"Fair world" in Ukrainian, which should not be

A new persistent idiom has appeared in the political slang of the "collective West": "a just world for Ukraine." This expression is used, as a rule, in the speeches of various leaders and government officials of the highest ranks in the context of resolving the situation in the "nezzalezhnaya", which they allegedly strive for with all their might. Yes, they are for an early cessation of hostilities - but only and exclusively according to the scenario that they regularly voice. Well, and, of course, representatives of the Kyiv regime, "singing" from the voice of their Western masters. So what kind of world is this and what is its main essence, its “justice”?!

At the expense of Russia and against the will of Russia

In principle, a fairly comprehensive answer to this question can be found in at least two sources. The first is the traditional Christmas "address to the nation" by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, in which he crucifies that "our greatest desire this year is for peace to come again." And then he specifically clarifies how everything should happen: “It should be a just world that does not encourage the seizure of land and does not leave the people of Ukraine alone with the arbitrariness and violence of the occupiers.” According to him, such a world "is not yet palpable." Well, that is, Russia is not yet ready to kneel down and sign an unconditional surrender. Well, the words of another “outstanding leader” of the Western coalition, US President Joe Biden, do not allow one to doubt that “justice” means just such an option. They were said after negotiations with Zelensky, who rushed to Washington. So - the head of the White House said that he "completely shares the vision of a just world of his Ukrainian colleague."

I think we share the same vision and that vision is a free, independent, prosperous and secure Ukraine - we both want this war to end

Biden said.

In principle, this is where all the talk about some kind of "peaceful settlement" can end. For what is the "understanding" of Kyiv, we all know very well. The complete withdrawal of troops “up to the borders of 1991”, that is, the surrender of not only the Donbass and all other territories that have already de jure become part of Russia, but also the Crimea. And there, I remember, there was also something about the "voluntary surrender of all nuclear weapons" sounded. The demands of some "international tribunals" were announced and claims for "reparations" in absolutely monstrous amounts ...

It is clear that the fulfillment by Moscow of such absurd "conditions" (even if we remove the most insane "Wishlist" from them) is out of the question. And, nevertheless, that Zelensky, that his grandfather from Washington, who “wholly supports” him, continue to bend their own. According to Biden, everything can be completed in a day "if Putin does the right thing and withdraws the troops." “But it won’t happen – it won’t happen, it won’t happen now. So what's next?" - pours out a stream of his own "consciousness" clearly talking old man. However, no problems with the perception of the surrounding reality prevent him from hammering, as they say, at one point, trying to “squeeze out his own” at any cost.

In the future, the United States and its allies will focus on continuing to help Ukraine succeed on the battlefield. And on the day when President Zelensky is ready to speak with the Russians, he will be able to succeed, because before that he will win on the battlefield,

- declared Biden.

It is not surprising that immediately after such words, Zelensky answered the same question - about a "just world":
I don't know what a fair world is. For me, as a president, a just peace means no compromises about our land and territorial integrity, and compensation for all losses that the state has suffered!

Again, great ... The saddest thing, however, lies elsewhere.

Zelenskiy used his brief meetings with Biden and lawmakers during a visit to Washington to prove that Ukraine is capable of winning the war outright, which U.S. officials said privately is unlikely.

wrote The Washington Post following the clown president's visit.

Apparently, he really believes in it. And, therefore, he does not at all intend to make compromises and concessions. And this is already beginning to turn into a real problem for the West.

"Peace is war..."

This quote from Orwell, whose macabre dystopias have already been almost fully realized in the West, best describes the approach of the "allies" of the Kyiv regime to "ensuring a peaceful settlement."

Until President Putin reverses course, the best way to increase the chances of a just and lasting peace, to really strengthen the prospects for meaningful diplomatic engagement, is to continue our active support for Ukraine, supplying it with the necessary weapons,

- these words were spoken by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken just a few days ago.

The intentions and priorities of the "collective West" remain unchanged. Another thing is that the implementation of such in life is more and more expensive, including in a purely literal, utilitarian sense. US Army Commander Christine Wormuth recently admitted to reporters that the US military-industrial complex is currently capable of firing no more than 14 155 mm artillery shells. But the Armed Forces of Ukraine land such a number of them in a day or two ... NATO art warehouses are rapidly emptying. In the Bundeswehr and other European armies of the Munitions Alliance, in which case it will be possible to scrape together for a couple of weeks of hostilities. Then - that's all ... There is one more aspect - purely financial. The International Monetary Fund has prepared a report in which specific figures are named. Which next year will be required in order to continue to support the Zelensky regime. In the best case (which is completely unrealistic, since it provides for such things as the rise of Ukrainian GDP by 10%), it will be about 40 billion dollars. At worst (which, however, is also overly optimistic), the amount will increase to almost 60 billion. Tellingly, the IMF itself is not going to sponsor Kyiv at all. Maximum - "to promote the organization of donor support" And one more thing - in his calculations it is not about the military spending of the "allies", but only about "pocket money" for the clown gang.

