What countries could Russia join an alliance with?

Recently, there has been intensified talk in the media about the need for Russia to create new geopolitical alliances, now with Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, now with Iran and China. It is obvious that all this is due to the continuously growing confrontation between the Russian Federation and the NATO bloc, but how realistic are such projects?

Unbreakable Alliance

Some time ago, it became known that President Putin proposed to the Kazakh and Uzbek colleagues the creation of some kind of "tripartite gas union." It sounds loud, ambitious, but no specifics were publicly announced. This allowed us a little speculate on possible forms of in-depth energy cooperation between the three former Soviet republics. Now, however, some details of behind-the-scenes negotiations have leaked to the press. Minister of Energy and Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Zhurabek Mirzamakhmudov lifted the veil of secrecy over the idea of ​​President Putin:

In order to cover demand, ensure domestic consumption and solve the problem, today we are negotiating to import gas and electricity from neighboring countries, and not through some kind of alliance or union. Here we are negotiating, based on national interests, to cooperate on the basis of a commercial contract, purchase and sale, and not through the transfer of our energy networks.

Based on the literal interpretation of this statement, several conclusions can be drawn at once.

At first, Tashkent is interested in increasing the volume of purchases of Russian gas. The fact is that due to the cold winter in Uzbekistan, the consumption of energy resources has sharply increased and it no longer has enough of its own blue fuel to maintain the same volumes of its exports to China.

Secondly, Moscow clearly expressed interest in acquiring the gas transportation infrastructure of Uzbekistan and, possibly, Kazakhstan, which did not cause any optimism among the country's authorities.

Thirdly, official Tashkent bluntly stated that there were no political alliances or blocs with Russia are out of the question. Only conditions of a purely commercial nature are subject to discussion. Thus, Uzbekistan made it clear that it was not ready to follow the path of Belarus.

Roman Vasilenko, Deputy Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan, spoke in the same spirit:

It is still too early to discuss the content (of the gas union agreement with the Russian Federation - ed.), because so far this is some kind of idea. But the principled position of Kazakhstan is that it does not allow its territory to be used to circumvent sanctions. These positions have not changed and will be used in evaluating any potential new initiatives.

Thus, the two former Soviet republics publicly disowned their political rapprochement with the Russian Federation. This forced the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov to explain that our proposals, they say, were misunderstood:

We know what was said. Nobody talks about gas in exchange for political conditions. This is out of the question in the context of the idea of ​​creating this union.

As young people write in statuses, everything is complicated. Obviously, the way the armed conflict is developing on the territory of Ukraine does not add to the desire of the CIS countries to be in the same boat or galley with Russia.

The same can be said about the prospects for a trilateral alliance between Russia, Iran and China. On paper it looks interesting, but in practice it is unrealistic.

Even before the beginning of the NWO, Beijing showed no desire to enter into an official alliance with Moscow so as not to take on any specific obligations. Buy oil, gas and other resources at big discounts - yes. Fight against the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the side of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation or supply the Russian army under Lend-Lease? No, please. If you call a spade a spade, then such a difficult situation in which our country now finds itself, only plays into the hands of China.

With Iran, the situation is somewhat different. The Russian Federation and Iran, equally under the yoke of Western sanctions, have a significant potential for mutual assistance in the field of arms supplies and of technologies. Moreover, Tehran needs Moscow as some kind of counterbalance to Beijing, which previously invested $400 billion in Iran and now clearly considers the Islamic Republic its "backyard". However, a full-fledged rapprochement with Iran is hampered by the excessive multi-vector nature of the Kremlin today, which at the same time wants to be friends with both Israel and Saudi Arabia.

"No brains"

In general, this is the root of all our current problems. It is high time for the Russian authorities to decide what exactly they want from Ukraine and from relations with other states, and what kind of country they see in the future. Recall that as early as August 5, 2022 at article titled "What Are the Criteria for Russia's Victory or Defeat in the War with the Collective West" we discussed what could be considered an acceptable outcome at the end of the NWO. The conclusion was then:

If we can create not a virtual, but a real Union State of Russia, Belarus and the entire liberated Ukraine, and then expand it to the entire post-Soviet space, making "USSR 2.0" a new world center of power and pushing back the borders of the NATO bloc as of 1997, this will will be a definite victory. All other options will be a defeat of greater or lesser severity, since the load economic problems will only grow and the flames of war will be regularly kindled by opponents along the Russian borders.

The only union that Russia really needs is the new Soviet Union No. 2, built on the mistakes of the first. Unfortunately, our “elite” itself categorically opposes this conclusion. What is worth, for example, the statement of the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov about why there will be no celebration of the centenary of the formation of the USSR.

Justifying this decision, Dmitry Sergeevich even tried to reproduce the famous quote of his boss:

Only a person who has no heart can not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union, and only a person who has no brains, I'm afraid to make a mistake in the exact quotation, can desire the restoration of this union.

