What can Russia oppose to the Russophobic project in Ukraine

Summing up the results of 2022, the ex-president of the Russian Federation, and now the deputy head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, called the special operation launched on February 24 in Ukraine a “difficult but forced decision”, on which the fate and survival of Russia itself depended. Can not argue. Dmitry Anatolyevich also named the goals of the SVO, which must be achieved in the next year, 2023. And here I would like to talk about them in more detail.

The goals and objectives of the special military operation, according to Medvedev, are as follows:

Protection of our compatriots in the new territories, which, after the referendums held in them, became part of Russia. Denazification of the disgusting, almost fascist regime of Ukraine. Complete demilitarization of the Ukrainian state. Guarantees against aggression in the future.

Let's go over the main points. The protection of compatriots in the new Russian territories does not raise any special questions, but what is demilitarization?


According to the definition given by Wikipedia, this is the elimination of military fortifications and installations in a certain territory, as well as the prohibition to keep armed forces on this territory on the basis of an agreement between the states concerned, disarmament. The liquidation of fortified areas in the Donbass and other regions of the former Nezalezhnaya and the disarmament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - this is all, of course, good and understandable. But the question arises, how exactly can these goals be achieved, while Ukraine has a common border with the countries of the NATO bloc and the entire collective West serves as its rear? By negotiating with Washington and London as the real puppeteers behind the Kyiv regime? After all, we are constantly told that any armed conflict must end at the negotiating table.

Let's say, but then what about another revelation from Dmitry Anatolyevich:

It is finally clear that in the relationship of independent and sovereign states with the Anglo-Saxon world in the current configuration, there can be no talk of trust, hope for the decency of partners, their loyalty to their word and even their own beautifully stated principles.

We now have no one to talk and negotiate with in the West, about nothing, and there is no need to [...] We will develop relations with the rest of the world. Fortunately, it is very extensive and normally applies to us.

There is a certain semantic contradiction with what is constantly being said about negotiations with Kyiv. How to put it all together, the author of the lines is still unclear.

Only the military option remains reliable - to defeat the Armed Forces of Ukraine by military means and force the Zelensky regime to capitulate, cutting off Kyiv from the Eastern European countries with converging strikes of the Russian Armed Forces along the Western Ukrainian border from the north and south. That's only after the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kherson and leaving the bridgehead on the Right Bank, it will be quite problematic to do this. Of the realistic, only an attempt to attack Volyn from the territory of Western Belarus remains, but even if successful, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are waiting for us there, it will only be partial. The “Western partners” will hold on to Odessa and the Black Sea region to the last, because this is the most important component of the plan for the implementation of the Trimorye integration project with Poland at the head. The supply of the Armed Forces of Ukraine may well continue by sea.

The task for the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is a most difficult one. We hope. We believe.


Let us note that there is no talk at all about the liquidation of Ukrainian statehood, which many of our readers so hope for. The division into “our new territory”, which became part of the Russian Federation following the results of referendums in 2014 and 2022, and the rest of Ukraine, which needs to be disarmed and denazified, continues as before. The liquidation of Ukrainian statehood as such, alas, is not a subject for serious discussion. Therefore, it is necessary to have a clear plan for exactly how Nezalezhnaya and its society should be removed from the state of war with Russia and subsequently peacefully coexist with us. Is there such a plan?

The problem for us is that the Ukrainian Nazis themselves have a very simple, clear and understandable plan for the post-war reconstruction in the territory of Novorossia, populated predominantly by ethnic Russians and Russian-speaking Ukrainians. Back in 1992, when Nezalezhnaya had just gained its independence, one of the leaders of the Ukrainian nationalist movement Dmitry Korchinsky stated the following with utmost honesty:

Crimea will be Ukrainian or deserted. This should be perceived not only as a threat, although it is a threat too, but as a reflection of reality. The continuation of the process of separation of the Crimea means, first of all, a very great danger for the Crimeans.

