Armed Forces of Ukraine are experiencing an acute shortage of engineering equipment in Bakhmut

The Ukrainian side is experiencing a lack of engineering support in Bakhmut. From the beginning of November to December 15, the engineering support groups of the 54th and 30th brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost 15 units equipmentinvolved in the construction of fortifications.

Recently, such technical means have often been used for other than their intended purpose. Thus, MDK-3 pit diggers, IMR-2 engineering barrier vehicles, BAT-2 track-laying vehicles were converted into vehicles for delivering shells to the front line. Because of this, the equipment fails.

In particular, the lack of engineering equipment is felt near Kleshcheevka and Opytnoye, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine hold the first two lines of defense with great difficulty. For the construction of the third, special equipment is needed, but its actual absence puts the construction of dugouts and trenches into question.

The lack of adequate personnel also complicates the situation. Back in the fall, many engineers joined the ranks of the infantry - some of them either died or were seriously wounded. In Bakhmut, there is also a shortage of building materials and means for their delivery.

Along with this, the construction of defensive structures is hindered by weather conditions. The low air temperature makes digging trenches with the help of the remaining MDK-3 machines a very laborious process, slowing down the work by almost five times. Because of this, the construction technology and the quality of the built fortifications are seriously affected.
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  1. skeptic Offline skeptic
    skeptic 16 December 2022 10: 46
    What is most striking is that the USSR has prepared so many weapons and ammunition. The West threw in counterbalance, everything that was given to the traitors, according to the Warsaw Pact, was collected, all over the world, issued to any shebold, the so-called "fighters for independence", produced by the forces of the West ... All this is destroyed by what remains, in the current Russia.
    It takes frank concern - but will the accumulated be enough ???
    And will the remaining enterprises of the military-industrial complex, without the innumerable number of destroyed defense forges, be able to pull out these "record spending" of ammunition and weapons?
    The West is just beginning to build up its armaments, in a most favored environment.
    Why are not all the capacities of the machine park all over Russia being mobilized for the production of shells and missiles? Or does the Russian government not set itself the task of winning? Or "Katz offers to surrender"?
    1. Constantine N Online Constantine N
      Constantine N (Constantin N) 17 December 2022 08: 17
      Apparently now the technique requires more specialized factories than before. And given that we have no military allies, it makes no sense to convert factories for the production of tractors / machine tools / ... into tank ones. The result may be useless T-55s and the economy will suffer. So it turns out that you can only increase shifts at military factories. And if you mobilize all the capacities, the West will simply transfer weapons from its current troops, who will attack them now?
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 16 December 2022 12: 06
    The Russian Federation sells everything they want to the enemies waging a war on decolonization against the Russian Federation, and Ukraine does not want to buy engineering equipment from the Russian Federation