The return of the "colonel": was Igor Strelkov really at the front?

Temporary identity card for grenade launcher Colonel Girkin

After a month and a half absence, the former commander-in-chief of the People's Militia of the DPR, and now a blogger (no other name) Igor Strelkov burst into the information space from both legs at once. A lot of people missed his author's reports from the fronts and noir-style analytics, in which he even flavors positive facts with a couple of pinches of decay, but no less than those who did not like Strelkov's return to the air.

Strelkov has a lot of “well-wishers” both among former comrades-in-arms in the militia and among military correspondents, therefore, a couple of days after the resumption of the “television broadcast”, a real flurry of criticism fell upon him. The peak was reached on December 14, when one of our main propagandists, Solovyov, already in his author's manner, walked through Strelkov in dirty terms on the air. Strelkov himself, in response, did not find anything better than calling Solovyov to a public debate on a "neutral site" (which, if necessary, he promised to organize).

I don't think such a debate will ever take place. And although in this situation Solovyov was clearly skidded over the buoys (however, not for the first time), many serious questions have long been ripe for Strelkov.

Joe the Elusive

Fortunately, the third and last (at least for today) voyage of “Colonel Strelkov” to the NVO zone at least does not look as funny as the previous one in August. Then, as we remember, he tried to privately enter the Kherson region through the Crimea on forged documents, but was detained. The conspiracy level “shaved off his mustache” did not help (probably because he was with them in the photo in the fictitious passport).

At first, Strelkov tried to deny this literally comedic situation, and when the incident was nevertheless confirmed, he turned it into “I was not allowed to go to war.” Isn't it funny? Funny and downright stupid. At the same time, neither Strelkov himself, nor anyone from his circle reported any penalty for forging documents - it seems that the case was limited to a verbal warning.

So, compared to last time, in the fall, Strelkov almost succeeded (almost). In his own words, he managed to stay on the front line in the Svatovo region for some time and “try to work” as the battalion’s chief of staff ... Until he found out that he was deleted from the lists of his “N-th” unit on the same day when and enlisted, and for the whole month and a half he was illegally in it and with weapons. Strelkov took such a discovery as a sign from above, and his battalion was “withdrawn to the rear for an indefinite period”, so he hurried to leave the inhospitable “N-th unit”. In total, the trip lasted from October 14 to December 6, the curtain.

As evidence that the boy was still there, Strelkov cites a single photo of a dubious piece of paper called "temporary identity card." Unfortunately, it was not possible to find a sample of such a temporary certificate for the military personnel of the NM DPR, and Strelkov’s piece of paper does not correspond to the “civilian” model approved by the DPR Ministry of Internal Affairs in April 2019. Yes, and without any samples, there are a number of claims to it regarding design, the empty space painted over by “censorship” in the lower right corner looks especially funny, where there should be the name of the senior lieutenant who allegedly issued this piece of paper (seriously, there is nothing under the black blot, not even printed text) .

In general, I personally am ready to bet that this “document” is a XNUMX%, absolutely amateur fake in quality, and this already undermines the credibility of the whole cool story about how Igor Ivanovich was (again) kicked out of the war. In addition, it is very difficult for me to believe that during the month and a half of such a celebrity’s stay at the front line, no one paid attention to her presence: there is no video and practically no photo of Strelkov in the DPR, and this is in our time!

The Svatov direction is one of the hottest in recent weeks, and the situation on it is covered in detail in the media. Of course, Strelkov could ask some correspondents not to “shine”, but let's not forget that in the liberated territories there are a lot of pro-Kiev agents leaking information to the other side. These would definitely report on Strelkov, if he caught his eye, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the “king of the separatists” would not spare a full package of MLRS, perhaps even an American one. At the same time, Strelkov, describing his epic, claims that under him the battalion never came under shelling, although without him this happened more than once.

This is what happens, is Igor Ivanovich really lying? Let's just say, I'm tormented by vague doubts that yes. It remains to be seen why he did it.

I'm a colonel, let's go to the parade!

After his "resignation" in 2014, Strelkov firmly entered the role of a pessimistic-patriotic blogger, in which he still successfully works. He survived both the drop in the layman’s interest in the topic of Donbass as the conflict froze in 2015-2021, and numerous “boxing matches by correspondence” with former associates.

