Butterfly Effect. World on the eve of a new war

Today we are going to talk about completely boring things, about the upcoming Third World War, which will not exist (only about this, shhh, no one! Nobody should know about this, because it’s only the threat of the Third World and keeps a plebs harnessed paying taxes on the maintenance of their own armies ), and replacing it with the First cognitive one, which is already raging in the information space, and the plebs of which the plebs are already reaping in the form of family squabbles and home scandals, which channel to listen to and which leader to trust. Therefore, anyone who is feeling sick from the words “cognitive dissonance” can safely shut the laptop and go to the kitchen to watch the next series, seizing it with a big mac and drinking Coca-Cola.

And for those who still stayed, I will continue. Friends, did it ever occur to you that something abnormal has been happening in the last 4-5 years in the world? It seems that the world has gone mad, or it’s you who set off. But since you are confident in yourself, then all claims to the world. What is really happening to him right now? Some kind of progressive insanity, starting with the state. the coup in Ukraine, which the whole world community for some reason stubbornly calls “a revolution of some kind of dignity”, continuing the downed Boeing, which is stubbornly hung on us, although all the facts speak otherwise, and ending with doping scandals that do not exist. attacks ”and the case of the“ Salisbury boy ”who fell victim to the bloodthirsty and merciless GRU (either did not fall, or not the GRU, or not the boy, but the girls, in general, it’s clear that the matter is dark, but they definitely killed our cat, and that’s I'm still silent about the guinea pigs standing on the balance of the GRU). I undertake to explain to you what is really happening now and what we all became victims of.

Part 1. The third world is canceled. Sorry if anyone disappointed

But I'll start, perhaps, with the Third World War. Immediately upset everyone who is still waiting for her - she will not be! Absolutely! This is a medical fact, let it inevitably scare you from the cradle. Because there are no fools. And suicides too. But to blackmail her with a threat, bargaining for himself bonuses and preferences, this is always welcome. There are enough willing. A whole nuclear club. Nine countries. Bye nine. Russia - USA - Great Britain - France - China - India - Israel - Pakistan - North Korea. Want to be more? Some countries are already at a low start. Iran, for example (and recent US actions only push it to this). Saudi Arabia and a number of Gulf countries are looking at it. And the Yankees are already seriously discussing the possibility of a local war using low-power nuclear weapons. And this despite the fact that even conventional weapons are enough to destroy the Earth several times in a row (weapons of mass destruction — nuclear, chemical, bacteriological — are unconventional). But for now, everything is under control. Layered, layered. And even the insane Trump is not so uncontrollable. Tied hand and foot. Although you can’t joke with this. Life threatening! But to abandon nuclear weapons in this situation is even more dangerous. Where would we be now if not for him? So far, nuclear weapons, it is not ridiculous to say this, are the guarantor of world peace. Therefore, the Third World is transferred. Bye forever. With this done, we move on to the cognitive war that has already been unleashed against us and we are participating in it too (and even win in some places, according to our opponents).

Part 2. Each time has its own war. Drop the bow and arrows. Welcome to new virtual reality

Less than a month ago, on September 26, a closed report by the Pentagon think tank titled "Cognitive Effect and State Conflict in Cyberspace" was released. The report was written by James A. Lewis, senior vice president of the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS). For reference, the CSIS is one of the main "tanks" of the Pentagon, responsible for the development of military doctrine. Ranked # 1 in the world in the Defense and National Security Think Tanks category, he recruits both senior US Department of Defense officials and government officials from the US Congress, as well as representatives of the executive branch associated with the Democratic or Republican parties In general, take my word for it - a very serious institution.

The report is very complex, written in a specific language, you need to literally think about each paragraph (if you emphasize the most important, you will literally have to emphasize everything), I don’t know if I will be able to convey its meaning to you in an intelligible form. But I still try. I’ll selectively give quotes, and you will understand that this is all serious, that this is not nonsense of my inflamed consciousness, that they really (the State Department, the Pentagon, the CIA) are working on it now, moreover, it is already embodied in reality (did you think you hit the cinema? No, the cinema has become a reality! By the way, it is also an element of this matrix of psychological impact on the object).

So, I'll start a little from afar. We live in an age of information of technologies. And the presence of these technologies has changed the nature of international conflicts. To rattle nuclear weapons has become more expensive for itself, so wars and confrontations are moving into the information sphere. Winners are now determined not on the battlefield, but on the information field, in the info, so to speak, space. The war is no longer over the territory, but over the brains of people. Whoever wins there will get the territories almost without a fight, along with brainless and fooled local brains with modified brains.

