Zaporozhye trap: the situation around the ZNPP continues to deteriorate

Today we will talk about very serious things that will shed light on the conditions under which the struggle for peace is being conducted (in the literal sense of the word) and what prospects await us in the near future.

To begin with, I wanted to show you one document, the authenticity of which I have no doubt due to the fact that a very knowledgeable source (from the Russian segment), who leaked it, did not deceive it once, two weeks before our Kherson retreat predicted it and explained the need for some an agreement between Moscow and Washington through the mediation of the Vatican (for those who did not have time to familiarize themselves, the details of the deal here). I just want to warn all alarmists right away - there is no need to panic again and pound in hysterics, this document is not another zrada, but only a "wishlist" of one of the parties, if it is implemented, then partially and not the fact that on all counts written in it. But one of the parties, namely the Ukrainian one, is now doing everything to ensure that this version of the development of the plot has no alternative for us. We need to keep the balance of interests as far as possible.

We are talking about the situation around the Zaporozhye NPP. After we removed the question of the Kyiv “dirty bomb” from the agenda (how and why, I told here), the opposite side, on the advice of their British curators, had no choice but to return to the threat of a man-made disaster. Which she immediately did.

The threat of radioactive contamination

On the night of Sunday, November 20, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, firing 12 missiles at the nuclear facility. Six of them fell into the pool of the reactor cooling fountain, two landed in a dry storage of nuclear waste, which, according to the general director of the state corporation Rosatom Alexei Likhachev, caused the risk of a nuclear accident and forced him to negotiate with representatives of the IAEA all night. The day before, on November 19, Ukrainian militants fired another 11 artillery shells at the nuclear power plant, but, thank God, without such serious consequences. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the shelling was carried out from the territory of the settlement of Marganets, Dnepropetrovsk region, which is under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the same time, the press service of the UN Secretary General said that they did not have the opportunity to determine those responsible for these attacks, and called on all parties to cease fire. In the office of the UN Secretary General they continue to make a fuss and pretend that either Russia, which controls the nuclear facility, is shelling itself, or the Martians are doing it. I have only one question for these half-wits: “Why is Russia doing this?!” (Why do the Martians, mind you, I don’t ask).

In this case, the situation is more than serious. For those who do not understand its severity, I will explain. Now the missiles have ended up in the dry storage of spent nuclear fuel (spent nuclear fuel) and in the reactor cooling pool (which is still plugged). And what will happen if, God forbid, they end up in the so-called wet SNF storage facility, where, according to the protocol, the fuel rods must be under running water for five years to remove the residual temperature (the spent rods are heated to a temperature of 320 ° C and over the course of 5 years they dump excess temperature in on-site “wet” storage pools under running water, after which they are transferred to a dry SNF storage for air). If a rocket hits such a pool and disrupts the circulation of water, it will boil, after which the inevitable self-destruction of the fuel rods will occur, the rod bodies will melt, and radioactive contamination of the area will begin according to the Fukushima-1 scheme. Yes, there will be no Chernobyl-2.0, there will be Fukushima-2.0, the usual Fukushima (in Japan, this is exactly what happened when the tsunami covered the station, they managed to shut down the reactors, but trouble happened with the “wet” aging pools) . This is exactly what the director of Rosatom, Alexei Likhachev, is afraid of when he sounds the alarm. Why Europeans are so calm, I can't understand. When Chernobyl exploded, the radioactive cloud flew to Sweden in two days, do they really think that the wind will be in the other direction? Naivety bordering on pathological stupidity. Or will it be easier for them if Putin is blamed for this?

