Why the Northern Sea Route remains a monopoly of Russia

Global warming makes the Northern Sea Route an increasingly interesting shipping route. It could be a great alternative to the Suez Canal, since the path from Europe to Asia through the Russian Arctic is much shorter. The publication Der Tagesspiegel writes that the NSR is under the complete control of Russia. Moscow seeks to strengthen its position by creating a special economic zone in the Arctic.

Russia considers the Arctic to be its legitimate sphere of influence, and there are numerous reasons, both geographical and military.political, and even historical - it was the Russian travelers who discovered the distant Arctic lands. It was the Russians who mastered the Far North over the past centuries.

But other countries, including Denmark, Norway, the USA, and China, which also consider themselves entitled to take advantage of the Arctic route, also claim to pass the NSR. The Danish Foreign Ministry, for example, considers Russian ambitions unfounded and emphasizes that they treat the Russian position in the Arctic calmly and with humor.

However, other countries cannot use the Northern Sea Route without Russia - for example, in 2017, of 10 million tons of cargo transported through the Arctic, only 2% belonged to foreign companies. In order to secure its position in the Arctic, our country is strengthening both the Northern Fleet of the Navy and combat aircraft deployed in the northern regions of the country. Moscow does not intend to give up control of the Arctic to any countries.
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