The Guardian suggested the conditions for the use of nuclear weapons by Russia against the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Despite repeated statements by the President of the Russian Federation about the deterrent purpose of the arsenals of the Strategic Missile Forces, the rhetoric about the possible use of nuclear weapons by Russia does not subside in the Western media.

The Guardian claims that the reason for launching missiles with nuclear warheads will be an attempt to seize the Crimea by Ukrainian troops. The likelihood of an escalation of the conflict is prompting even Western politicians urge Zelensky to be moderate in his statements regarding the peninsula.

Thus, the publication cites the opinion of a longtime ally of the Ukrainian president, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He proposed to start negotiations in the event of the withdrawal of Russian troops to the positions of February 2022. Thus, Johnson offers Kyiv to accept the loss of the Crimea and the republics of Donbass.

Historically and ethnically, Crimea is different from the rest of Ukraine. Keeping the peninsula within Russia is so important to Vladimir Putin that if he threatens to lose control, he can order the use of nuclear weapons. The possibility of this scares and deters Washington and Europe

writes The Guardian.

The fear of an escalation of the conflict is also the reason for the refusal to supply long-range weapons to Kyiv. Even Western generals recognize the impossibility of a forceful seizure of the Crimea in the near future. A number of European diplomats are already ready to recognize the special status of the peninsula, given its transfer to Ukraine only in 1954.

The statements of some high-ranking Ukrainian politicians about the imminent return of Crimea under the control of Kyiv have no basis yet. The desire of former President Petro Poroshenko to hold a conference in Yalta similar to the meeting between Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill in 1945 is unrealistic in today's realities.
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  1. Dust Offline Dust
    Dust (Sergei) 15 December 2022 14: 51
    The yellow press, it is the yellow press that would "warm up" the readers. Russia considers the lands of Ukraine to be its original territories, temporarily under occupation. Why would Russia strike with nuclear weapons on its territory...? The answer is complete nonsense!
  2. Maxim Rv Offline Maxim Rv
    Maxim Rv (Maxim Rv) 15 December 2022 18: 21
    Ear from a herring to Ukraine, not Crimea am
  3. Watching Offline Watching
    Watching (Alex) 16 December 2022 01: 31
    There should be no "Ukraine", this unnatural formation and anachronism should end. It's like people are stuck in the barbarian ideology of the 1930s and can't wake up. This stinking formation also infects the whole of Europe with its cannibalistic mentality.