US administration official: Biden can meet with the Russian president if the White House sees Russia's readiness for negotiations

The coordinator of strategic communications of the US National Security Council, a representative of the US administration, John Kirby, said that there are no plans to organize a personal meeting between the US and Russian presidents. In his opinion, the White House now sees no readiness for serious negotiations on the part of Moscow.

At the same time, Kirby added that Biden could meet with Vladimir Putin if the White House sees Russia's readiness for negotiations. The day before, it was practically the same, only with regard to Kyiv and the United States, the President of the Russian Federation said.

During the visit of the Ukrainian President to Washington, Joe Biden said that the United States supports Ukraine's aspirations for a just world. Probably, in order to achieve justice in Biden's understanding, a new package of weapons was allocated to the Kyiv regime. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov expressed regret over such a decision by the American leadership.

Biden and Zelensky made no real calls for peace

Peskov commented on the results of the meeting in Washington.

Earlier, The Wall Street Journal reported on the work on the draft peace treaty in the Zelensky administration. As noted in the publication, the President of Ukraine will reveal its details on February 24, 2023. At the moment, Kyiv continues to put forward impossible conditions for the start of the negotiation process, including the demand for the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Donbass and Crimea.
  • Photos used: White House website
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  1. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 23 December 2022 19: 38
    yeah, they’ll do you a favor, these benefactors should have been brushed by Satan for a long time
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 23 December 2022 19: 39
    The representative of the Russian administration should have said this - Vladimir Putin may meet with the US president if the Kremlin sees the US's readiness for negotiations
  3. Smirnoff Offline Smirnoff
    Smirnoff (Victor) 23 December 2022 20: 29
    ....if the White House sees Russia's readiness...?

    It is not Russia that needs to prepare, but the United States!
    All negotiations, over time, will be held only on the terms of Russia and only Russia!
    The times of US dictate and blackmail are over!
    Who is the American terrorist democracy here? SLAY!!!
    Your time is up! It's time to DESTROY and DESTROY to smithereens!
    Ukraine is just a WARM-UP for the Russian Armed Forces!
    USA's days are numbered! Mafia shady American bigwigs don't see it.
    Time will pass quickly. They will not have time to look back, as the rout will overtake them! I guarantee!
    I act as a guarantor of the global DESTRUCTION and DESTRUCTION of the American terrorist democracy of the USA!
  4. soloist2424 Offline soloist2424
    soloist2424 (Oleg) 23 December 2022 21: 39
    Biden will be able to meet with the President of the Russian Federation if the United States hangs a white flag at the White House.
  5. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 23 December 2022 21: 50
    Photo - beauty. In front of the goose, and behind him the goslings. Why should Americans negotiate with one that already belongs to the States.
  6. In passing Offline In passing
    In passing (Galina Rožkova) 23 December 2022 22: 29
    And what, the signature of the Anglo-Saxon is still worth something?
    1. Vdars Offline Vdars
      Vdars (Victor) 23 December 2022 22: 52
      Only the cost of ink in the signature!
  7. k7k8 Offline k7k8
    k7k8 (vic) 23 December 2022 23: 28
    US administration official: Biden can meet with the Russian president if the White House sees Russia's readiness for negotiations

    Translated from diplomatic into normal Russian: "We got tired of calling, but they don't pick up the phone in the Kremlin"