President: All military potential of NATO is used against Russia

President: All military potential of NATO is used against Russia

During the extended meeting of the Ministry of Defense, Vladimir Putin, in particular, spoke about the use of almost the entire combat potential of the North Atlantic Alliance against the Russian Federation.

It is well known that today the military potential and capabilities of almost all major NATO countries are being actively used against Russia. Nevertheless, our soldiers, sergeants and officers are fighting for Russia courageously and steadfastly.

- stressed the president.

Thus, in the course of the special operation in Ukraine, the RF Armed Forces continue to solve the security tasks facing the country.

Nevertheless, the Russian authorities will not militarize the internal life of the state. Putin recalled the experience of the Soviet Union, which spent too much money on armaments, which had a negative impact on economic the life of the country. Modern Russia will not make such mistakes.

At the same time, Moscow will continue to develop and improve its defense capabilities. Russia's nuclear triad presupposes a guarantee of security and effective upholding of state sovereignty. Measures are planned to re-equip the strategic missile forces of the Russian Federation with Avangard hypersonic systems.

Putin also spoke about the shortcomings identified during the partial mobilization. To eliminate them, it is necessary to quickly take a number of measures aimed at modern alignment of mobilization processes.
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  1. Mordvin 3 Offline Mordvin 3
    Mordvin 3 (Vladimir) 21 December 2022 17: 23
    Today, the military potential and capabilities of almost all major NATO countries are actively used against Russia.

    Just a small part of these possibilities.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 21 December 2022 17: 48
    Yes ...
    Either the anonymous author misrepresented, or he said something wrong ....
    Here they write and wrote that any single junk is sent to Kuraina ...
  3. mechanic Offline mechanic
    mechanic (Yuri) 21 December 2022 20: 09
    All NATO sits on their bases. If NATO uses at least half of its capabilities, the war will end in three days.
    No need to puff out your cheeks and underestimate the enemy, it always ends very badly...
  4. VAHOKA Offline VAHOKA
    VAHOKA (VAHOKA) 21 December 2022 22: 40
    Where is he? Hundreds of f16-f15 fighters? A10 stormtroopers? Navy, cruisers and aircraft carriers? SAM patriot? Thousands of abrams, bradleys, leopards and other combat vehicles?
  5. tkot973 Offline tkot973
    tkot973 (Konstantin) 22 December 2022 08: 45
    The devil is in the details. The sly Mr. President said very slyly, - "the military potential and capabilities of almost all the main NATO countries", i.e. some abstract potential and undefined possibilities are involved.
    And as for "almost all the main NATO countries.", then this, one must think, is a huge list of states!
    What are the main NATO countries? Probably the USA, Britons, Germany, France, Poland, i.e. out of five countries, almost all :-))))) (or not only just all) and these are as many as 4 countries are doing something against us.
    So all this is poured out through an oversight or on purpose into this - "...practically the entire combat potential of the North Atlantic Alliance."
    p / s /
    Vertical of power: Konashenkov - Shoigu - President.
  6. Vox_Populi Offline Vox_Populi
    Vox_Populi (vox populi) 22 December 2022 10: 38
    Modern Russia will not make such mistakes.

    Well, yes, maybe. But she made many other mistakes and deliberately harmful steps...
  7. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 22 December 2022 12: 00
    President: All military potential of NATO is used against Russia

    Let's hope that NATO will continue to conduct military operations in Ukraine, as a test of its weapons and testing new methods of waging a network-centric war, and the war will be waged by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It was only 9 months later that the generals from the Russian Federation realized what a network-centric war was and that the RF Armed Forces were helpless. Thanks to the Soviet Union, which left us the weapons with which we are now fighting, which leaves us hope for victory. The authorities of the Russian Federation and its generals made money, titles in the Russian Federation, and their happiness in the countries of the NATO bloc. Only the fear and hopelessness of the "elite" of the Russian Federation will allow the Russian Federation to win. The coffin has no pockets.
  8. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 22 December 2022 14: 18
    NATO limits the supply of weapons to Ukraine in terms of both the range and volume, and therefore it is somehow premature to talk about the use of military potential, especially since the NATO economy is not mobilized to meet the demands of the armed forces in the war against the Russian Federation.
    The industrial potential of NATO is many times greater than the Russian one, on the basis of which Uncle Borrell spoke about the task of winning on the battlefield with the subsequent “decolonization” of the Russian Federation.
    From this follows the need to complete the NMD as soon as possible in order to prevent NATO from transferring its industry to a military footing.
    At the same extended meeting, S.K. Shoigu said that the army would fulfill the goals set by the NMD in 2023. It follows that the war will last at least another year.
    1. Nelton Offline Nelton
      Nelton (Oleg) 22 December 2022 14: 47
      Quote: Jacques Sekavar
      NATO limits the supply of weapons to Ukraine in terms of both nomenclature and volume


      Quote: Jacques Sekavar
      complete the SVO as soon as possible

      Taking into account the first point, it is necessary to accumulate a shock fist very secretly, equip it with tactical innovations, and literally in 10 days defeat the Armed Forces of Ukraine and occupy the entire eastern / central Ukraine.
      For in 10 days the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive additional volumes and range of NATO weapons, sufficient to nullify our efforts, and countermeasures will be found for tactical novelties.
      Within the limits of available means the task is not solvable.

      According to this, the strategy is to sit on the defensive, evacuate the population from the frontline zone, and develop the economy in the Asian direction.