“The goal is not kinetic (hit by shells and bombs), but the cognitive effect, manipulating information to change thoughts and behavior. Essentially, the strategic goal is to influence morale, cohesion, political stability and, ultimately, reduce the enemy’s will to resist. Operations make it possible to manipulate information and opinions in such a way that it has a coercive or disruptive effect, without the risk of open war, and the situation would remain below the threshold for the use of force to reduce the risk of armed conflict or its escalation. ” (with). I quoted the report from this report, as you see, nobody is going to joke there, forget about your guns and planes, this is nothing more than a background, something like a virtual weapon, which in real life may not even exist, most importantly, state about him and demonstrate a prototype.

Part 3. Where are they recorded as officers of the information troops? Sign me up first!

You all remember that Obama got sick, it only cost Putin to uncover a piece of “Almaty” at the Victory Parade (and this was still Husseinich’s not seen the T-14 in action!), And when, in the midst of the Syrian conflict, 26 “soared from inflatable rafts in the Caspian Sea rusty ”Gauges (which we allegedly did not have, as claimed, were specialists from the CIA!), and having flown 1,5 thousand kilometers, instead of the expected three hundred, fell right on target, Obama immediately pulled himself into retirement. The last cartoons scrolled by Putin before the Federal Assembly, in general, had the effect of an exploding bomb - the Pentagon, the State Department and the White House were so imbued with the level of potential threat that they could not even immediately develop a unified position on this issue, and blew apart and randomly.

As you can see, no one is going to use a weapon, just show it or even just say that you have one (check the flag in your hands!). Therefore, now not the gunsmiths and the military come to the first place, but the officers of the information troops. I think that very soon they will be released at military schools, or at least at journalist departments of universities, immediately conferring military ranks (Margarita Simonyan, by the destructive power of her resource, has already reached the rank of army general!). The task of information troops officers will be to morally disarm the enemy and make the military phase of the conflict unclaimed (that is, in fact leaving the military unemployed, they risk subsequently becoming the highest paid unemployed in our country, I’m for it!). All this will happen, alas, not yet soon, but you need to start acting now.

Part 4. A direct and explicit mutual threat

The authors of the report do not hide against whom their efforts will be directed - these are the authoritarian regimes of Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. They plan to fight with them from the inside, consolidating through the Internet the dissatisfied, which is in any society. I quote: “Given certain conditions - discontent and unpopular authoritarianism - information technology and the Internet provide a tool for combining discontent into action, especially when there is an initiating incident and the charismatic opposition leaders." As you can see, Navalny did not just happen. And they will create a trigger for the outburst of discontent. In Ukraine, as a similar trigger, they used an episode with the “beaten of children” that launched the Maidan mechanism.

At the same time, stating that "the information poses a threat to authoritarian regimes, since they do not have democratic mechanisms to resolve disagreements and pressure in the field of political changes," for some reason they are afraid of the symmetrical response from the enemy. Sputnik, Russia Today (RT) and China Global Times are among the main enemies of Western "democracy." At the same time, the authors complain that RT also uses Google tools to bring their own content to the top positions in search results News. They did not forget Putin, who called the maternal structure of RT (MIA "Russia Today"), "a strategically important organization for Russia." And how Russian and Chinese Internet trolls and bots got, which by their actions cause direct damage to the United States and their allies, undermining the fellow citizens' trust in the ruling institutions there, it is no longer necessary to say. Only the chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, Valery Gerasimov, turned out to be worse than them, who stated that "the goal of Russia is a cognitive effect, namely, achieving political goals without using military force." The chief of the General Staff, who stated that "the rules of the war have changed significantly and non-military options have begun to play a big role in achieving political and strategic goals," and in some cases even "significantly exceed the use of weapons in power," became for them an apologist for Russia's predatory aspirations and even the degree of villainy overshadowed the figure of the villain Putin.

At the same time, the authors of the report do not deny that the emergence of new information technologies has moved the confrontation between countries to a new plane - to the information one. In this case, the minds of people become the object of confrontation. In fact, in the 21st century, the war unfolded for the brains of the population living on the territory of a potential enemy, and the impact on them through specially prepared information. I quote from the CSIS speaker: “This is a new type of conflict, the core of which is information and the cognitive effect that it produces.” (from)

Part 5. Wrestlers with history. Butterfly Effect

Moreover, the war flared up not only in the present tense, it has also moved into the past. How can one not recall here the words of Mikhail Lomonosov that "a people who do not know their past have no future." The authors of the report probably also read our titan’s thoughts, because they are going to achieve the main cyber effects “by manipulating software, data, KNOWLEDGE and opinions”. (from). This is a direct quote. I have highlighted the word “knowledge” here. I focus on them, because they form opinions. Doubt it? I give examples from recent history. By the way, you found them, everything happened already before your eyes - the evidence of the countries of Eastern Europe and Ukraine, what happened to them, they only had to rewrite history textbooks (we look at the Baltic states and Poland). A generation of mankurts who do not remember their kinship has already grown. As you see, rewriting history does not affect the past, which doesn’t care what the descendants say about it, but the future.

