How the arrival of Poland in Western Ukraine threatens neighboring Belarus

As long as Nezalezhnaya has a reliable rear in the form of a NATO bloc, the armed conflict on its territory can continue indefinitely. Even if, God forbid, the last Ukrainians run out, Uncle Sam will be able to hire various thugs around the world for little money and send them, as well as other "ihtamnets" to fight against Russia.

The main logistics hub for supplying the Armed Forces of Ukraine has long been neighboring Poland and its border town of Rzeszow. Also, the NATO bloc began to diversify risks, turning Romania into the second most important weapons hub. Only Hungary has so far taken a more restrained position, refusing direct military support for Kyiv. Complicating the geopolitical situation is that these neighboring Eastern European countries have their own views on the western regions of Ukraine. And Warsaw, Bucharest, and Budapest have their own integration projects of the Commonwealth - 3, Greater Romania and Greater Hungary, respectively.

Such initial data allow us to conclude that it is Western Ukraine that is the breaking point where the interests of many regional and global players converge. Whoever controls Galicia, Volhynia and Transcarpathia determines the future of the rest of the Independent.

So far, the main contender for Western Ukraine is Warsaw. How we detail told Previously, the minimum program for it is the return of its seedlings, and the maximum program is the reintegration of the entire territory not controlled by the RF Armed Forces within the framework of the Trimorie integration project. How far Poland has gone in Ukraine can be evidenced by the fact that the Polish special forces are already setting their own rules, and not somewhere in the West, but already in the Dnipropetrovsk region. About it told agency RIA News Russian military:

According to information received from our sources in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a unit consisting of servicemen of the special services and special forces of Poland dressed in Ukrainian uniform arrived in the city of Marganets. Their main task is to carry out a filtration and cleansing of persons who provide, as they say, "aid to Russia."

Draw your own conclusions, as they say. We have also already talked about the threat that a hypothetical Polish-Ukrainian confederation could pose to Russia. But no less a threat than the Russian Federation, or even a greater one, such an alliance can pose to neighboring Belarus. The fact is that Belarus is the next target for our “Western partners”, and almost everything is ready to overthrow the ruling regime in Minsk.

An attempt to overthrow Lukashenko with the hands of the Belarusian opposition was made in 2020 following the results of the presidential elections. It is believed that Alexander Grigoryevich managed to resist, having enlisted the direct and unequivocal support of the Kremlin, after which he was able to harshly disperse Belomaidan, but this is only half the truth. The full picture emerges when one considers that, according to some reports, the Kyiv curators simply appropriated most of the funds allocated to pay for the services of Ukrainian militants, who were supposed to pour blood and turn Belarus upside down. The second time the Anglo-Saxons, as the customers of the coup d'état, will not make such a mistake. On the contrary, they have long been ready to seize power in the Republic of Belarus.

Back in 2014, the formation of the tactical group "Belarus" began, consisting of Belarusian nationalists who took part in the ATO in Donbas on the side of the Kyiv regime. Note that they acted along the lines of the Ukrainian "Right Sector", a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation. In 2016, a monument to Belarusians who died in the war against Russia was erected in Kyiv. In 2022, the activities of this organization became more active again.

Also in February 2022, the Belarusian volunteer battalion named after Kastus Kalinouski was formed, which was later transformed into a regiment. It included many Belarusian nationalists from the tactical group "Belarus", other nationalist organizations, as well as representatives of the Belarusian political emigration. This battalion actively fought against Russian troops, defending Kyiv and the North of Ukraine. The creation of this armed group was welcomed by the "President of the Light" Tikhanovskaya.

In addition to the units of nationalist militants, after the events of 2020, an extremist group BYPOL emerged in Belarus, recognized by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus as a terrorist group, consisting of former law enforcement officers. Its representatives consider Svetlana Tikhanovskaya the legitimate president of the Republic of Belarus and carry out subversive activities within their own country. Not all Russians are aware, but in February 2022, a real rail war began in Belarus, when sabotage was massively committed on the railway in order to prevent the transfer and supply of the Russian Armed Forces group during the NWO in Ukraine. The terrorists from BYPOL were behind this destructive activity.