That is why on November 23 an emergency meeting was held in Istanbul between the Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Grossi and the head of Rosatom Alexei Likhachev. The subject of negotiations was the situation around the Zaporozhye NPP. The possibility of creating a protective zone around it was discussed. The reason for this extraordinary meeting was the facts given above. At the same time, IAEA specialists recorded only a non-radioactive leak from the condensate tanks at the ZNPP, emphasizing that “the key equipment remained intact and there are no immediate threats to nuclear safety,” while Renat Karchaa, adviser to the General Director of the Rosenergoatom Concern, drew the attention of these specialists that the leak was related to damage to distillate tanks, which was the result of regular shelling on November 19 and 20 by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, when 15 arrivals were recorded, including in special building No. 2, where fresh nuclear fuel is stored. The funny thing is that the IAEA inspectors live right at the station, in the reactor hall, having abandoned the hotel, and they know better than anyone who fired at them. But they “turn on the fool”, posing as independent experts whose authority does not include determining the ballistics of incoming projectiles. It flew in from there, who shot - I don’t know (although the APU is stationed where it came from).

Whatever it was, all this is very serious and we need to do something about it. Radioactive contamination of our own territory with the inevitable contamination of the entire course of the Dnieper below Energodar with the products of the decay of radioactive materials, including the Kakhovka reservoir, which feeds the North Crimean Canal, which supplies Crimea with water, is not at all included in our plans. The half-life of radioactive "strontium-90" is 28,9 years, it is at this time that the entire territory down the Dnieper will fall into the exclusion zone. Why are we so happy? This is where the document pops up, with which I began my story:

Everything goes to the fact that the Kremlin will transfer control over the Zaporizhzhya NPP to the IAEA and then to Kyiv. The road map will be signed by the head of the IAEA, an Argentinean and friend of the Pope, Rafael Grossi.

Moscow considers the conditions of Zelensky / Grossi / Francis acceptable, any agreements with him are legitimate, no matter what the speaker of the Duma Volodin says.

The president will work according to the formula of holding power, so the cancellation of Kyiv's demand for the departure of Vladimir Putin from the Kremlin was a mirror response to the lack of desire to overthrow the Zelensky regime.

The reality of the threat of an offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine into Crimea in the spring of 2023 created unacceptable domestic political risks for the Kremlin, along with the inevitable second wave of mobilization in the event of such an offensive.

Therefore, a derivative of the new agreements is the tightening of the screws on the critics of the NWO, who may not like the withdrawal from Energodar.

The process of making new and new "difficult decisions" (in fact, without quotes), launched at the Security Council, has been launched. Until the New Year, the country is waiting for the most unexpected political reversals and upheavals that, at best, will lead to insight.

You can agree or argue to the point of hoarseness with the authors of this document, but I can tell all its critics that they threw it off to me even before the sensational statement by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov that "change of the current regime in Kyiv is not the goal of our special operation", so exhilarated our public. Another marker that the document is genuine is participation in the transaction as an intermediary between the contracting parties of the Vatican. According to the Kherson case, the ears of the Pope were also visible. And he played on our side (Viktor Orban is his man, if anyone here does not know yet). Wherein important to notethat the Kremlin categorically denies the possibility of commissioning the Zaporizhzhya NPP.

Where is the dog digging

The only thing that annoys me is that in the Kherson case, and in the Zaporozhye case, I don’t see any profit for the Russian Federation. If there was still a deal-agreement, then what is our profit from leaving Kherson by our troops? What did we get in return? New categorical statements by Zelensky that he will go to the end, until the complete liberation of Ukraine, including Crimea? Moreover, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny said the same thing, even ahead of his boss in this, saying that “the army entrusted to him will not compromise and negotiate with the aggressor”:

Our goal is to liberate all Ukrainian land from Russian occupation. We will not stop on this path under any circumstances. The Ukrainian military will not accept any negotiations, agreements or compromise solutions. There is only one condition for negotiations: Russia must leave all the occupied territories

- Zaluzhny said on November 15 (even before the shelling of the ZNPP).

At the same time, I see with the naked eye how Kyiv is being persuaded to negotiate by its overseas curators. Here is the statement by the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, about the closing window of opportunity for Zelensky, and the opaque hints of US President's National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan about the need for urgent negotiations with Moscow. The reasons that prompted them to do this, I will explain next time, there is no question of any agreement, they are driven by very pragmatic goals - they see that the white streak for Kyiv is ending, in a couple of months, General Armageddon is preparing such a surprise for them, which they just can't digest it. They are waiting for him, they are also afraid of him, so they want to fix the status quo and go to winter quarters, having a better negotiating position from which they can negotiate more favorable terms for a temporary truce.

