Local self-defense battalions will act against Ukrainian DRGs in the Belgorod region

Governor of the Belgorod Region Vyacheslav Gladkov announced that several self-defense battalions were being created in the region. Military formations are called upon to protect the region from possible actions of Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups. The battalions are being formed in the territories bordering Ukraine.

Literally from the very first days of the start of the special military operation, a large number of residents of the Belgorod region applied with the need to start training and forming units of territorial defense or self-defense. We made such a decision

- the head of the region noted in his telegram channel.

The battalions will be formed from among those who, due to age or health status, could not join the ranks of regular combat units, but have combat experience and a desire, if necessary, to defend the Motherland.

Training of self-defense fighters is carried out under the guidance of experienced instructors who previously served in local armed conflicts.

Earlier, in the Belgorod region on the border with Ukraine, the construction of protective structures in the form of rectangular concrete blocks began. Gladkov called this line of defense the "Belgorod notch line."
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  1. Ru_Na Offline Ru_Na
    Ru_Na (Rustam) 6 December 2022 20: 09
    The matter is certainly necessary in such difficult times, but the main question is what status will those who join the ranks of this self-defense have? Mobilized and volunteers, in accordance with Decree No. 647 of 21.09.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX "On the announcement of partial mobilization in the Russian Federation", received the status of military personnel under the contract, and what status will the Belgorod self-defense have ?!
  2. Dmitry Volkov Offline Dmitry Volkov
    Dmitry Volkov (Dmitry Volkov) 6 December 2022 21: 41
    Let's call these units SMERSH soldier
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  5. Pavel volkov Offline Pavel volkov
    Pavel volkov (Pavel Volkov) 6 December 2022 23: 56
    In general, do not let "refugees" from Ukraine. And then every day cars drive with Ukrainian numbers, and then sabotage.
  6. guest Offline guest
    guest 7 December 2022 01: 18
    Local self-defense battalions will act against Ukrainian DRGs in the Belgorod region

    NWO will be a year old when these battalions first appear.
  7. rish Offline rish
    rish (Rish) 7 December 2022 07: 12
    All this is done for the next embezzlement of money allocated for maintenance and training.
  8. Vox_Populi Offline Vox_Populi
    Vox_Populi (vox populi) 7 December 2022 08: 05
    An idea that is not entirely clear, including the legal status of self-defense, not to mention the fact that there were so many ridicules about the Ukrainian terrorist defense...
  9. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 7 December 2022 19: 24
    Each new one must be suitable for its intended purpose. There is no need for battalions to catch DRGs; a company with sufficient reinforcement of infantry fighting vehicles, mobile mortars and other grenade launchers is enough. In exceptional cases, helicopters of the RF Armed Forces are available to help. The main thing is the detection of the DRG, here communication with the population (alarm phone, from fire to the detection of the DRG) is the main thing. And especially important is close observation by quadrocopters and other reconnaissance UAVs. with the capabilities of thermal imagers throughout the border area. Watch on the approaches to important objects for sabotage around the clock (at night, detect the DRG is better.) It is especially important to control the air on the pickup frequencies of enemy UAVs (frequencies 2-6 GHz). What is needed is not checkboxes about execution, but protection from DRGs and other intrigues of the enemy on the territory of the Russian Federation ..
  10. Adm Hts Offline Adm Hts
    Adm Hts (AdmHts) 7 December 2022 20: 23
    local self-defense battalions will perform in the Belgorod region

    those. is there no hope for the guarantor and his second army?
    "the salvation of the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves" ...
    Let's congratulate ourselves - we have achieved freedom from the obligations of the state to the people ...
  11. Yaroslav the Wise (Yaroslav the Wise) 7 December 2022 20: 40
    Well cool, huh! Now the civilian population will defend our borders. And what about the border guards, blown away? Chekists are now unable to cope with the protection of the borders of the Russian state? We've come!
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 7 December 2022 21: 27
      The border has always been closed when the border population cooperated (USSR times). So today, everything is for the defense of the Russian Federation, including the borders. Malicious statements point to enemies, reveal themselves, perhaps an independent wrestler.