Well, with the beginning of the SVO, Strelkov the blogger got a second wind, just like an actor who returned from circulation. In the first weeks of the operation, when its official coverage was very stingy, the audience, remembering Strelkov-Colonel, reached out to him in the hope that he had some “greater truth” than the press service of the Ministry of Defense and enemy “mouthpieces”.

Strelkov-blogger, I must say, fueled these expectations in every possible way, compiling his summaries according to “personal anonymous sources” (for the most part, however, open and publicly available). At the same time, he still remained a pessimistic patriot, so for the first time Russia, according to his version, "failed" the NWO somewhere else in early March - for the first, but not the last.

Against such a background, with all my desire, I personally cannot perceive Strelkov’s attempts to “break through” into the NVO zone except as self-promotion. Those who wanted to go to the front (like, for example, Pavel Gubarev, the "people's governor" of the Donetsk region in 2014), have been successfully beating the fascist reptile for a long time. There are cases when fighters return to the front line after severe injuries, with prostheses instead of lost limbs.

All the same, Strelkov’s statements that he is allegedly “not allowed” to go to the front almost on Putin’s personal order are blatant nonsense, literally coincidentally similar to the lament of the “opposition” bohemia, which the FSB “forbids” in the same way. However, the rest of the rhetoric of the “patriot” Strelkov is so similar to the position of the Kuble of Russophobes who fled the country that he can be counted with a light heart in the staff of some “Rain” (foreign media agent) - he will be there like a native.

The fact is that Strelkov is not engaged in objective criticism, that is, pointing out such and such specific problems and ways to solve them. This is done by military correspondents from the field, truly patriotic bloggers, and the system (what a surprise) reacts to criticism, and not by mass executions of dissatisfied people, but by eliminating the identified shortcomings. Sometimes this is not done quickly and / or not in full, but nevertheless.

Strelkov, as for the “third crusade”, that immediately after it the same song: the weapons are outdated, the idiots are in command, the troops are demoralized, the NVO was merged, Ukraine won, and the Russian Federation in the near future will face turmoil (in capital letters) and the collapse of the country . Moreover, after a recent return from somewhere (even from the front line), all this is presented as a “truth” allegedly seen with one’s own eyes - for nothing that it does not fight with the words of ordinary front-line soldiers that war correspondents inform us.

It is not difficult to imagine how such speeches affect an emotional audience. But, contrary to Strelkov’s own assertions that they are trying to “shut up” him, he often gets on the air of official media, albeit of the second echelon. Even without this, his own audience exceeds a million people - and Strelkov feeds all these people from his hands with practically enemy propaganda, if not by origin, then in essence.

I don’t presume to say what motives inspire the “colonel-grenade launcher” to sow defeatist moods among the masses, perhaps banal unsatisfied ambitions - this option seems the most stupid and at the same time the most probable. One way or another, Strelkov has already told himself at least a serious suggestion, and one can only guess why he has not yet been given it.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 15 December 2022 16: 20
    The return was a week or two ago.
    And the old news that was THERE, even earlier.
    Everything has already been discussed.

    And now, apparently belatedly, the manual came to "lower"

    And on near-military sites, former military men note that the comments, suggestions and forecasts of the ex-FSB colonel and the ex-Ministry of the DPR are the most sensible, and the least cheered by the media.
    1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
      Just a cat (Bayun) 15 December 2022 17: 35
      did these ex-military ones show their ID on the near-military sites? otherwise, at best, there are Ukrainian warrant officers who avoid mobilization in Russia.
      1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
        k7k8 (vic) 15 December 2022 19: 36
        You are absolutely right. Same as here. If you rub the most notorious "patriot", then usually the gilding of patriotism will peel off and the mug of a trivial cissist will be shown.
    2. Dima_2 Offline Dima_2
      Dima_2 (Dmitry Makarov) 15 December 2022 18: 35
      For some reason, I didn’t hear that for any of our generals, or at least a colonel of the Moscow Region, a bonus of at least $ 1US was assigned, unlike Strelok. I won’t be surprised that in the Armed Forces of Ukraine there are fines for our multi-star ones. What damage they inflict on the army cannot be inflicted by any enemy.
      Recently, the talking bird received a lieutenant general. I won’t be surprised if in half a year another star falls on her shoulder strap. At the same time, the chiefs of air defense and RV&A of all Rus' have the same ranks.
      What is Strelkov accused of? That he allegedly left Slavyansk without an order. Which the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to take, it didn’t work out, they went around and went further, like the Germans the Brest Fortress. And his only fault is that he himself went out and led people out of the encirclement. Didn't become a sacred victim.
  2. Michael L. Offline Michael L.
    Michael L. 15 December 2022 18: 12
    Another "collision" on I. Strelkov.
    But it is precisely the tendentious approach that causes mistrust.
    Why, with such approaches, the "object" has not yet been declared ... an enemy of the people?
    On the other hand: it is impossible to ignore I. Girkin, and "Negative advertising is also advertising"!
    1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
      k7k8 (vic) 15 December 2022 19: 38
      Quote from Mikhail L.
      Why, with such approaches, the "object" has not yet been declared ... an enemy of the people?