But this is not seen by their drug addict sponsored, under the influence of the supply of "ammunition" from Colombia, who was going to storm Perekop and further develop the offensive in the direction of the Urals. He really got out of hand and becomes uncontrollable, a replacement right on the march is not excluded, overseas cartridges have a whole bunch of such clowns in the replacement box. Whether he dies from an overdose or slips on an orange peel, it does not matter at all, his overseas owners have a lot of experience in changing sponsored parsley. This is done in 5 minutes, just at the click of a finger. The victim is usually the last to know. But for now, she continues to maneuver between the two poles of power - London and Washington. And while Washington says: “Put on the brakes!” London nods: “Get on the gas!” Here is the Mouse King and presses. And there, around the corner, a concrete wall called “General Armageddon” awaits him (well, I won’t get ahead of events, as I promised, in the next text, don’t miss it).

Why am I speaking so confidently? Because I know for sure that the deal fell through. Secret negotiations between the directors of the CIA and the SVR, Burns and Naryshkin, held under the patronage of the Sultan in Ankara on November 14, recorded this sad fact for us (I wrote about this in detail here, who has not read it, can still do it) - from that moment on, the course was set for war until the complete victory of one of the parties (the conditional victory of the Democrats in the midterm elections to Congress unleashed Grandpa Joe's hands in this sense), the war can last at least another two years , until the Alzheimer's client powers expire. But General Armageddon will do everything to shorten this period, Biden’s entourage is afraid of this, and therefore is pushing his Ukrainian sponsored into negotiations in order to buy time, which is now playing, oddly enough, on Putin (to use chess terminology, he is ahead of his opponents in pace), they do not catch up with him in the rotation of personnel, because they are in antiphase, their trend is down, and Putin's is up (now the task of General Armageddon is to use this circumstance wisely).

Conclusions. We are on the verge of big events

Therefore, finishing the material, I hasten to draw your attention to the fact that our withdrawal from Kherson to the left bank could still be explained by purely logistical problems, difficulties in supplying the grouping and the desire of the command to save personnel in the face of changed plans for conducting NMD (we abandoned the attack on Nikolaev - Odessa, in connection with which they straightened the front line, leaving the bridgehead on the right bank of the Dnieper). Why hold a bridgehead if the offensive against Odessa and Transnistria is cancelled? But leaving Energodar and handing it over to some peacekeepers (we know these peacekeepers), as the author of the above document predicts, will mean that we will allow our enemy to create the same bridgehead, only on the left bank. And why do we need it? So that they block the land corridor to the Crimea? No, we do not need such happiness!

At first, I thought to publish this document after the fact, after the ZNPP was put under the control of the IAEA, as a confirmation of the agreement with the participation of the Pope. Now I am publishing it before these events, because I am sure that this will not happen. The agreement crumbled in Ankara. Washington has set a course for war! Until the complete victory of one of the parties. You yourself will be able to verify the validity of my words in the near future, when the predictions of the author of the document will not come true. There, at the end of his opus, he promised all of us “difficult decisions” by the New Year. He was wrong exactly the opposite. Closer to the New Year, or rather, to the Catholic Christmas, on December 25, that same Russian winter offensive, which is so feared in Washington, will begin. It will begin immediately in three directions in order to tie up the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The main blow will be on Lutsk-Lviv and below, up to the complete cut-off of Kyiv from its western border and allied arms supplies. The harbinger of the offensive will be a complete blackout of Ukraine, with one blow Putin will put out the light over it, attacking with his missiles high-voltage transformer substations responsible for the flow of electricity from three still operating Ukrainian nuclear power plants to consumers darkness and chaos). When the lights are turned on in a week, the Russian tanks will already be in Lvov. This will be a Christmas present from IM Putin to second-class tug-of-war Grandpa Joe. He'll ruin this Christmas for sure.