If you think that this is only in science fiction films, changing something in the past, the hero risked returning to a completely different, new future (there, breaking a straw or stepping on a caterpillar, he risked breaking food chains and leading to the extinction of whole species of herbivores and groups of predators feeding on them, which as a result changed the picture of the future), then I should disappoint you. In this world there is already nothing that could not be embodied in reality. And this was once again proved by our overseas “friends and partners”, when they found that they were not able to fight us on the battlefield, due to the lethality of our and their own weapons, and did not want to remain victors on a planet unsuitable for further life, fighting in the cognitive plane.

Rewriting history now in countries that fell under their external control, Americans (and their local vassals) break the historical matrix of the younger generation and grow new generations of mutants reprogrammed to solve American, rather than their own national tasks. In Western Europe and Japan, which fell into the zone of responsibility of the Allies after the Second World War, the Yankees, by the way, have already demonstrated this trick, having raised generations of neutered Europeans and equally frightened Japanese who have forgotten their great history and apologize all their lives for sins not done by them. Now the time has come for Eastern Europe and Ukraine.

Part 6. The target of the attack is your brain

Things are more complicated with Russia, here you have to tinker with it, Putin covered his info space with a reliable shield of "misinformation" (as our enemies believe), and now he is also crawling with these weapons (the State Department has no time to hang up labels - "foreign agent" , “Kremlin agent”, “hand of Moscow”). In the 1960s, Daniel Moynihan said that "everyone has the right to their own opinion, but not to their own facts." The Internet allows people to have their own facts. Social media only reinforces this trend. The author of the report suggests using this effect to achieve your own goals, when the community will not be divided into those who share your common space with you, but those who think like you, and those who think differently. In relation to the Russian Federation, he proposes to take away the monopoly on facts from the totalitarian regimes, to which Russia belongs, with the help of Internet technologies (now you understand that the mass smartphoneization of the population, when people became free applications for their own gadgets, arose not just like that - if the stars light up , then someone needs this! and by the force of the impact the smartphone will be cleaner than a ballistic missile).

Somehow, inconspicuously, the victims of the consumer society, living according to the laws of accumulating advertising and marketing values ​​imposed on it by the media (both a smartphone and a computer, are one of them), in an attempt to match false ideas about success and social significance, become free applications for their own gadgets, automatically when This is also becoming the object of an attack on their brain from the manufacturers of these same gadgets. And then it’s a matter of technology, when an object begins to consume only targeted content specially selected for it (you’ve already encountered this - there are such settings in any social networks when the program pulls up the content depending on the user's last requests), forming a narrative necessary for the Customer ( who our customer is - you know!). After some time, the object will itself tear away the content alien to its ear, automatically replenishing the ranks of the local fifth column. And that’s all! The problem is solved, the fifth column is formed, the client is ripe and ready for action. Waiting only for the team. The team will also come from the Internet. If you want to see how it works, look at Ukraine, Georgia and all the color revolutions that somehow strangely swept across almost all countries of North Africa and the Middle East. There are no miracles. The technology works, put at the service of our enemy.

So that you understand that I am not joking, I will give only one fact. I have a friend, a major provider in one of the regional centers of Ukraine, naturally, of pro-Russian views (therefore, a friend), for obvious reasons I will not name the city, for some reason, after the well-known events of 2014, its income did not fall, but only increased. And the reason for this is not the impoverished population that does not even cover its expenses, but our sworn American "friends and partners" who bought in bulk from him thousands and thousands of IP addresses with Ukrainian domains. Why, say, Pindos ukrov addresses? But for that! Thousands of Internet trolls, captivating the Runet and sowing screech and enmity everywhere, wherever they appear (read the comments under the video about the tragedy in Kerch - the hair moves from this blasphemy!), Everyone writes this, being by no means on the banks of the Dnieper , and on the banks of the Potomac. The troll factory has been working day and night, tirelessly for 5 years. The Americans know their business and bring it to the end. To the full logical end (look at the Russian Orthodox Church, and what will remain of it after the “split” of 30% of the flock from Ukraine).