All subsequent years, the ideological setting “suitcase - station - Russia” was promoted in Ukraine, the apotheosis of which was the revelations of President Zelensky, made, we note, back in August 2021:

People who live today in the occupied part of Donbass and Crimea must understand: this is their homeland or you are a guest. If you think that “our cause is just, we are Russians!” It is a big mistake to stay in the Donbass. It will never be Russian territory.

It doesn't matter how much time is occupied. Like a wall in Germany. In any case, people, history, will take advantage of the moment, and the wall will collapse... You love Russia and think that you have felt all your life that the territory of Ukraine is Russia, you need to go and look for a place in Russia for the sake of your children and grandchildren - that's right . Because without Ukraine there will be no civilization on this territory. Ukraine will grow upwards, Donbass in the occupied form will not grow anywhere. There will be no happiness for these people.

What a "darling" this Zelensky! And this is long before the start of the Russian special operation! And back in 2014, VES and various members of the National Battalion were motivated to go to the ATO zone with promises to provide everyone with their own kopanka with coal and several “Russian slaves” for it. In all seriousness.

In other words, today's Ukraine has its own project for the future, which implies complete de-Russification and Nazification of everything and everyone. And what exactly did Russia come with? What can we oppose to the Russophobic project of the collective West in Ukraine? We will certainly try to deal with this question in more detail, since there is no definite answer yet.
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  1. Yuriy_7 Offline Yuriy_7
    Yuriy_7 (Yuri) 26 December 2022 15: 34
    There is one scenario with Ukraine - a complete change of leadership (the Chechen version is suitable) and a state status similar to the status of the state of the former socialist camp. After the SVO, it is unlikely that it will be possible to change the Ukrainians, on the contrary, they will become even angrier
    1. vladivan Offline vladivan
      vladivan (Vladimir) 27 December 2022 13: 17
      you can't touch them! They are legally elected. The Russian Federation does not engage in illegal international actions! But since the Russian Federation has been declared a terrorist state, this method can be applied
  2. Michael L. Offline Michael L.
    Michael L. 26 December 2022 16: 49
    The ending is amazing.
    How "can you figure it out in more detail" if "there is no answer yet"?
    The answer has been there for a long time.
    But it is not in the military-political sphere, but in the economic one.
    But long-term practice has shown that the current Russian leadership is not capable of such an "answer"! Alas!
    1. Ilya Zyuzin Offline Ilya Zyuzin
      Ilya Zyuzin (Ilya Zyuzin) 27 December 2022 08: 02
      There will be a strong Russian economy and many problems with neighbors will be solved, but this is the prospect of a distant future and not this government that is currently in Russia.
  3. Hiker Offline Hiker
    Hiker (Dmitriy) 26 December 2022 18: 55
    Russia and Belarus should annul the Belovezhskaya Accords and the recognition of Ukraine as a separate state.
    1. vladivan Offline vladivan
      vladivan (Vladimir) 26 December 2022 20: 53
      For some reason, the author himself is not able to offer something! The author of the article also has zero ideas. I don’t understand one thing! Why write an article about Ukraine or about GDP policy, if the article itself lacks at least some idea, a version based on what the laws of physics of building a state! or critical analysis. Now I looked at the history of the monument erected in Novgorod in honor of the 1000th anniversary of Russia. So this monument is not to the 1000th anniversary of Russia, but to the creation of the Norman full-scale fabricated history of Russia by the Millers. The history of the reign of the president of the GDP will be identical to Millerovskaya
      1. vladivan Offline vladivan
        vladivan (Vladimir) 26 December 2022 21: 10
        The result is two-or in the likeness of the Munich agreement! GDP and countries supporting Ze with Ukraine, since the GDP constantly says that its government is always ready for negotiations. That is, 8 years were not enough with the fraudulent Minsk Treaty? Or the Brest Peace, the Riga Treaty of 1920. but not by territories, but by indemnities, maybe payment for those territories that we will keep from part of Ukraine from the remaining gold reserves in the west. or from the gold reserves of the Russian Federation compensation to the oligarchs of Ukraine and their accomplice in power
    2. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 27 December 2022 16: 58