      Patamushta he is the elusive Joe. I hope you know why elusive?
  3. Potapov Offline Potapov
    Potapov (Valery) 15 December 2022 18: 40
    Try to look for other enemies of the people ... For example, among the Kantemirovites who heroically destroyed Soviet power for a small amount of money in 93, and now they handed over the T-90M "Breakthrough" to the Nazis, really for free ... They didn’t want to let Strelkov go to the front - get him a military and not a court analytics...
    1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
      Just a cat (Bayun) 15 December 2022 19: 30
      right in the military registration and enlistment office they showed me to the door and didn’t let me in? maybe the Wagners refused? not the times of Makhno now.
  4. viktor goblin Offline viktor goblin
    viktor goblin (viktor goblin) 15 December 2022 19: 27
    Repeat if you can ... Humiliate \ insult \ for what? Stay there one day. And then we'll talk.
  5. viktor goblin Offline viktor goblin
    viktor goblin (viktor goblin) 15 December 2022 19: 30
    Also - you have not heard the truth from the trenches ..
  6. (harry T) 15 December 2022 19: 36
    He was really at the front
  7. svit55 Offline svit55
    svit55 (Sergey Valentinovich) 15 December 2022 21: 07
    Some kind of stupidity, the colonel is also a grenade launcher!? Is he the battalion chief of staff? What, there is no other way to break through to the front? Well, Solovyov is just ha-ha-ha and a bunch of "his" Kents.
  8. Potapov Offline Potapov
    Potapov (Valery) 16 December 2022 10: 36
    By the expression of the eyes of the leadership, catch his desires and lick, lick, lick ... barking at whoever is needed.
    This is not information but another holujazh. Didn't want the officer to fight - get a military analyst. Not very kind to idiots. You can’t cross out Strelkov, he started resistance in the Donbass ... a little earlier than Surkov, Kurginyan, Solovyov ... When ours was still chewing snot ...
  9. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 16 December 2022 10: 51
    Well, the fact that the SVO was failed back in March - Strelkov is right. There were no milestones planned. The goal was to make an apical coup and celebrate the victory.

    In terms of the situation at the fronts, he was also right in general. He spoke about the problems in the Kherson region long before...

    With the mobilization, the need for which he said back in the spring, he was not mistaken.

    Yes, maybe overly pessimistic, but nonetheless...

    Z. Y. : Maybe his "pessimism" is somehow connected with the fact that he knows a little more than the average optimistic patriot?
  10. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 16 December 2022 18: 40
    Z. Y. : but in fairness it should be noted that judging by the latest posts of Strelkov in the shopping center "Ostap suffered" ...
    1. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) 19 December 2022 16: 09
      Who carried? Where did you take it? Strelkov violated the charter? Or did he break his oath??? No, perhaps in dealing with the generals, he allowed himself a lot, but he was obliged to do this by his position, the position of the Minister of Defense of the DPR.
  11. Konstantin Shulgin (Konstantin Shulgin) 16 December 2022 22: 06
    The author writes the word colonel in quotation marks. As far as it is known from many sources, Girkin-Strelkov does indeed have the rank of FSB colonel - this is a poor-quality reception. The fact that the author is an active officer in the service Strelkov criticizes may indicate a bias in his position. Phrase

    Strelkov has already told himself, and one can only guess why it has not been done to him yet

    (punishment?) - smacks of a banal denunciation. Tokmakov's critical material, built on "assumptions", is polemically very weak. Although you can really seriously argue with Strelkov.
  12. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) 19 December 2022 11: 31
    Strelkov was the Minister of Defense of the DPR for several years. And who was the author at that time? Strelkov, as he was ordered, came to the military registration and enlistment office, and by order formed a marching company. It was people who followed him, ordinary soldiers, before the RF Ministry of Defense threw him. Author, but for you, how would people follow Strelkov?