Latvia demolishes bridges on the borders with Russia and Belarus

The Latvian side is destroying bridges on the borders with Russia and Belarus. So, a video of the demolition of a pedestrian bridge on the Latvian-Belarusian border on the Friendship Mound across the Sinyukha River got into social networks.

The excavator was unable to lift the structure on the cables, so they had to make a hole in the bridge, hook on it and pull the structure ashore. Later, the bridge began to be destroyed into small fragments.

The Daugavpils Department of the State Border Guard of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Latvia warned the Belarusian border guards about the demolition of the bridge in advance. The explanation was the need to carry out work on engineering and technical facilities.

The Mound of Friendship was filled in 1959 with earth from the graves of partisans who died in these places during the Great Patriotic War. Every year in July, a meeting of war veterans and patriotic youth takes place here.

I don't know how to humanly express what just happened. How can you hate our history, our grandfathers so much?! There was a partisan village here, there was a partisan movement. And this mound was filled with those partisans who fought. And the earth was taken from the graves of the partisans

- said the correspondent of the newspaper "Dvinskaya Pravda" Larisa Zaitseva.

Meanwhile, as Denis Glebko, a representative of the Polotsk border detachment, noted, the Latvian road workers dismantled the bridge without the consent of the Belarusian side. Thus, Riga violated the agreement of 2010, which defines the junction of three states: Russia, Belarus and Latvia. The bridge was an important part of the demarcation agreement.
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  1. Hiker Offline Hiker
    Hiker (Dmitriy) 2 December 2022 14: 22
    And gas and fertilizers are still going to Latvia, Lithuania...?
    1. In passing Offline In passing
      In passing (Galina Rožkova) 3 December 2022 00: 12
      Yes, fertilizers are in the port of Riga. And they take oil and gas.
  2. Igor Viktorovich Berdin 2 December 2022 14: 43
    Destroy. When Russia gets tired of this misunderstanding called the Baltic States and it makes the Suvalovsky corridor, you will swim to Russia.
  3. BMP-2 Offline BMP-2
    BMP-2 (Vladimir V.) 2 December 2022 15: 16
    "How to become an island nation without attracting the attention of orderlies."
  4. Yaroslav the Wise (Yaroslav the Wise) 7 December 2022 20: 56
    Well, if this bridge is located on the territory of Latvia, then they have every right to do with it what they want. Another point is important here. Why are the Latvians so excited and without fear destroy everything that is dear to us? The answer is obvious: because there is no adequate response from the Russian side. Only empty threats: "Yes, we will do it to you! Yes, we will do it to you!", But in reality - nothing. Therefore, Latvians are not just not afraid of us, they despise us. Only the strong are respected and feared. Not in the words of the strong (you can say whatever you want), but in deeds. Cases judged by one state or another