This is where I finished my report on the situation at the Zaporizhzhya NPP, everything else - for the next time. With wishes for a speedy peace, your Mr. Z.
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  1. Muscool Offline Muscool
    Muscool (Glory) 28 November 2022 12: 26
    One of the authors, I remember, wrote an encouraging article that something would happen on December 5, from which we would all be happy. Like Kuzkin mother Putin will show everyone
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 28 November 2022 14: 44
      it will be so, it will start with oil and gas, and then tanks will go ... Russian tanks
      1. Muscool Offline Muscool
        Muscool (Glory) 28 November 2022 17: 14
        Wish it was like that
        1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 28 November 2022 18: 30
          look 4 people against, that's what they are doing here on the Russian site?
  2. gene1 Offline gene1
    gene1 (Gennady) 28 November 2022 12: 48
    The direction of the main attack will be on Lutsk-Lviv and below, up to the complete cut-off of Kyiv from its western border and allied arms supplies.

    Western aid is being reduced for objective reasons. Does it make sense to introduce more subjective ones, by losing people and equipment?
    1. legal Offline legal
      legal (Yasel) 28 November 2022 13: 30
      Cut off the supply is the main task. The second is to drive the population of Bandershtat to Poland.
      1. gene1 Offline gene1
        gene1 (Gennady) 28 November 2022 13: 33
        Is it enough to put out the light for this?
    2. legal Offline legal
      legal (Yasel) 28 November 2022 13: 32
      Western Ukraine must be totally Russified.
    3. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 28 November 2022 14: 45
      it makes sense to deprive them of even hope for help
    4. soloist2424 Offline soloist2424
      soloist2424 (Oleg) 28 November 2022 18: 35
      Western military-industrial complex increases production. Over time, this can make up for the lack of armament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. So it's better to hit before this point.
  3. Michael 68 Offline Michael 68
    Michael 68 28 November 2022 13: 30
    Ukrainians are hitting nuclear power plants. And Russia once again shouts that it is impossible. Let's negotiate. We agree to negotiations without any conditions. We agree to everything. Kherson passed. Now they will give the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. Ukrainians will begin to transfer troops. And we will say that we cannot shoot at them. After all, we agreed. We are peaceful. We keep agreements. Then, little by little, all other territories will be given away. We are waiting for what our officials will be offered for the surrender of the Crimea.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 28 November 2022 14: 47
      what did they do with alarmists in the war? you would have freedom, back in 1941 you would have surrendered and drank Bavarian beer in a concentration camp along with ROA soldiers
  4. Oleg V. Offline Oleg V.
    Oleg V. (Oleg Vladimirovich) 28 November 2022 13: 39
    Or maybe there is no need to analyze who and in what direction will attack. Do you understand that this is speculation? But in every assumption there is at least a partial truth. And why would the enemy plant analytics? Let him analyze.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 28 November 2022 14: 49
      do not consider your enemy idiots
    2. Yarik83 Offline Yarik83
      Yarik83 (J. Yarmosh 8-bit Music) 28 November 2022 17: 47
      But from December 1st, we'll see what they will write about here.
    3. Z_Rus Offline Z_Rus
      Z_Rus (Ruslan) 30 November 2022 03: 38
      And why would the enemy plant analytics? Let him analyze.