Part 7. Epilogue

As the famous Prussian military theorist and historian Karl von Clausewitz said: “War is the continuation of politics by other means” and “The purpose of any war is peace under conditions favorable to the victor.” Those. any war is unleashed only in order to conclude peace on more favorable conditions for itself. But this does not apply to nuclear war, after which the world will no longer conclude with anyone and nobody, and to cognitive war, which is generally aimed not at the Armed Forces, but at undermining the enemy from the inside, when internal destructive processes destroy it so much that they make it incapable of resistance . And since you and I at the beginning of the text agreed that there would be no nuclear war, for obvious reasons, the factor of cognitive war comes out on top and becomes the only one. Because of this, it is impossible to underestimate the report of one of its main brain “tanks” (centers) of the Pentagon, responsible for the development of the military doctrine of the state, published less than a month ago.

As you see, a war, a real war against us is not a myth, it is already in full swing, and amers, to their credit, do not even hide it, considering it below their dignity (they have a specific concept of honor, they are just us for people they don’t think we are subhuman to them, which’s why they talk about what the Chinese or Japanese prefer to keep silent, affectionately nodding to us). Although the document had the stamp “For official use” and did not have a Russian translation, they deliberately leaked for the reasons given above. Now it is our turn to take countermeasures, on top of those that we have already taken.
We are open to cooperation with authors in the news and analytical departments. A prerequisite is the ability to quickly analyze the text and check the facts, to write concisely and interestingly on political and economic topics. We offer flexible working hours and regular payments. Please send your responses with examples of work to [email protected]
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  1. Prutkov Offline Prutkov
    Prutkov (Kozma P) 22 October 2018 13: 23
    I am glad that people have begun to understand that the information space of the country is the same space as air, sea or land. And this sovereign space must be protected. And the tragedy in Kerch is the most recent example of the fact that the information space is open to any "garbage".
  2. bratchanin3 Offline bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 (Gennady) 22 October 2018 13: 48
    Bravo to the author! Everything is correctly written, the Americans (Anglo-Saxons) will not decide on any war, at the risk of losing everything that has been stolen and won back from Carthage, Byzantium and to Hitler and the USA. That is why Russia can safely clean the adjacent Polish, Baltic, Georgian, Armenian territories by setting an ultimatum to the Americans in the spirit of the Caribbean crisis, but using hyper-speed weapons. And destroy, if not removed in time!
  3. Aliskan Offline Aliskan
    Aliskan (Michael) 22 October 2018 15: 10
    War will not be

    Argumentation? They say they will be afraid. What will happen? Online aggression to spread conflict, anger and expand the fifth column. Then consider this scenario. All the youth of American vassals are treated in the spirit of Russophobia and the superiority of the West over the Russian barbarians. When these youth grow up and come to power, will they be held back and afraid? No, she was not raised that way by the American trolls. They will arrange no longer informational provocations, but military ones on our borders or against the Russian population in their countries. They will be confident in their superiority, as they live in a distorted reality. Russia will have to respond to armed provocations with weapons. Since limited measures to enforce peace will have no effect, Russia will have to act tough and physically destroy both the provocateurs and their states. The West cannot control the enthusiasm of its vassals. But the West will have to protect them. Russia will defeat the expeditionary forces of the West. Then, facing the threat of complete military defeat, the West will use nuclear weapons. Well, how does "cognitive war" prevent nuclear war in such a scenario? No way. It turns out that the author's thesis is incorrect. In addition, the author speaks pompously and arrogantly, they say I'm smart, and you are hamsters, which shows a low level of intellectual culture. I would be ashamed.