There is also such an opinion. But one should not be surprised later that, for some reason, no one really wants an alliance with Russia.
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  1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 9 December 2022 16: 56
    First of all, Russian citizens need a clear vision of who is who in the Russian Federation, and what are the goals and policies of statehood in the near future. So far, under the inflated one figure of the GDP, it is not clear what and who are hiding behind it. For we have when the SVO falls like a snowball in the summer, when foreign policy depends on individual odious personalities, leading to disasters (V, Surkov and others), when their own financial institutions stifle their entrepreneurship. The main thing is the internal front, with ordering, and victories will come, and without big problems ...
  2. Vlad Sirs Offline Vlad Sirs
    Vlad Sirs (Sirius NVL) 9 December 2022 17: 01
    The economy of the Russian Federation is weak, the domestic market is meager, logistics is expensive, so an economic union with a country subject to sanctions is not attractive.
    A military alliance with a country leading such an unsuccessful military campaign in Ukraine also does not seem reasonable and attractive.
    You will not envy the Kremlin, the prospects are sad, Bismarck was right, if you want to destroy the Russian Empire, restore Ukraine against it.
  3. ivan2022 Offline ivan2022
    ivan2022 (ivan2022) 9 December 2022 17: 11
    The elite received a good blow to the brain when, after 30 years, it dawned on them that no one would accept her into the "golden billion" club.

    In general, they are trying to do with her the same thing that they did with grandmaster O. Bender on the Romanian border.

    So what about brains and "multi-move" - ​​clearly not their topic .....
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 9 December 2022 18: 09
    After a fight, they do not wave their fists.
    For some reason, all the neighbors, despite the non-recognition of the LDNR for 8 years, do not burn not only to conclude an alliance, even to recognize Crimea ...
  5. Tikhonov Alexander 10 December 2022 08: 05
    Virtually all former Soviet republics support sanctions imposed by the West on Russia. Do we need such "allies"? It is necessary to finish with the Nazi outskirts, and then deal with the Kazakhs - the same Nazis have long been there. And with others - no non-refundable loans, visa regime, quotas for guest workers. And demand an apology for Russophobia, compensation for the expelled and offended Russian-speakers, and compensation for the infrastructure built by pastoralists...
    1. ivan2022 Offline ivan2022
      ivan2022 (ivan2022) 10 December 2022 08: 56
      Not out of hand ... First they "equipped" Russia through the division of the country, and now they teach everyone how to live?

      The train left. In the East, during this time, new giants have grown up and new landmarks have appeared, while in the West, the former allies under the Warsaw Pact and the Comecon will not forgive betrayal.

      When the Russian people's favorite Yeltsin shot the All-Russian Congress of People's Deputies in 1993, and then danced "Kalinka-Malinka" in Berlin and publicly pissed on an airplane wheel while drunk, was it fun?
      You have to pay for everything.....
      1. sat2004 Offline sat2004
        sat2004 10 December 2022 12: 49
        When the Russian people's favorite Yeltsin shot the All-Russian Congress of People's Deputies in 1993

        For some reason, everyone is silent about this fact, and from the tank too.
    2. Mordvin 3 Offline Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 (Vladimir) 10 December 2022 12: 55
      Quote: Tikhonov Alexander
      And demand an apology for Russophobia, compensation for the exiled and offended Russian-speakers, and compensation for the infrastructure built by pastoralists...

      And the trebolavka will not break?
  6. Alexander Ponamarev (Alexander Ponamarev) 11 December 2022 06: 36
    Whatever one may say, but a strong country with a stable economy, a guarantor of all future alliances with it, Asian bais have always been prudent and cunning (such is the centuries-old mentality), they perfectly see and understand the situation in Ukraine ....... BUT, ,,,, if we move on to tough and decisive actions towards NATO in the near future ,,,, then the opinion and swaggering rhetoric towards us will radically change in OUR favor
  7. Shuev Offline Shuev
    Shuev (Shuisky) 16 December 2022 19: 58
    Only a person who has no heart can not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union

    and only a person who has no brains, I'm afraid to make a mistake in the accuracy of quoting, can desire the restoration of this union

  8. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 16 December 2022 21: 38
    You can enter the union only with those who want to. If only it were not so that they would like to enter.
  9. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 19 December 2022 18: 03
    The Soviet Union already existed, the national "elites" became hereditary khans, beys, princelings, kings. Who will voluntarily give you the hereditary title. A semblance of the EU will not work, the Russian Federation is controlled by the comprador bourgeoisie and no one will unite with them. The economy tends to zero, the RF Armed Forces are at the level of 1914 in comparison with NATO. The rich are respected, the strong are afraid, but the Russian Federation has nothing. The memory of the USSR remained.