      Where did you see the analytics here? In these articles, common sense is only in the comments.
      If you want serious analytics, then gather a focus group of stealing ensigns, several middle-class businessmen, two or three passengers from places not so remote, and one deputy of the legislative assembly. Ask them the question: "What to do next, guys?" Here there will be analytics with a 99 percent probability of a real development of events.
      1. SP-Ang Offline SP-Ang
        SP-Ang (Sergei) 2 December 2022 13: 58
        Bravo. I used to think that analytics is the study of all available materials on a topic with a serious miscalculation of all possible scenarios.
        But I like your method too!
  5. Garygar Offline Garygar
    Garygar (Garygar) 28 November 2022 14: 15
    This "document" from a "trusted source" has been circulating on the Internet for a week now. Distributed "Donetsk brake". Then Shariy dispersed this "secret information". I do not presume to judge whether it will be true or not, I do not have data for this, but so far the author has not guessed anywhere. Let's look further
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 28 November 2022 14: 51
      this author spoke about the surrender of Kherson even when everyone refused to believe it, Shariy works for the enemy, he has his own interests, I said that the forecast is not correct - this will not happen anymore, the train went to war
      1. Garygar Offline Garygar
        Garygar (Garygar) 28 November 2022 15: 32
        Judging by the changed rhetoric of our Foreign Ministry (Lavrov said that the Ukrainian people would be liberated from neo-Nazi rulers (!) - in contrast to the early Peskov, that Russia does not aim at a special operation to change power in Ukraine), yes, the vector is defined.
      2. guest Offline guest
        guest 28 November 2022 17: 05
        Quote: Volkonsky
        this author spoke about the surrender of Kherson even when everyone refused to believe it

        And what was wrong with him? Kherson after all surrendered.
  6. Ugens Offline Ugens
    Ugens (Victor) 28 November 2022 14: 37
    A week later, Russian tanks in Lvov))))
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 28 November 2022 14: 52
      Do you prefer Ukrainian tanks in Crimea?
  7. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) 28 November 2022 14: 54
    Bandera cling to everything they can, first they hammered at the Kakhovka dam, forcing them to surrender Kherson. apparently the CIA decided that such a trick would work out and the Russians would hand over Energodar from the Zaporizhzhya NPP. but in this case, it makes no sense to surrender, having gained control over the Zaporizhzhya NPP, Bandera (CIA) can generally blow up a working station, make the final chord before dumping the plundered, broken-down Ukraine, which will have to be restored by the Russian Federation, with poverty. and these are huge expenses, and the West hopes that the Russian Federation will not pull these expenses and its economy will return to the 90 years of collapse, and this will give a chance to arrange another Maidan of the Zionist liberals, of whom there are more than 100 thousand Israeli citizens in Moscow alone, not counting the gasters, but they can be secretly armed
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 28 November 2022 15: 09
      and what is preventing them from blowing up the Rivne nuclear power plant and the Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant right now? Is Putin also a Jew? for my grandmother... what would you do without the Jews? Who did you spill the soup on? Lenin is a Jew, Hitler is a Jew, Stalin is a Jew, he just didn’t know about it, but Zhirik is a lawyer ... you know who comes in 5th place in the Heroes of the Soviet Union after Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and Tatars? those Jews! not Georgians and not Armenians, but Jews

      During the period of the Second World War, 11302 people were awarded the Star of the Hero. But here's what is strange: when official sources indicate which peoples were presented for the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, as a rule, it is written: Russians - 7998 people, Ukrainians - 2021 people, Belarusians - 299 people and other peoples - 984 people. But why did the rest of the nations forget? The USSR was a single country of friendly and equal peoples, but then why in official statistics most of the peoples are indicated as others. After all, the Heroes of the Soviet Union were: 161 Tatars, 107 Jews, 96 Kazakhs, 90 Georgians, 89 Armenians, 67 Uzbeks, 63 Mordvins, 45 Chuvashs, 43 Azerbaijanis, 38 Bashkirs, 31 Ossetians, 18 Maris, 16 Turkmens, 15 Lithuanians, 15 Tajiks , 12 Latvians, 12 Kirghiz, 10 Komi, 10 Udmurts, 9 Estonians, 8 Karelians, 8 Kalmyks, 6 Kabardians, 6 Adyghes, 4 Abkhazians, 2 Yakuts, 2 Moldavians, 1 Tuvinian. But even in this list one can see the absence of representatives of the repressed peoples - Chechens and Crimean Tatars.