    However, I really met American trolls, calculating them by IP. They write scum from Montana. But this does not mean that there will be no war. It just takes more time to develop the situation, about 8 years.
    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex 22 October 2018 20: 37
      And for Michael, and for the Wolf ...
      Listen, why did you (as well as the author) get hung up on certain scenarios in the history of the planet? After all, there can be a great many of them (after all, NONE OF US (including the author) knows the plans of the Yankees ... or maybe not the Yankees, but those who even stand ABOVE them (the "conspiracy theory" rules)). You can list:
      1. Bringing people LIES (when prices rise, but there is no salary) "from over the hill" to the limit - it will flare up, it will not seem a little (and then a blow from behind a puddle will arrive in time).
      2. The same as the first, but only a lie from the authorities - the same scenario (just don’t need to say that the authorities are not lying to us - they are lying, and how ... but "from behind the hill" they lie worse).
      3. Provocation from the 404 side is possible? Quite! After all, these outrageous ones - they are inadequate and can create anything!
      4. Have you forgotten the accidental missile in the Baltic states? And if it does not cross the border with the Russian Federation, not an "airplane" ... a "random" rocket ... but quite a shock type of flying "SOMETHING"?
      5. The case of the attack of the Japanese Empire on American bases - possibly from the Russian Federation? I do not think that this is not possible (although there will be other "suffocation sanctions").
      6. Provocation of the amers themselves (and in this they are masters - Spain, "Luisitania", Pearl Harbor, Vietnam, 11.09.2001/XNUMX/XNUMX, "Powell's test tube" ... is that enough?).
      ... Well, this is so offhand ...
  4. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
    Volkonsky (Vladimir) 22 October 2018 16: 56
    Quote: Aliskan
    Russia will defeat the expeditionary forces of the West. Then, facing the threat of complete military defeat, the West will use nuclear weapons. Well, how does "cognitive war" prevent nuclear war in such a scenario? No way. It turns out that the author's thesis is incorrect. In addition, the author speaks pompously and arrogantly, they say I'm smart, and you are hamsters, which shows a low level of intellectual culture. I would be ashamed.

    The author writes as best he can, give examples of his arrogance and pathos, (I have not found), it is impossible to humiliate one who considers himself above this (these are already not the author’s problems, but your personal ones). And anyway, if anyone doesn’t like something, here is the paper - WRITE BETTER! (what finally problems ?!)

    Regarding your logical constructions, they, just, suffer from the absence of formal logic, from conclusion A does not follow conclusion B, the causal relationship is broken. What fear should the enemy use nuclear weapons for? It’s not clear, just knowing, as the President said, that we will go to heaven, and they will simply die?
  5. faterdom Offline faterdom
    faterdom (Andrei) 22 October 2018 21: 22
    One does not replace the other. And psychological warfare has always been fought, both during hot wars, and in the intervals between them, which are commonly called "peace." Simply, both the leaders and the people should be aware of this correctly, and not float in rosy illusions. It is one thing when Sakharov fell ill with this pink slime, and quite another when Gorbachev, and even in the conditions of the rigid vertical power of the CPSU.
    In any management theory, the first thing to do is to "assess the situation", and only then to develop decisions, their strategic and tactical implementation.
    So - the first stage is the most important one and it is impossible to be mistaken or mistaken, especially to a lesser extent.
  6. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 23 October 2018 18: 20
    Usually, the "hot phase" of "continuation of the policy by other means" is preceded by a "propaganda-agitation-disinformation" phase, with the aim of "substantiating" aggression and "creating a dehumanized image of the enemy", as well as preliminary weakening of the intended victim country by destabilizing the internal political situation. mobilization of "fifth columns", creation of "hotbeds of tension" among the disaffected population and "hot spots" of interethnic conflicts in multinational states (such as Russia and China, declared "enemies of the United States")! request
    It is precisely this preliminary, "verbal", more and more intensifying (up to the already quite frank absurdity such as "poisoning of the English Skripals", "interference in the American elections" ets.) Phase of preparation for an armed attack by the US and pro-American NATO on Russia, we are now observing!
    At the same time, the diplomacy, the army, the special services of the United States and its European satellites are creating bridgeheads for the deployment of the "first echelon" of the aggressor's troops (in the North - Norway and the Arctic zone of the Northern Sea Route, in the Baltic, Poland, Ukraine, in the Black Sea and in the Caucasus - Georgia, Armenia, ...), in the front-line foreground, directly at the Russian borders!
    From the same row, the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the treaties on the control of nuclear weapons (IMHO, since they have already been moved from overseas to the European theater of operations) and the INF Treaty! It is enough to look at the satellite images of the United States, how rapidly empty, since the beginning of 2014, the places of long-term storage of numerous American armored vehicles, in order to understand the whole vile background of this alarming fact! In addition, it was not without reason that the Americans "boiled muddy water" in the Middle East and Asia, flooding Europe with millions of capable refugees from there!
    So the "verbal blizzard" on the part of the hypocritical insidious "partners" is only an informational cover for the preparation of a large-scale armed invasion already in the "short term" !!!
    But the dear Author of the article, for an incomprehensible reason to me (after all, he is clearly not blind and, judging by his previous articles, is quite intelligent and reasonable winked ), seeks to assure readers that the "(mis) information" phase of the openly Russophobic American neo-colonialists will confine themselves to relations between Russia and Russia, since in the next "Drang nach Osten" overseas "Hitlers" of the "Russians" will "win with cookies and promises", and will hang up later (as well as "worked out" by them in Ukraine?) ?! belay
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 23 October 2018 19: 05
      I am very glad that you, comrade. Pischak, have returned. Believe me, I don't know all the readers personally, I immediately singled you out and even asked the editor where you disappeared. I will immediately answer your old question, I cannot influence the choice of the title of the texts, this is the editor's prerogative (they are called differently by me, rarely when our choice coincides, the text to which you had complaints was called "Genocide. Ukrainian version 2.0 "- https://www.proza.ru/2018/06/18/1383), but then I was not registered here yet, and could not answer you personally.

