The first full-time carrier of the Zircon missiles received Russian engines and began testing

In Russia last week, the third ship, the so-called Admiral series, went on trials. At the same time, this event attracted particular attention of Western intelligence and analysts, since the newest frigate Admiral Golovko, unlike its counterparts, received completely Russian weapons and a power plant.

It is worth recalling that the lead ship of project 22350 "Admiral Gorshkov", laid down in 2006, became the first combat surface ship built in modern Russia in the far sea zone. The next frigate "Admiral Kasatonov" was laid down in 2009. Both warships are already serving in the Russian Navy today.

At the same time, the further construction of Project 22350 ships turned out to be a big question due to Ukraine's refusal to supply gas turbine engines to Russia from the Zarya-Mashproekt enterprise.

Fortunately, Russian engineers from Almaz Design Bureau were able to develop a replacement in the shortest possible time.

As a result, the Admiral Golovko frigate received a completely domestic power plant, and the success or failure of the tests that began will show whether the Russian designers were able to cope with an incredibly difficult and responsible task.

However, not only this nuance attracted close attention of the West.

The thing is that the forced delay in the production of Project 22350 frigates, as it turned out, was only beneficial, because the Admiral Golovko became the first regular carrier of the Zircon hypersonic missiles in the series. In addition, the ship was equipped with the 3K96-2 Polyment-Redut vertical launch air defense system.

The close defense of the frigate is provided by two Broadsword anti-aircraft artillery systems and a universal 133-mm AK-192 gun.

The anti-submarine armament of the Admiral Golovko is represented by four of the latest Paket-NK universal torpedo tubes.

It is reported that the Admiral Isakov frigate, also equipped with domestic engines, will be launched soon. Another 4 ships of this project are under construction, and two are being prepared for laying.

But that's not all. Right now, work is underway on a modernized version of the 22350M project, the ships of which will receive more advanced electronics and increased displacement.

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  1. Daniel K Offline Daniel K
    Daniel K (Daniil Koshevoy) 8 December 2022 01: 16
    They would think what to do with our fleet in general, they drown like kittens, they do not correspond to the spirit of the time.
    1. 7SANYA7 Offline 7SANYA7
      7SANYA7 (SANIA PETROV) 8 December 2022 17: 31
      Are you a specialist? Who drowns whom? What are you whining?
    2. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
      Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 9 December 2022 22: 02
      surface ships in closed seas are naturally drowned like kittens by coastal missiles, they are very necessary in the north and Kamchatka where it is more difficult to sink them and they have tasks to protect the water area of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbthe exit from the bases of nuclear submarines and rksn .... but our inert and incompetent admirals and general staff of the navy they keep almost all ships on the closed seas of the Baltic Black and Japanese (so that it would be easy for the enemy to sink them?) And without meaning and without tasks ..... who would intervene and put things in order in the Navy? dear Evmenov? Gerasimov? Shoigu? Medvedev? Patrushev? Putin? you have a lot to do, but the task of transferring all ships of the first second rank to the oceans must be set, the death of Moscow proved this! and on closed seas, ships of the third rank, capable of crossing inland waterways, will cope with all tasks
      1. Daniel K Offline Daniel K
        Daniel K (Daniil Koshevoy) 17 December 2022 21: 50
        Without Moscow, we can’t do anything on the Black Sea, since the rest of the ships cannot even cover and protect themselves, not that the connection of ships
        1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
          Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 17 December 2022 23: 14
          and did you manage to cover someone with Moscow, and even more so the connection of ships?
  2. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 10 December 2022 15: 23
    Frigate "Admiral Golovko", this is the near sea zone, autonomy is 30 days. It takes 10 days to the coast of the United States, 10 days back, 10 days to be on duty, this is the dry residue, not to mention weapons. Russia needs ships of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranks. For example, the 1st rank - the cruiser "Peter the Great", the 2nd rank - the cruiser "Moskva" (drowned), the 3rd rank - destroyers. Modern Russia is not capable of building ships of the 1st and 2nd ranks, it builds only frigates.
    1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
      Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 10 December 2022 19: 10
      If you are talking about America, then only nuclear submarines can hit it ....! no frigate or cruiser will reach America, it’s not about 30 days at all, but about combat stability, which surface ships have none, The share and task of surface ships of the first second rank, ensuring the combat stability of nuclear submarines and SSBNs near bases, that is, the Barents Sea and the part of the Pacific Ocean adjacent to Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky, in peaceful times, these ships also provide freedom of navigation, fishing, etc. First ranks are not needed, now there are three of them in service, another one is under repair, Moscow has sunk, its brothers will be decommissioned in 5-7 years, Nakhimov and possibly Peter will remain, there is certainly no point in building new first ranks. the destroyer is the second rank; there is one old man in the ranks, in a few years he will be decommissioned. They build rank 2 frigates and corvettes of PLO, and then they don’t need a lot, the main nuclear submarines are submarines and minesweepers, as well as PLO aircraft, .....

      The commander of a ship of the 1st rank (cruiser, BOD, battleship or nuclear submarine with a displacement of more than 5 thousand tons) has the rank of captain of the 1st rank according to the organizational structure

      The commander of a ship of the 2nd rank (destroyer, patrol ship or frigate with a displacement of 1500 to 5000 tons) has the rank of captain of the 2nd rank according to the organizational structure.

      The commander of a ship of the 3rd rank (small missile ship, MPK or corvette, minesweeper with a displacement of 500 to 1500 tons) has the rank of captain of the 3rd rank according to the organizational structure.

      The commander of a ship of the 4th rank (a boat with a displacement of 100 to 500 tons) has the rank of lieutenant commander or lieutenant according to the organizational structure.

      The ship's commander is the direct head of the entire ship's personnel. He is the one-man chief and, according to the Ship Charter of the Navy of the Russian Federation, is responsible:
  3. Adm Hts Offline Adm Hts
    Adm Hts (AdmHts) 13 December 2022 16: 58
    the forced delay in the production of project 22350 frigates, as it turned out, was only beneficial,

    it was necessary to wait another twenty years, you see, and a nuclear engine was installed ...
    we have any ... able to justify - they say fertilizer ...
  4. Watching Offline Watching
    Watching (Alex) 18 December 2022 08: 51
    Quote: vlad127490
    Modern Russia is not capable of building ships of the 1st and 2nd ranks, it builds only frigates.

    Interesting. Why is it incapable, in your opinion?