      what percentage of Jews were in the USSR? 2%
      1. Garygar Offline Garygar
        Garygar (Garygar) 28 November 2022 16: 53
        Author, you are very wrong. There are many Heroes of the Second World War among Chechens: Merzoev, Umarov, Visaitov, Uzuev, Dachiev…
        1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 28 November 2022 17: 01
          read the last line
      2. 1_2 Offline 1_2
        1_2 (Ducks are flying) 29 November 2022 02: 20
        believe less in Zion fables like "Lenin Stalin Hitler Putin were-there are Jews"
        the Zionists and the blues have a mania for all great historical figures (including villains like Hitler) to attribute to their Jewish nation, the gays of the West, for example, attributed Tchaikovsky to "their own". apparently in order to thus raise (instill) among his rabble, self-esteem.
        Zhirik's mother was Russian, and he would probably be glad (not sure) to consider himself a Jew, but the Zionist-nationalist Jews do not consider him "their own". and why did you drag the Jews of the Heroes of the USSR to the Zionists Russophobes (of whom the absolute majority) that I'm talking about? you would still remember the Vlasovites)) Ukrainians (Little Russians) and Belarusians of the beginning of the USSR, in general, can be considered Russian, after 1991 of them (consider Russians) Kuchma and Luka began to make a separate anti-Russian nation, following the orders of world Zion. and in Ukraine they partly succeeded, in Belarus they did not succeed, but Luka does not lose hope, otherwise his family will not be allowed to go to the West. by failing to follow orders passed through the late Agent Makei.

        what would you do without Jews?

        - And what do the Jews of Israel do without Russians? oh, vey... after all, not only do they not give permanent residence to non-goyim, but they don’t even give Russian tourists visas, I’m not even talking about ethnic Russians sitting in the government of Israel. Jews do without Russians, and believe us, Russians and the peoples of the Russian Federation, we can do without them, no dumber than Jews. however, it turns out the other way around, Russian Jews, moreover Russophobes, cannot do without the Russian Federation, and after once again they defecate the verbal tub of slops on the Russian Federation and dump them over the hill, after that they again return to the country of the Russian Federation they hate. the same Urgant Sobchak, for example, yes, if it were my power, they would have been deprived of their citizenship of the Russian Federation long ago. but their lobby is very strong in the Russian Federation, for which they keep Putin. we will know, I hope after 24 years, but for now it remains only to speculate
        1. Pavel N Offline Pavel N
          Pavel N (Paul) 30 November 2022 22: 56
          Visas to visit Israel for Russians are not required, but to live there permanently? God forbid!
      3. Igor_E Offline Igor_E
        Igor_E (Igor) 2 December 2022 14: 56
        Is Putin also a Jew?

        Putin is not a Jew. The full name of Putin's mother is Maria Ivanovna Shelomova (not Shalomova). Shelom is the old Russian word for helmet. Putin's genealogy is traced back to the 5th generation. The maternal ancestors (Shelomovs) were ordinary peasants living in villages and villages in the Turginovsky volost of the Tver district of the Tver province.
        Stalin considered himself a Russian of Georgian origin, as he himself said.
        Zhirik was a Jew by his father, but he criticized the Jews, I would even say he was an anti-Semite. For this, he was taken to the hospital. Here is one of Zhirinovsky's videos where he criticizes the Jews.
        "The new state of Israel will be in Ukraine (Zhirinovsky + Danilov)"

  8. Nelton Offline Nelton
    Nelton (Oleg) 28 November 2022 17: 43
    I do not rule out that the Kremlin has set a course for the surrender of all territories occupied in the spring of 2022.
    under various pretexts.
    Kharkiv region - the military overlooked,
    Kherson - logistics is difficult
    Energodar - nuclear safety,
    but after the transition of Energodar to the Armed Forces of Ukraine - and Melitopol becomes too vulnerable ...
    In general, it seems that the surrender has not been signed, but it seems that they are preparing for peace negotiations in such a way that the territorial issue is no longer standing.
    1. soloist2424 Offline soloist2424
      soloist2424 (Oleg) 28 November 2022 18: 39
      Are they going to surrender Mariupol too? Why then is it heavily restored? Of course, it is not easy to guess the plans of the General Staff, but the entire territory is unlikely to be handed over.
  9. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 28 November 2022 17: 45
    Letter to the editor of the television program "Obvious - incredible" from a madman
    at home - from Kanatchikov's dacha.