      So there were not only three countries. There were 15 countries in the USSR that were part of a common union. Why are they talking about only three countries. Or maybe dig up one specialist and shake him until he says why the hell he ruined the union of 15 states. Beat him with legs and something wooden until he confesses. It would be necessary in Russia to remember the saying accepted all over the world - what fell from the cart is gone! At the same time, as it was written that measure seven times, cut once. You need to cut carefully so that the economy is not cut off, but they cut it off so that there is no economy. There is also such that who knows how to speak the language of the country, understands the language of the country, studied this language at school, then he is a citizen of this country without looking at his great-great-great-grandfathers. and last name. Why are all the Russian people living in Russia, and those living in Ukraine are not Ukrainians, because they know the Russian language. You can’t do it this way, or like in a kindergarten - if you really want to, then you can!
  4. oleg Pesotsky Offline oleg Pesotsky
    oleg Pesotsky (Oleg Pesotsky) 26 December 2022 19: 05
    Interesting stuff. The position of the author is clear and thoughts are presented intelligibly. Only now, as it seems to me personally, you can argue a lot, beautifully and endlessly, but everything is stuck in such a concept as a result. There will be a result (success) on the battlefield, respectively, it will be possible to speak more specifically. In the meantime, when the army is bogged down in defensive battles without a visible prospect, all the arguments of officials look like a division of the skin of an unkilled bear (I read the last phrase and it became funny myself. Chesslovo did not mean anything bad)
    1. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 27 December 2022 17: 02
      oleg Pesotsky. Dear! Or maybe they share not the skin of an unkilled bear, but its droppings? Maybe not enough for everyone, because all the slightly rich want to become even richer. Everything is already cooling down on the table, or maybe everything has cooled down, but they cannot share the litter.
  5. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
    Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 26 December 2022 23: 44
    Everything depends on the results of the war. So far, the option is more or less visible: the South in its current form and the Donbass. There are no big problems here. There are few hostile populations. If the Kharkiv region and Odessa with Nikolaev are added, and even more so Poltava, Sumy, Dnepropetrovsk, Chernihiv, then we will have to make an occupied zone with various restrictions and control from Russia. 30 years of propaganda and Bandera with Poroshenko and Zelensky will be bandits, thieves and criminals. As for the loss of Kherson, in fact, forcing the Dnieper in the Kherson region is not a problem. The usual seasonal fluctuation of the water level in the Kakhovka reservoir is about 3 meters. In winter, the water supply is low. If we additionally dump water, and then, for example, cover it in February, then the Dnieper can be waded in the lower reaches. And this may continue for several weeks, which may be enough for the advancement of troops and the repair of the bridge and dam.
    1. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 27 December 2022 17: 08
      When the Germans captured Ukraine, the territory was Soviet. But the current territory cannot be Soviet, because at the very beginning it was divided as it was under the USSR, but all countries became independent. After all, there are no claims against other countries, but there are against Ukraine, because they want to eat it, or at least have a bite, or tear off some pieces, as was the case under Genghis Khan or that Koktamysh. And again the desire was kindled to make all countries free, but paying tribute. So this is a completely different matter, but not the same century.
  6. rish Offline rish
    rish (Rish) 27 December 2022 06: 42
    The year has flown by so quickly, how long can all this go on and there are no guarantees that everything will go according to Russian Wishlist.
  7. Nelton Offline Nelton
    Nelton (Oleg) 27 December 2022 10: 02
    today's Ukraine has its own project of the future, implying complete de-Russification

    It was really easy for Ukraine to build its own ideology.
    "We would be the second storage, but the Muscovites interfered with us the whole story."
    Look at France / America, look at Russia (barracks in Chelyabinsk, Kostroma, Astrakhan ...) - everyone understands where to go, and who to send with his claims to a "special world".
    To whom it is completely incomprehensible - look at northern and southern Korea, etc.