      Regarding this text, this is just an adaptation of the report of the Pentagon's main think tank. All claims to him. I spoke on your question a little earlier - https://topcor.ru/2660-cinichnyj-putin-predchuvstvie-neizbezhnoj-vojny.html, here they even kept my name, although they added a little. I had a shorter one - https://www.proza.ru/2018/10/07/1195. Although I still do not believe in the possibility of nuclear war, which I honestly said in this text.

      Do not disappear for a long time, readers like you can be counted on the fingers of one hand. As the hero of the unforgettable "Meeting Place ..." said: "He should write novels, but he disinterestedly loves the criminal investigation department ..." (this is about the photographer Grisha 9 by 12)
      1. beeper Offline beeper
        beeper 24 October 2018 14: 02
        hi Thank you, comrade Wolf 1, I’ll say without false modesty, it was nice, even in person, to read your praises to me! wink
        If I start to write "novels" about what and how I want, without self-censorship, then the pro-American "peacemakers" will kill too quickly request ... Also, as they usually do, they will win back on their loved ones, and you won't even know this, I'm not Elder's tea. And so, probably, I "shine" too much - for the fewer good people we have, better and more honest than me, people were deprived of their lives "without a trace."
        Under the edited names of your Articles understood and not surprised yes .
        As for, say, "an exchange of nuclear strikes" or "attempts to exchange strikes" (since the preventively attacking side has the advantage of surprise, with all the "consequences" ...), I do not at all think that "ethical and environmental considerations" even if "on a global scale", they can somehow influence the adoption of such a murderous decision by those who are vested with the responsible right to give an order in a critical situation (but this is only purely my personal opinion, "intuitive feeling", it may very well be wrong! winked ) ?!
        But the complex preparation, by transatlantic globalagressors, of unleashing a "hot" Third World War (with the aim of finally establishing their world domination) can no longer be overlooked, according to many direct and indirect signs (including an "information attack"!), Because even some " Are the centers of the "conflagration kindled by them" already "smoldering" and "blazing" ?!
        The fact that the crushing of Russia and China, "encroaching on the world domination of the United States", of Russia and China is on Washington's agenda and that (I give 90% probability) will be "very hot" is beyond any doubt, alas! Although I want to think about the good, that all of the above is unreasonable, extravagant, my "alarmism" and neither we nor our descendants will have to go through (I quite believe that Humanity, contrary to the most gloomy forecasts, will be reborn after global "nuclear Apocalypse" and will go its way to the heights of development, as several, possibly more advanced, earthly Civilizations before us) the horrors of the Third World!
        Honestly, Comrade Wolf 1, the thought of a probable imminent death does not at all prevent me, in my own way, from rejoicing (or being sad) for every day I live and optimistic about the future!
        Why is that?! smile Because from the very Soviet childhood I feel like a part of a fraternal multinational and multi-hundred million human community - now we call it the Russian World (Leo Tolstoy wrote "mir", meaning the then community of the Russian Empire), and God the Universal Mind has always been on our, Russian, side Truth, in the end we always won and were reborn after the most monstrous defeats, even if very, very many of our compatriots gave their lives for their friends, in the name of our Victory!
        PS For some reason I think (I so want to hope for a miracle smile ) that soon something may happen that completely negates the aggressive plans of the overseas "warmongers", because "chances are not accidental" ?! Wait and see?!
        But, hope in God, and don’t betray yourself, as our heroic ancestors bequeathed! : wink
        1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 24 October 2018 17: 02
          Tolstoy's War and Peace was about something else. In the Russian language, then the word "mir" had 3 meanings (as now), mir - like the Earth, mir - as the absence of war and peace - as a society, including a secular one (it was written with i with specks, "on the world and death is red "). Philologists are still arguing about what the novel is.