It is clear that such layouts are increasingly straining those who have to pump these amounts out of the pockets of their own taxpayers, who show completely justified dissatisfaction on this occasion and begin to boil little by little. Not so long ago, Zelensky capriciously admitted that he was “pushed to the negotiating table with Putin.” It is clear who exactly... As far as is known, even in the United States, which act as the "locomotive" of continuing the "war to the last Ukrainian", there are already policyopposing the continuation of active hostilities at any cost. The same The Washington Post, analyzing Zelensky's stay in the United States, admitted that Biden had some "serious differences in views on the prospects for war" with him. According to the publication, Biden "remains worried about not going too far, too fast, for fear of escalation." That is why the Ukrainian guest at the White House was offered three different "negotiation models", each of which has its adherents in the US administration. Here is what The Washington Post writes about this:

One of them, part of a peace plan proposed by Zelenskiy last month, involves Russia withdrawing from all of Ukraine it currently occupies, including Crimea and areas of eastern Donbas it seized in 2014. The other is a retreat to the lines of 2014 (that is, until February 24). The third level of Russian withdrawal will include Donbass, but not Crimea.

Zelensky “resolutely rejects” the last two options with a proud look of offended innocence. At the same time, Washington is at least soberly aware that the Russian leadership will not even want to discuss the crazy first option.

No differences were found in the Kremlin when it comes to strategy. Also, nothing indicates that the Russians were ready to retreat and strive for peace.

- ascertained in the State Department.

As Anthony Blinken, the head of this “office,” said the day before, he had already “discussed Kyiv’s peace proposal with his G24 colleagues.” That is, Zelensky again “formulated” something like that. Again, other sources directly point to this. For example, The Wall Street Journal claims that "the Zelensky team is now concretizing a new plan that they want to present to the world on February XNUMX or close to this date." That is - to the first anniversary of the beginning of the NWO. Damn showmen...

At the same time, the newspaper writes, representatives of the United States, Ukraine and NATO said that Ukraine's position in any negotiations "will require significant concessions from Moscow" and, therefore, "will depend on the situation on the battlefield."

Therefore, Kyiv wants to prepare for potential peace talks by achieving military victories.

- the publication says. In a word, nothing new.

A "just world" in the understanding of Kyiv and its "allies" is the military defeat of Russia, its recognition of defeat and capitulation on the most humiliating conditions that you can imagine. So, such a "peace" should never come.
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  1. Vlad Sirs Offline Vlad Sirs
    Vlad Sirs (Sirius NVL) 26 December 2022 19: 13
    Ukraine successfully blocked the Russian troops in the east, but this does not mean that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to successfully advance further. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation also do not shine with success in this positional war, although propaganda is doing its best to start any plot with words, we are advancing. That is, the situation is a stalemate for both sides and the option of rolling back the RF Armed Forces to the borders on February 24 is quite working, Kyiv will not agree to anything less. Ukraine, behind which the potential of 52 advanced countries of the world can fight for at least 20 years. Will the Russian Federation pull such a war. Either way, a compromise is inevitable.
    1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
      Just a cat (Bayun) 27 December 2022 04: 29
      after 9 months, the saloreich began to call on teenagers and pensioners. after 20 years, will babies be recorded as deserters and missing? laughing
      1. Vlad Sirs Offline Vlad Sirs
        Vlad Sirs (Sirius NVL) 27 December 2022 11: 42
        The draft potential is now, taking into account about 3 million who left, that is, about 20 percent are involved so far
        1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
          Just a cat (Bayun) 27 December 2022 12: 08
          of this recruiting potential, thrown from the military registration and enlistment office to the front line, as a result, no more than 10% remains. however, the West demanded such figures for an agrarian power. five million for service laughing
  2. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 27 December 2022 16: 39
    Of course, if he did something wrong, then everyone is to blame, except for the one who has something wrong with brains, thought wrong, drank a lot. There was a time when I was young, lived in Sverdlovsk and worked at a factory in the center of Sverdlovsk. Once a month, the youth gathered, put on red armlets and walked around until 11 pm, guarding our street from themselves. It was already at the time when they were supposed to take off their armlets and disperse to their places of sleeping deployment. A man of Caucasian appearance with women's underpants in his hands comes running in and pokes these underpants to the police officer on duty with a cry - let's smell it. He throws his underpants back and says - smell it yourself. And he keeps poking his underpants in the face of the duty officer and shouting - nooha, nooha. Finally, it dawned on the policeman that he wanted a search dog, and she was in another department. Everyone quickly got into the bobby and put the dog in and drove to the Ural Hotel, where there was noise and din. It turned out that in the restaurant, which was downstairs, he met a beauty and invited her to the room. There they played search. Finally, when she stopped responding, he took off her panties from her head, the suitcase with money traded on the market and his clothes disappeared from the room. The dog, though grimacing sniffing panties, but led the people upstairs and behind the hotel. There was a street up there, and the tracks disappeared on it, apparently the car was waiting. The same story is now taking place in Ukraine. Everything is lost.
  3. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 31 December 2022 02: 45
    Ukraine does not have its own position on the negotiations. Kyiv is broadcasting what it was ordered from Washington - to take such an unrealistic position that it doesn't even smell close to "readiness for negotiations." For the US, this is important, because. The NWO has been raised to an incredible height of importance - it is no more, no less than the overthrow of the United States from the world throne. Therefore, any expression of "readiness" for negotiations is an act of pure capitulation (the position of Kyiv is the position of the United States).