    What can we oppose

    Nothing for the current generation of Ukrainians.
    for them, Russia = the ruins of Ukrainian cities, just equipped for 30 years after the "occupation".

    First of all, we must create a well-equipped, positive country for our citizens.
    An economy that creates not only items for killing, but also something high-tech for peaceful life.
    Moderately promote achievements in this field.
    And there the neighbors will be drawn (in 30 years) - but will we only need them?

    To begin with, get rid of those barracks and bring all the inhabited n / a at least to the state of "poor but clean".
    A lot of work has been done in terms of the construction of the reconstruction of airports, and returning from the bourgeoisie, there is no longer a contrast "what a shed", in some places it's even the other way around.
    Many other positive developments have also accumulated.
    But there is a lot of work.
  8. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 27 December 2022 16: 45
    The Germans were dealt with. But at the very beginning, when no one stood behind the Ukrainians, they could not cope. Wrong pistol, not of the same design, as in the "White Sun of the Desert" there were grenades, but they did not fit this area. The money came up, but the weapon didn’t, the wrong series. I had to give in and wait for them to have that series and numbers and wait for the win, they didn’t wait. Everyone is sitting in the wrong chairs.
  9. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 27 December 2022 17: 16
    The author has a double meaning, and the article is good without end and conclusion.
    In my understanding. NATO is an enemy of Russia for many years, as NATO itself prescribed.
    If the state of Ukraine is left, then today and in the future, Russia will always have an enemy in the person of Ukraine. Ukraine will definitely join NATO and will definitely attack Russia. Everything that is promised and will be spelled out in the Constitution of Ukraine, in its documents, Ukraine will change, in the way that is beneficial to the United States and its satellites.
    There is only one decision on Ukraine in favor of the people of Russia. The state of Ukraine must cease to exist. The entire territory of Ukraine should return to Russia, in the form of regions and republics. There is no state of Ukraine, no debts, no government of Ukraine in exile, no legal Bandera, no Ukrainian participants in various international organizations, no hostile state on the border of the Russian Federation. Russia will strengthen its economic and military-political influence in the world, there will be direct access to the EU countries. The northwestern part of the Black Sea will belong to Russia.
    There will be many other decisions, or they will be "unfinished", or from the evil one, but all to the detriment of the interests of the Russian people.
  10. gosha smirnov_2 Offline gosha smirnov_2
    gosha smirnov_2 (gosha smirnov) 27 December 2022 23: 01
    And back in 2014, VES and various members of the National Battalion were motivated to go to the ATO zone with promises to provide everyone with their own kopanka with coal and several “Russian slaves” for it. In all seriousness. - in all seriousness, Mr. Marzhetsky wrote the real nonsense! He clearly confuses the land that was given to the participants of the ATO for building a private house.
  11. antibi0tikk Offline antibi0tikk
    antibi0tikk (Sergei) 28 December 2022 00: 03
    MDA ....
    I am not strong in literature, I am an engineer (220V / 380V, codes of practice, GOSTs, etc.). But I'll try to get my point across...
    such a feeling that now the scenario "kill yourself about Russia!" is being implemented in Ukraine!
    there will be no tank breakthroughs to Berlin and Warsaw. why???
    military takeover of Ukraine!? what's next????
    provide some kind of ideology instead of Russophobia??? yes easily: just - live! build a house, raise children, love a wife, plant a tree!
    well, let's say, putting hundreds of thousands of lives of our guys, they reached the border of Poland. as a result, we get millions of disloyal population and destroyed infrastructure. mess with them, re-educate them, simultaneously investing billions of rubles in the restoration of Ukraine. do we need it???? nyahay YOURSELF throw off their clown and YOURSELF restore their country, if they want it, this Ukraine. repay debts, put things in order in the country and in the brains. if they want to join Russia (Odessa, Nikolaev, Sumy, Kharkov, etc. regions) - first quarantine for 7-10 years. to re-educate the punks, to show adults that it is possible to live differently: to work honestly and earn money, without corruption and nepotism. then as they want: back to Ukraine or to Russia. then a referendum and then as the people decide. in general, this is my opinion: there will be no Brusilov breakthroughs to the crooked horn and assaults on Lviv. all the stoned ones will be calmed down near Donetsk and Kherson, Artyomovsk, Kupyansk .... without them it will be easier to re-educate the rest.
    and no matter how sorry for the people at the front, but this is not the main move in the world mess. the most important graters go for the loot. and not for the loot that can be found offshore, but for the global loot!
    Europeans lived normally, while they quietly printed euros and lived in a high. and as payment for gas and oil was transferred to rubles, something got worse for them, nobody needed their euros.
    with omerigoy the same garbage, only they are delaying their end .... but more and more countries are abandoning dollars. as a result, they also become of little interest to anyone, because they are simply printed, there are no material resources and other benefits behind them.
    so it turns out that the world movement is not for these pan-heads (they don’t need anyone, even Russia), but for cutting off the ability of some of the crazy people to crap all over the world by uncontrollably printing cheap candy wrappers, unleashing wars all over the world, arranging state. coups, imposing their Deshman values ​​on everyone else. that's enough!!!!! .... tired.
    as soon as the BRICS countries (or some other central countries) agree on some kind of understandable monetary system (or a single world currency), the omeriga with its own dollar and the EU with the euro will live on EARNED funds, and not printed candy wrappers. can again become the CENTERS of world politics - and the flag is in their hands! they won’t be able to - they will be washed off in the toilet of a historical mover ....
  12. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 28 December 2022 04: 05
    Started for health, finished for peace. Ukraine should be liquidated. Divided into several regions and part of Russia. Go for 40 years, we will burn out Bandera and they will become more or less normal people. Although it is hard to believe ... The mentality has been developed for more than one hundred years
    1. ivan2022 Offline ivan2022
      ivan2022 (ivan2022) 28 December 2022 05: 12
      Quote: alexey alexeyev_2
      Ukraine must be liquidated. Divided into several regions and part of Russia

