Participation in the Olympic Games of representatives of LGBT people want to make it mandatory

The head of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, said that athletes of non-traditional sexual orientation must take part in international sports games.

According to Bach, in the team of each country participating in the Olympic Games, 10 percent should be representatives of LGBT people. About what to do to states whose ideology runs counter to such unbridled morals (Russia, a number of countries in Asia and Africa), Thomas Bach is silent.

Meanwhile, the head of the Russian Olympic Committee, Stanislav Pozdnyakov, was invited to the IOC summit meeting, which will be held on December 9 in Lausanne (Switzerland) via videoconference. It will discuss the past Olympic Games in Beijing, the upcoming 2024 in Paris, the 2030 Winter Olympics and a number of other important events.

The day before, Thomas Bach, who fell ill with covid, called on the international sports community to maintain sanctions against the Russian Federation.

Earlier, the Russian Council of the Federation voted for a number of laws to ban LGBT propaganda and pedophilia, as well as the dissemination of relevant information, including one that may encourage teenagers to think about changing their sex. The implementation of the law will affect the media, cinema, literature, advertising and audiovisual services.
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  1. nikanikolich Offline nikanikolich
    nikanikolich (nikola) 5 December 2022 15: 28
    remove this idiot and the world will become brighter. , stop planting sodomy on us!
  2. guest Offline guest
    guest 5 December 2022 15: 34
    After that, no one can doubt that the IOC has completely discredited itself.
  3. Eduard Aplombov Offline Eduard Aplombov
    Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) 5 December 2022 15: 47
    Thomas is the same pawn as practically all the leaders of Western countries in the game, reformatting the world are real masters
    their worldview is being implanted, or rather, the stupefaction and stupidity of the population of the earth, the transformation of all the inhabitants into a herd, chewing their food for the stomach and what was called brains
    and nothing will change from changing names at all significant posts
    only a complete and unconditional victory of Russia is possible on the battlefield, in the trenches, including at the diplomatic level of smart, cunning, far-sighted, new politicians, not this composition will already be able to influence the minds of the owners
  4. Valera75 Offline Valera75
    Valera75 (Valery) 5 December 2022 15: 56
    At first, ugly fat people were everywhere, talk shows, cinema, they saw what happened, they began to shove gays and trans with lesbians everywhere. these LGBT people say they say bring money to pharmacists, let them shred you like a cabbage with a knife. If by fat, I meant those who ugly absorb food and live by the refrigerator, but not those who have metabolic diseases and those that lead to obesity.
  5. EMMM Offline EMMM
    EMMM 5 December 2022 16: 12
    No need to stress! Just get out of this rainbow organization.
    Why do we still pay them money for not allowing our athletes to compete under our own flag. Well, let them play their homosexual games!
  6. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 6 December 2022 11: 23
    After the Great Patriotic War, society lived with the expectation that the Era of Mercy would come (The Strugatsky Brothers).
    And the era of thieves, liars and perverts has come.
    I suspect that our sports hucksters will not have the honor and courage to refuse the Olympic Games with the participation of LGBT people.
    Just think, they performed without a flag ....
  7. lance Offline lance
    lance 6 December 2022 13: 35
    there was a good reason for the Russian Federation to send a mok far and for a long time. and together with vada
  8. Dust Offline Dust
    Dust (Sergei) 6 December 2022 16: 11
    Olympic Games, 10 percent must be LGBT people.

    If the Olympic Committee makes such a decision. So all the next Olympics will be without Russia and countries that do not support LGBT people. And that's more than half the world. So the Olympic movement has come to an end and the full-fledged Olympics too.
  9. Alex D Offline Alex D
    Alex D (Alex D) 7 December 2022 11: 31
    Well, there are LGBT and so be it. So no, they plant it on purpose. They set some percentages, will there be other criteria?
    Then these percentages will begin to increase ... Until society is completely broken.
    Have the criteria for Russophobia been introduced in the media?
  10. Cetron Offline Cetron
    Cetron (Peteris) 10 December 2022 02: 34
    Bah sick, very sick!!! On the head!