Steeper than Crimean: the longest bridge in the world opened in China

It took the Chinese nine years and $ 20 billion to build a 55-kilometer sea bridge. It links mainland China with Macau (the former colony of Portugal) and Hong Kong (the former colony of Great Britain).

And this, without exaggeration, is a very important infrastructure object. It not only symbolizes the final return of China's sovereignty to these territories, but also significantly improves logistics in the region.

On October 23, 2018, President Xi Jinping personally held the grand opening of the bridge. The ceremony was held in Zhuhai City (Guangdong Province), where it begins. In total, this transport artery connects 11 cities, and the distance between the extreme points can now be covered in 30 minutes, which would have taken several hours earlier. But the bridge is unusual. It consists of several parts: surface sections (38 kilometers) and an underwater tunnel with a length of 7 kilometers (for the normal passage of a large number of ships and ships).

For the implementation of a gigantic project, this truly cyclopean construction, it took 400 thousand tons of steel. The builders promise that the bridge will last at least 120 years and withstand earthquakes of magnitude up to 8 points inclusive. And before that, in September 2018, Hong Kong was connected to mainland China by a high-speed railway. And the Chinese are not going to stop there.

Recall, the length of the Crimean bridge, which has become the longest in Europe, is 19 km.
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  1. Dan Offline Dan
    Dan (Daniel) 23 October 2018 16: 40
    To compare which bridges are steeper is the lot of construction specialists and sofa analysts. Normal people evaluate bridges (events, phenomena .....) by how they affect their lives. And therefore, I am happy for the Chinese, but the Crimean bridge is closer and more expensive to me, since I actually travel to Crimea with my car on it.
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 26 October 2018 11: 34
    -In the provided clip ...- some conversations ... -Catching a glimpse ...- somehow artificially combined front and back backgrounds of supposedly an object depicting a bridge are shown ...
    -You can make out (if you believe all this at all) ... -three-lane movement on both sides of the "bridge" ...
    -Of course ... -this building ...- complete garbage ... -Where is the transition under water and the exit from under water ..?
    -All this in its worthlessness and grandeur resembles the ancient "Great Wall of China" ...

    -But, in any case, China shows that he does not intend to fight the United States ... -otherwise, why all this expensive construction absurdity ...
    -Then who was going to fight with China ...? - Against whom is China feeding and arming its land armies, enormous in number and armed with modern weapons ..?
    - Whose immense expanses should burst in and turn around there all this ... innumerable horde ..?
    - All Russian "optimists", of course, believe in "the best" ...
    -But ... it’s already clear now that the Chinese are not going to drive their tank columns over this constructed bridge ... -for this, they have a completely different purpose ... -a wide area of ​​the border of a foreign state ..; state .. which so naively considers China to be its partner ...