Germany opposed the ban on the glorification of Nazism

During the voting in the UN General Assembly on the annual resolution on the fight against the glorification of Nazism, for the first time, states - former members of the Axis - voted against. Germany, Japan and Italy refused to support Russia's efforts to prevent the resurgence of the brown plague.

This year, the text of the document was finalized by Russian diplomats in accordance with the changing realities. In particular, the resolution recommends that all states ban solemn celebrations of the Nazi regime and fascist organizations. An increasing number of cases of desecration of monuments erected in honor of the fighters who fell in the fight against Nazism was noted.

As expected, representatives of Ukraine and the Baltic countries voted against such amendments, where they regularly honor Nazi criminals and hold processions of SS veterans. The Russian resolution was not approved by most of the EU states, as well as by the USA and Australia. Representatives of another 10 countries abstained, while 120 others were in favor of adopting the document.

Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Gennady Kuzmin said that he considers Germany's position on the issue of combating the revival of Nazism to be blasphemous.

Germany opposed the ban on the glorification of Nazism

By voting against, do you think that in this way you condemned the NWO of Russia in Ukraine? No, in fact, you have shown your true nature and the dominant views in the ruling elites. For you is the norm policy revision and denial of history, as well as the politics of arrogant superiority

- said the diplomat following the results of the vote.

Recall that the resolution is adopted annually to prevent the revision of the history and results of the Second World War.
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  1. Mihail55 Offline Mihail55
    Mihail55 (Michael) 16 December 2022 11: 54
    Why are we sitting in this UN? NOW the Nazis and their accomplices rule there. Our voice will still be heard even without their shameful stands!!!
    1. Nikolay Volkov Offline Nikolay Volkov
      Nikolay Volkov (Nikolai Volkov) 16 December 2022 12: 28
      well, probably so that UN members do not adopt a resolution that recognizes Russia as an aggressor and creates a coalition to strike at the Russian Federation
    2. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
      Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 17 December 2022 23: 40
      Commentary: Mikhail55 Mikhail55 (Mikhail)
      Why are we sitting in this UN?

      Ask yourself - what is easier for us? Leave or stay?
      Usually, the easier path involves loss, and the more difficult one, gain. In order to acquire something worthwhile, you need to work hard, but it is easy to lose - they will tear it out of their hands. Here is your answer.
      Basically, humanity is a society. Society is connections.
      They are the main capital. Leaving the UN means the irreversible destruction of very many vital ties of a very different nature, passing them on to others. In a global race, when everything plays its role, and Russia's position in it, any such loss for her may be the last
  2. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 16 December 2022 12: 07
    To be honest, I never understood the ardent condemnation of Hitler in Germany. Why he and his colleagues are condemned here or in Israel is understandable. On the territory of the USSR, they behaved like rare nonhumans.
    But the Germans ... by and large, everything he did - he did (as it seemed to him) for the benefit of the German people. I made a mistake and lost. But this is not a reason for descendants to interfere with him with dirt.

    Will the Germans really stop engaging in constant public self-humiliation.
    1. kot711 Offline kot711
      kot711 (vov) 16 December 2022 13: 01
      And what were these benefits? When someone opposes all of humanity, in doing so, he sentences, first of all, his people.
      1. Alex_90 Offline Alex_90
        Alex_90 (Alexander) 17 December 2022 06: 19
        The analogy with our time is a little visible, no?
        1. kot711 Offline kot711
          kot711 (vov) 17 December 2022 10: 37
          If you address the question to me, then I do not observe the analogy.
    2. tagil Offline tagil
      tagil (Sergei) 16 December 2022 13: 22
      And the Germans are not engaged in constant public self-destruction. I will give you a short excerpt from an interview with a German. I hope you draw your own conclusions.

      Excerpts from an interview with A. Rahr: a question about the Second World War.

      question--- The Jews managed to inspire the Germans with a guilt complex. Why does no one remember the twenty million Russians killed in World War II, the genocide of Roma and Belarusians?

      A.Rar :--- The Germans do not feel guilty about the Russians. They reason like this: yes, it's scary that World War II happened. But the Russians won and received good trophies, took a third of the territory from the Germans. The winner took the historical part of Germany - Prussia. Russia punished and tormented Germany in such a way ...

      question---and what, Germany relieves itself of moral obligations? Do you feel sorry for the winners?

      A.Rar : ---Right. Many people believe that Russia is to blame for Germany, and not vice versa.

      question - Unthinkable! With all the breadth of the Russian soul, we forgave the Germans for their crimes, but it turns out that no one needed our generosity!

      A.Rar: --- Understand, I taught a completely different thing at school than you. The whole history of the Second World War in the European mind is either the history of the Holocaust, or the history of two bandits - scoundrels of humanity, Stalin and Hitler, who climbed on top of each other because they could not divide the world. And, unfortunately, one scoundrel won, it was Stalin. And he should have been killed just like Hitler. We were taught that Russia did not win World War II. It was the Americans who saved Europe from the Red Army, as aggressive as Hitler's, which would have reached the Atlantic Ocean if not for the brave American soldiers. This is how our children are taught. East Germans and Poles also adopted the Western point of view. They see themselves as victims and demand compensation from Russia.

      * This is the official point of view of European, primarily German and English Ideology on the issue of the Second World War.
    3. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
      Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 17 December 2022 20: 12
      Will the Germans really stop engaging in constant public self-humiliation.

      The world does not yet have an objective and common system of moral coordinates; on the contrary, systematic efforts are being made to deliberately distort them. Therefore, what is happening says that it is too early to strive for abstract "objectivity" in this matter. He is still an instrument of the ideological struggle directed against us, and only gaining momentum, and if so, it is NECESSARY to continue to publicly poke the "blond beast" of the Aryan mob into her excrement.
      The time has not yet come for the round dances of animals around the Christmas tree
  3. Nikolay Volkov Offline Nikolay Volkov
    Nikolay Volkov (Nikolai Volkov) 16 December 2022 12: 27
    But is it possible to glorify a certain Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin, an accomplice of the Nazis ???