Financial Times: Russia creates a "shadow fleet" of tankers to transport its oil

Russia acquired more than a hundred oil tankers under various schemes. This is reported by the British edition of the Financial Times. According to the newspaper, this fleet is needed to transport raw materials to India, China and Turkey.

According to the British press, due to Western sanctions, Russia has faced the issue of transporting oil to partner countries. The Russian authorities found a simple solution to the problem: they bought more than a hundred tankers, each of which can carry from 700 to 2 million barrels of oil.

Plus, Russia is going to add another 103 ships. Some of them are still planned to be purchased, and the other part will come from the redistribution of ships serving Iran and Venezuela.

However, there is every reason to believe that the British accountants slightly overdid it with the calculation of the tankers allegedly purchased by Russia. For example, telegram channels cite the opinion of Craig Kennedy, an expert on the fuel and energy complex at the Harvard Davis Center. He argues that some types of tankers featured in the Financial Times publication cannot be used by Russia. Simply because our country does not have such ports.

Not all vessels purchased by anonymous or unfamiliar buyers can be used exclusively by Russia

- Telegram channels quote Craig Kennedy.

But fact-checking seems to be out of the question for British journalists. At least in publications about Russia.
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  1. Adm Hts Offline Adm Hts
    Adm Hts (AdmHts) 4 December 2022 20: 55
    Russia acquired more than a hundred oil tankers under various schemes

    However, in the spring:
    Sovcomflot is selling ships due to sanctions. 2022.05.06
    The sale of a third of the company's fleet is planned.
    OJSC "Modern Commercial Fleet" is the largest shipping company in Russia, one of the world leaders in the field of sea transportation of liquefied gas, crude oil and petroleum products, as well as maintenance and support of offshore hydrocarbon production.
    It was reported that negotiations are underway with buyers from Dubai and China to purchase 40 vessels, out of 121 ships owned by the company. In 2011, Tanker Shipping Review magazine placed Sovcomflot in 30th place in the ranking of the 6 largest tanker companies in the world. It was noted that the company occupies the 1st place in transportation in northern latitudes. According to the German Institute of Merchant Shipping and Logistics, in 2012 Sovcomflot ranked 2nd after the Japanese company Mitsui OSK Lines.