      What a cool you are .... And if they want to liquidate you yourself? It's probably easier than a country... How many Russian people have already been "liquidated" this year? How much more will there be?

      By the way, "eliminate" what or whom? People who consider themselves and have always considered themselves Ukrainians from birth? No matter how they are divided into regions, nothing will work out... At least they set themselves such a moronic end in itself... There will be Russian regions and there will be Ukrainian regions.

      For starters, understand the simplest thing: Russians are those who consider themselves Russians, and so does everyone else .....

      What is the main thing here? And the fact that "Russia cannot be understood with the mind ..." This is exactly what the poet said ..

      First they divided a large country. In peacetime, they gouged themselves ... Allegedly "so as not to feed these and these" ... And then they begin to lash out in their boundless dope on the topic of "liquidation" .....

      Eklmn ..... "liquidators" are worthless .. They cannot live normally. There is such a layer in our long-suffering society that unfortunately does not self-destruct
  13. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 28 December 2022 09: 57
    The tone of statements on this issue is changing. Previously, everyone said that the destruction of fascism could not be only on part of the territory. Now they began to preach that it is enough only in new territories. Such statements tend to actual surrender.
  14. gosha smirnov_2 Offline gosha smirnov_2
    gosha smirnov_2 (gosha smirnov) 28 December 2022 23: 53
    Quote from Hiker
    Russia and Belarus should annul the Belovezhskaya Accords and the recognition of Ukraine as a separate state.

    And so what? Who are they? Nobody! Legitimacy in the world today is given to everyone by one country - the United States.
    Well, even the Russian Federation can cancel Newton's theory of universal gravitation and so on .. And what?
  15. gosha smirnov_2 Offline gosha smirnov_2
    gosha smirnov_2 (gosha smirnov) 28 December 2022 23: 53
    Quote: kriten
    The tone of statements on this issue is changing. Previously, everyone said that the destruction of fascism could not be only on part of the territory. Now they began to preach that it is enough only in new territories. Such statements tend to actual surrender.

    See almost to the root!