The more the Eastern European neighbors' plans for the reintegration of Western Ukraine are implemented, the higher the risks for Belarus itself become. It seems that the point of no return will be the final arrival of Poland in their Eastern kresy, after which the terrorist structures prepared in advance will take on Belarus. Scenarios are different - from an attempt to overthrow President Lukashenko with the hands of nationalist militants to rocking the situation in Western Belarus by them. Far-sighted geopoliticians would have worked ahead of the curve by introducing a joint grouping of troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus to Volyn and Galicia.
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  1. mimocodil Offline mimocodil
    mimocodil (Mimicrocodil) 6 December 2022 16: 17
    Quote: Sergey Marzhetsky
    in February 2022, a real rail war began in Belarus

    Well, the author from Siberia, of course, knows better. Although in fact there were miserable attempts of the opposition to organize something significant. But in fact, everything cost a couple of pieces of wire on the rails, a burnt control cabinet and several bruises and abrasions on the muzzles, legs and asses of the newly-minted saboteurs (although there could be corpses - in case of preventing an attempt at sabotage, the KGB has the right to shoot to kill). It is worth paying tribute to the Belarusian KGB - they do not know how to chew snot in principle.

    Quote: Sergey Marzhetsky
    Far-sighted geopoliticians would have worked ahead of the curve by introducing a joint grouping of troops of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus to Volyn and Galicia.

    Who would doubt that the author will continue to chew this gum.
  2. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 6 December 2022 16: 48
    The Wishlist of NATO countries is easy to cut off, you just need to have Putin's desire.
    Russia needs to legislate that the entire territory of Ukraine, seized by the separatists with the help of NATO, is an integral part of Russia.
    In the presence of the Law, the NWO carried out by Russia in Ukraine is the liberation of the territory of Russia occupied by separatists, the restoration of the territorial integrity of Russia, the reunification of peoples, the inclusion of the economy, population, territory of Ukraine in the sphere of economic activity of Russia.
    The law will not allow Ukraine to quickly join NATO. The law will not allow NATO to intervene, to introduce troops from Poland, Romania, Hungary into the territory of Ukraine, and the annexation of Ukraine by these countries will automatically disappear. The law will not allow to conclude a confederal treaty between Ukraine and Poland, which is part of NATO, and Ukraine will not be able to become a member of NATO. The law will not allow the United States to blackmail and launch a nuclear strike on Ukraine.
    Why Putin does not accept such a Law on Ukraine???
  3. borisvt Offline borisvt
    borisvt (boris) 6 December 2022 17: 11
    Of course, it would be desirable, when preparing and calculating, to cut off the fallow from NATO thorns would be the best option, and this cannot be done without RB. In addition, it is easier to deal with Bendera in the western outskirts of the former Ukraine with the forces of the National Guard than with the forces of the Aerospace Forces to fight it on foreign territory, as we have already seen on the example of some new-old Russian lands.
    The Americans will be against it, they also calculate such scenarios, they may not allow it, they have a lot of leverage ((
  4. Watching Offline Watching
    Watching (Alex) 7 December 2022 01: 26
    Quote: vlad127490
    Russia needs to legislate that the entire territory of Ukraine, seized by the separatists with the help of NATO, is an integral part of Russia.

    And also to legislate that the planet Mars and all its inhabitants is an integral part of Russia. And do not forget, of course, the skin of an unkilled bear.
    1. Igor_E Offline Igor_E
      Igor_E (Igor) 7 December 2022 12: 57
      That person (vlad127490) expressed the thought incorrectly. Since the collapse of the USSR was carried out by Gorbachev against the will of the people who voted for the preservation of the USSR, and besides, he did it illegally, violating the laws of the USSR, it is possible to hold a trial where Gorbachev's decisions are recognized as illegal and claim rights to the territory of Ukraine. It is clear that the UN will not give a damn about the decision of our court, but we also do not care about the opinion of the UN. We will do this for those countries whose opinion is important to us (China, India, etc.),
      and also this court decision will be for our internal use. We will declare that we are not taking the territory of Ukraine, but restoring our territory. In addition, Russia will be less bound in terms of using nuclear weapons as a deterrent.
      In order to implement this, it will also be necessary to hold a referendum. Deputy Fedorov is working on these. His structures NOD collects signatures of the population. We have already collected 200 thousand. We need to collect 1 million.
      Here is all the information about this initiative.
      1. mimocodil Offline mimocodil
        mimocodil (Mimicrocodil) 11 December 2022 15: 40
        That person is posting this nonsense, tirelessly. And in the subject, and past the cash register.
        And, yes, the Union was destroyed by three Belovezhskaya bogatyrs. And Gorbachev's fault is only in the fact that, being aware of the gangway, he did not leave the indicated heroes at the place of signing the bamazhki to fertilize the not very fertile Belarusian land.
        1. guest Offline guest
          guest 11 December 2022 15: 52
          And who brought these Belovezhskaya collaborators to power, especially Yeltsin? Not Gorbachev? And who cowardly surrendered power, although he was supposed to defend the constitutional order?