          Regarding your conclusions about the upcoming apocalypse and the involvement of the United States in it, I must disappoint you, it will not be, everything is much simpler - https://www.proza.ru/2017/07/11/2069. Read, let it be, it may be easier to understand the actions of GDP (and inaction, too). After all, I, too, like you live behind a yellow-blakitny fence with barbed wire, and the SBU scared me more than once, as you see, I’m still alive. You and I have nothing to fear, we didn’t kill anyone, let them fear - the reckoning will come, and they know it, they still don’t take off the balaclava, they smell it in the ass. Unfortunately, I don’t have any hopes in Russia. The process will be lengthy and will be decided not in Kiev, but in Moscow and Washington. Alas and ah! What else remains for us? Just wait and not be dishonored, at least so that later you would not be ashamed of yourself. I do what I can. You too.
          1. beeper Offline beeper
            beeper 24 October 2018 21: 51
            I read your texts in Prose, ru, not all for now (and not all for some reason are displayed), but I started smile and I’ll definitely continue to read them, topics that are relevant and interesting are revealed!
            I liked and the style is good, energetic, with a snoot. good It seems that you and I, comrade Wolf 1, read the same books and watched the same films.
            I remembered associatively my Batu, how he taught me the correct Russian speech: "Dogs do not bark, but bark!" smile
            I completely agree with regard to the "transit", as well as about the action-inaction of the Russian authorities in connection with the "rozbudovaya nezalezhnisti" at the "banderivs' ambushes" and "razaydanivanie" the former Ukrainian SSR.
            I do not cherish special hopes for "help from Russia and Putin" in our Trouble, but my unfading Gratitude to V.V. To Putin and the entire Russian population for the fact that by the "First March (2014)" decision of the Council of the Fed, right in front of our eyes, the arrogance of the brazen local banderoskakuas was knocked down Bandeva began to "skerry on the drips", and when the "liberation campaign of the Russian army" did not take place, that sudden fright did not finally go away from them, since with their "chocolate eye" they instantly felt that the temporary patronage of the overseas owners did not guarantee personal security and still have to answer for their crimes) and tempered the extrajudicial street reprisals against opponents of national-Banderism (my family then suffered from fear because of me, I will never forget and how I cursed myself that I also set them up, the khataskrai inhabitants, under blow!), although many, organized by the curators of the anti-national "Euromaidan", mass tragedies could not be avoided!
            Vladimir Putin to our common Russian World insofar as, as the President and the Guarantor of the implementation of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, he observes the external and internal interests (including those described by you - "transit") of the capital state of Russia, "like a slave in galleys" - predominantly "through the prism of interests" of the owners of big capital - this finally became clear after his crafty "substantiation" of the notorious "pension reform", which was reflected in the significantly "sagging" rating of public confidence. Why were the external and internal enemies of Russia and, especially, the Russian World personified by it, gladdened! request
            But, nevertheless, by his activities as Russian President Vladimir Putin contributed to the preservation and strengthening of post-Soviet Russia, which had already begun to fall apart, to increase its international status and to increase by territories - now even his support for unpopular "reforms" then personal "shoals" in the future, by no means exclude him from the first row of the pantheon of prominent figures in Russian History, the place in which V.V.P. you already deserve it! IMHO
            We’ll live, we’ll see, Comrade Wolf 1, how it will actually turn! smile I do not at all pretend to be the dubious laurels of a "prophet in my homeland", I just see serious military preparations by the United States and NATO as a whole, as well as the increasingly militant Russophobic rhetoric of the "westernids", with the simultaneous "dehumanization" of them, in the eyes of the notorious "world community" , the Russian population and the Russian authorities, what is this, if not a real preparation for an attack, in one fell swoop to "remove" Russia from the "chessboard", where are there guarantees that the matter will not reach nuclear weapons ?!
            The fact that neither the "nezalezhna" colony of Ukraine, nor its "Maidan authorities" decide anything on their own, is a no brainer.
            By the way, I have only one fundamental objection to your text, which, according to the link, I think that Petya perfectly understands his "pawn" role in the amerocolonial process "in Ukraine" - just such "mriya-beggars among the prezydent" y, who are notorious for their "menshare" , the small-town "kid" was like a poor-spirited fairy-tale old woman with a cracked trough, about the "pillar nobility", for the sake of its execution he was ready for anything, for any ... as there in "Capital" by Marx-Engels, about "hungry super profits "bourgeois-something and Wono:" Our children will go to school on September 1, and your children will be sitting in the basements at this time ...! "?! winked