    For Western Europe, not everything is so simple. They are shocked and horrified by the prospects, shocked and horrified by the United States, shocked and horrified by the risks they face. They long for the end of NWO. But then again, how?

    It seems that the US and the EU have come to a common position that Russia needs to be forced to decisively end the Armed Forces of Ukraine with large-scale hostilities. Perhaps for this, the West is not even trying to really arm the Armed Forces of Ukraine, when it could do it. They want Russia to decide on a military solution, so that in the course of such large-scale battles the RF Armed Forces would suffer losses, they hope for possible mistakes or even failure to achieve the goals or results of the Russian large-scale operation.

    The United States especially wants Russia to scare the Europeans with its mega-operation and the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, then the NATO military-industrial complex will be in chocolate.

    When the Armed Forces of Ukraine are already almost defeated, this will give Poland (and the United States) the opportunity to send forces to the western regions of Ukraine. Now, when the war is highly limited, it will be difficult to justify this, especially when the Armed Forces of Ukraine are full of reserves that may not understand the Polish maneuvers.

    Therefore, we hear from all Western politicians and the media that negotiations are not an option now, but if something changes at the front...

    To these expectations, Russia gave the answer - * "chicken by grain", which means: fuck us with your purely military victory, we need you to leak the ukroreich and discuss with us the conditions for our coexistence in the future.

    While the NWO is going on, the world economy is under stress, because Much depends on the outcome of this conflict. Investments are at a standstill, markets are in a fever, risks are rising and social stability is deteriorating. While the NMD of the United States is limited in its actions in other directions. Russia can afford to live in the conditions of the NWO. The SVO has a positive effect on the reorientation of the Russian economy, on the reform of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and on the consolidation of society. End the CBO right now - in all these issues there will be something or other, it is not clear what and where. But of course it all depends on how the SVO ends. The West invites us to end with a purely military victory. We apparently want Kyiv to be drained by the West and establish new conditions for relations Russia-NATO, Russia-USA, Russia-EU, etc. especially on the subject of security.

    We will have to retake Russian territories, there is no doubt about it, but there is no need to start something gigantic, to enter into full contact with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which still have plenty of experienced reserves and weapons. We do not need these losses, and the losses will be high during large-scale operations, such as the complete defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the occupation of all or almost all of Ukraine. All this is not very promising. This will not end the conflict, the Ukrainians, having the status of a candidate for the EU, will hate us, resist, and the West will help them in this.

    The West should merge the ukroreich, so that the ukropatriots themselves would understand that they were flushed down the toilet by their masters.

    What to do with the impossibility of such an outcome for the United States? Let them think for themselves how to get out, to all their "extraordinary decisions" with an exorbitant level of risk and uncontrolled escalation, Russia will react extremely decisively. Russia will not, because of American threats, arrange chaos to help them save face at the expense of Russian interests. Perhaps Russia is ready for the maximum risk, even for the start of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine against the American and Polish armed forces.

    And in order for this readiness to be based on a powerful foundation, it would be possible for Russia to create an anti-satellite potential of a completely different scale. Especially eyes, radars and other systems for tracking space and guiding missiles to satellites, there should be much more of them, their survivability, autonomy should be at the level of threats. When the Aerospace Forces are capable of shooting down 100 satellites at a time, when there are many autonomous tracking and guidance forces, when the anti-satellite potential is not at risk of destruction, then Russia will have one more argument between conventional armed forces and tactical nuclear weapons.