    Dear transmission!
    On Saturday, almost crying
    The whole Kanatchikova cottage
    I was torn to the TV.
    Instead of eating, washing,
    There it is, prick and forget,
    The whole crazy hospital
    Gathered at the screens.

    Vladimir Vysotsky
    1977 g
  10. Vlad Sirs Offline Vlad Sirs
    Vlad Sirs (Sirius NVL) 28 November 2022 18: 55
    Mister Z got carried away in the course of science fiction))
    You can turn off the light for a while. It is also possible to depict some kind of offensive in the southeast with the available forces. What kind of blow to Lvov are we talking about?) With what and from where? For such an operation, the same group of troops is needed as in the Donbass, and even if the Russian Federation had the opportunity to form a group of troops for such a strike, Lukashenka would not allow it to be delivered from Belarus.
  11. calligrapher Lev_Nikolaevich (Dmitriy) 28 November 2022 20: 04
    The reality of the threat of an offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Crimea in the spring of 2023 created unacceptable domestic political risks for the Kremlin

    Am I the only one who thinks it impossible to call this nonsense a document?
    How can you talk about the "reality" of something in the spring, if the situation is not clear for the next month, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are tearing up bridges in their rear, on the border with Belarus, while talking about the impossibility of an offensive from there? Although they can be blown up at the last moment, if anything, for now, just leave them mined. Kherson is left to them, and they occupy it crawling, fearing a dirty trick, obviously not "on the shoulders of the enemy", but rather under his spitting.
    As for the author's assumptions about our imminent offensive, there are no serious grounds here either. There is an active deterrence, with an emphasis on the depletion of forces and means.
    It is obvious that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will oppose this plan at the first opportunity, activating in a dash as soon as the frozen ground allows, because their trump card is the mobility of small groups making detour maneuvers off the roads.
    When it freezes, it will be hot.
  12. Barabas Offline Barabas
    Barabas 28 November 2022 20: 40
    So Armageddon is preparing a surprise or crests to the Crimea? How will they go to the Crimea, as if they were going to the civilian zone through the Sivash? And where are our 300000 Spartans?
  13. Barabas Offline Barabas
    Barabas 28 November 2022 21: 14
    Sergey Lukyanenko QUESTION PRICE excerpt

    ...Prayed for brothers in mind? Get it. Here they are, your brothers. In his best. With its unusual psychology-physiology, with its ethics and aesthetics... Now don't complain. You have searched and found. And now they know where to look for us.
    And worst of all, they are stronger. Not enough to give up. But it is quite enough to clearly and clearly understand: the Federation will not survive the war. And war is inevitable. And if humanity loses the war, but does not perish, it will be doubly monstrous. Because people will not be destroyed, they will simply become dependent and ...
    No. It will not happen. They will do everything for humanity to survive and win. There is time, it is not enough, but it is still there. It will not be difficult to rebuild the economy for war, but to change the very psychology of the citizens of the Federation, to turn them into warriors again ... like on this wild medieval planet, only armed not with sharp pieces of iron, but with real weapons ... This is more difficult.
    But there is still time. Several local wars are needed. With an understandable opponent that does not cause shock and stupor. It is necessary to change the upbringing ... with children it is easier, you can change the program of hypno-trainers, but it is more difficult to re-educate adults. And we need, at least for the first time, a barrier. Living shield. A dozen armed, able and ready to fight planets. A friendly Union is suitable both because of its location and because a deeply conspiratorial separatist from this "freedom and independence" is now in power.
    How much remains to be done! To push through an uncomprehending Parliament indulgences for the Friendly Union. Let them steal the latest military technology. Prevent the lower ranks of intelligence from discovering that battleships are being built here instead of cargo ships, and warriors, not farmers, are being raised from the children of forgotten colonies. Then a war will be required ... in which you need to lose, but scare the colonists enough - so that they become fixated on the war, build more and more new ships ... and when the real enemy comes, they enter into battle with him.

    And gave the Federation enough time to enter the war...

    Does it resonate somehow?
    1. