: 36
    It is expected, I think that everything will end in the Donbass, Geyropa will not be able to rebuild Kyiv, Odessa, so there will be negotiations, but the opinion of a sober Russian, we need to return Pridnestrovie and Kharkov, Sumy.
  7. Alex D Offline Alex D
    Alex D (Alex D) 31 December 2022 12: 13
    Russians kill Russians, and here they still consider who killed more. This war is a tragedy for the Russians.
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