            PS In the course of reading your Article and writing your "writing", suddenly, by analogy with the classics: "Who are the judges?", It occurred to me "And who was" inherently "guiding us, who will be?" all over ", there were small-town margins, even under Soviet rule, through the" party and the Komsomol "," got out into the people ", but, for all the years of their lives, who could not get rid of their" manshawty "complexes as easily and naturally as in 1991 - from their "communist convictions" ?!
            And not one of them has ever been a statesman, in terms of their actions, "rhetoric" and way of thinking! request
            1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
              Volkonsky (Vladimir) 24 October 2018 22: 49
              Well, you, kaneshna, have signed, comrade. Pischak. Straight "War and Peace". I tell you, you should write novels, and you hopelessly love the criminal investigation department. I knew that I was not mistaken about you. On Prose, I have more than 100 texts deleted through the efforts of local maydauns and belolentochniks, some 5-6 times in a row, so it eaten through their liver, some of them were restored, some were not. How many times they promised to hand me over to the SBU, I have already lost count. And all this is happening on the Russian site, with such friends-moderators as on Prose, Putin does not need enemies, Comrade. Putin the degree of danger, but in vain! In ukre, it also began. There are, of course, a lot of texts, but the whole policy is from above (I used to write about flowers and girls, since 2014 I can't, I involuntarily became a publicist). I would advise you what to read, but I don't want to clog up the air here. You will register there and you will be able to communicate with me directly (in the form of reviews under any text that pokes you, they won't let me write here, they limit them with a limit of characters). I'm almost sure that we are also from the same city, maybe even the same age. In my city there are people like me, 65%. And this is one of the largest cities in Ukraine (only Kiev is larger), you guessed it.
              1. beeper Offline beeper
                beeper 25 October 2018 23: 53
                hi Thank you, comrade Volk 1, for the orientation on your texts, that's just, and I'll start reading with "flowers and girls", journalism, for later! I like your concentrated, purposeful, perky (in places, very even "zerrykuvaty" smile ) and energetic writing style! smile
                And I "guessed" that I have visited your big city more than once (and earlier than in Kiev smile )! I still remember the killer rain on the day of the Olympic torch relay, your cozy cafes and dumplings, the famous street named after another city and the very city square of Europe, theaters and the pit of Peter the Great in the museum! yes
                I can't go to Proza.ru with my hands, especially if everything is so "ambiguous" request ... You are right, V.V. Putin and the Russians clearly underestimate the extent of the threat of the pro-American "Maidan" and the scale of the influence of the westernized "swamp" in the "vertical of power" and on communications, especially "cognitive" ones! It is obvious to us, with our "full eye", but the Russians and Belarusians, it seems, do not notice at all the same alarming signs that preceded the Kiev "Euromaidan" ?! what
                Before communication, comrade Wolf 1! wink It was nice to chat with you "on the spalts" of the Topkor.Ru site.
                1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
                  Volkonsky (Vladimir) 26 October 2018 00: 18
                  Managed to save links? Because they have already been deleted. I’ll give you one, the most important for understanding the figure of GDP - https://www.proza.ru/2015/10/26/1897, then you will figure it out yourself (there are links inside this text too, go in and see that I'm not always so good belonged to Comrade Putin, there was a certain transformation of views, like any normal person who does not look into the mouth of power)
            2. The comment was deleted.
  7. Cherokez x Offline Cherokez x
    Cherokez x (Cherokez X) 23 October 2018 20: 42
    There are a few unhappy.
    And there’s a small, stupefied country that is losing weight all from taxes, pensions and excise taxes on fuel, where they promise to raise a liter of gasoline from 64 to 90 full-weight under-money within 19 years.
    Where 282 by strange vicissitudes of fate, called "Russian".
    Where "repairs" of roads and other "repairs" strangely coincide with the allocation of budgets and the emergence of all kinds of muddy road construction offices.
    Where the most dense villager can see who and for what money builds mansions and arranges carnivals-shows in foreign countries.
    And nothing, nothing changes.
    You don’t have to look for dissatisfied for a long time. They are already there. Most of the country. Alas.
    And about provocations, it’s so simple, they will do it and we eat, as we always ate. There are many people in power with assets and liabilities in the west. Many have women and children there.
    In fact, these are no longer our citizens, they are people who sold everything for a good life. And I can’t blame them. For I myself would not mind, but I do not stand at that box with nishtyak and buns that they have. I am one of those who fill this box. Like the vast majority of the working and not very population)))
  8. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 24 October 2018 12: 09
    Will there be no war? Well, well .... No one wants war, but as the Russian proverb says: "word for word, with a fist on the table, and then for a knife ....." winked