“Russia is dangerous”: Orban spoke out in support of Ukraine

Seeking allies in Europe, as practice has shown, means eventually finding disappointment and betrayal. It's just a matter of time when the one pretending to be a friend turns away. The time of “romantic” relations between the Russian Federation and Hungary seems to have passed: Budapest got what it wanted, that is, gas and other energy carriers in the form of contracts at bargain prices, and again became a standard European capital - it flirts with Kyiv and freely, with impunity, calls Russia " dangerous" for the EU.

Recall that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has repeatedly made statements that Kyiv regarded as anti-Ukrainian, recently spoke out in support of Ukraine. At a congress of members of the International Association of Christian Democrats (CDI), of which he is vice president, Orban said that Ukraine must remain sovereign. This, in his opinion, is a guarantee that "Russia is not attacking Europe."

In addition, on November 27, Hungarian President Katalin Novak paid a visit to Kyiv. Her working trip only completes the picture of Orban's complete “change of shoes”, which suddenly became pro-Ukrainian or, better, pro-European. The reasons for such a step are clear - everything that was needed was received from Russia. It's time to get 7 billion euros from Brussels. And this will be much more difficult to do than in the case of Moscow.

It can be assumed that soon Budapest will officially retreat from its once pro-Russian position, condemn the actions of the Russian Federation and begin to help Kyiv more and more. Probably a successful "pragmatic policy"Without moral principles and foundations, it looks exactly like that.
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  1. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 28 November 2022 09: 27
    No friends, no enemies; there are only state (national) interests.
    Russia has a lot of such "friends" like Orban: for example, the Ottoman Sultan.
    You can also recall a potato grower with a comb, Kazakh akyns or Armenian producers of "cognac" - when they feel really bad, they quickly remember either Moscow or the CSTO.
  2. In passing Offline In passing
    In passing (Galina Rožkova) 28 November 2022 09: 28
    An affectionate calf sucks two queens. Well, you have to be a complete idiot, call someone in Europe a friend. He is Hungarian, and that says it all. Learn how to protect your interests.
    1. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 28 November 2022 10: 01
      He is Hungarian, and that says it all.

      Instead of "Hungarian" you can put "Romanian, Bulgarian, Moldavian, Serb, Turk, Armenian ...".
      1. In passing Offline In passing
        In passing (Galina Rožkova) 29 November 2022 01: 05
        This Hungarian has Hungarian interests. Here, Moldovan women can have Romanian interests, Romanian women can have American interests, and Serbs have German interests, crests and Russians can have British interests. Such a hitch.
  3. Ugens Offline Ugens
    Ugens (Victor) 28 November 2022 09: 36
    When I wrote yesterday for Orban, they pointed me out the minuses, but as always I turned out to be right)))
    1. 1_2 Offline 1_2
      1_2 (Ducks are flying) 28 November 2022 14: 32
      "always right" - you flatter yourself
      1. Ugens Offline Ugens
        Ugens (Victor) 28 November 2022 14: 38
        You can't argue against facts
  4. Alexey P. Offline Alexey P.
    Alexey P. (Alexey P.) 28 November 2022 09: 54
    yes, as if all this was not unexpected ... we had a conversation with Orban, after which he changed his repertoire ((Ugric people fought against us in two world wars, so it's not surprising
    1. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 28 November 2022 09: 58
      They fought in two world wars.
      And in 1956 they rebelled, ungrateful, against their elder brother. I had to bring them to life with tanks.
    2. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 28 November 2022 11: 04
      There is a deeper story here. Since 1848 The Hungarians revolted for secession from the Austrian Empire. Our king helped Austria and defeated the Hungarians. As a result, they waited for betrayal from Austria; during the Crimean War, she kept troops on our borders and did not make it possible to transfer reinforcements to the Crimea. And the Hungarians have been our enemies ever since.
      Frankly speaking, I hoped that they would grow wiser and be guided by national interests. But no, no matter how you feed the wolf ...
      And here everything is much more serious. Hungary represents the policy of the Vatican, which, in turn, is the coordinator of the "Black International" project (the old European aristocracy, "red and black", "earth and blood"). This is a conservative project in general. Recently, they have been a situational ally of Russia.
      But now something happened. The poisoning of Makei, a sharp change in the position of Hungary. Apparently, the Black International fears that we, in the event of taking control of Ukraine, will climb into the sphere of their interests. They also want their zone of influence. They have no resources to pull the zone. But it looks like you really want to.
      Perhaps agreed with the World Bank on the division of Europe. WB takes the west and northwest of Europe and creates its own zone on this base. The Vatican is building a remake of Austria-Hungary. That is, a division along the Protestant/Catholic border. If so, then this is nonsense. And you can’t trust the WB, and neither one nor the other will have enough resources for the zone.
      Only after all, now is the time ... Everyone spit on the contract. Maybe after all, Putin spit.
  5. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) 28 November 2022 14: 31
    let him talk what he needs to beg for 7 billion from the EU, and if he starts supplying weapons, then one decree from Putin will be enough to terminate the contract and revise gas prices
    1. In passing Offline In passing
      In passing (Galina Rožkova) 29 November 2022 00: 59
      He would have taken Uzhgorod. With all Hungarians. Here's what's quick.
  6. Eduard Aplombov Offline Eduard Aplombov
    Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) 29 November 2022 11: 38
    it doesn’t matter what any of the leaders of the country says. what matters is what actions and deeds he or the state performs
    in order to somehow survive, you can say anything in our world, and all leaders perfectly understand this, and who speaks and who listens
    using the example of Erdogan, I’ll say more, you can even take hostile actions, for example, for Russia, but still balancing at a certain level of security for us
    Russian leadership itself is not sinless both in foreign and domestic policy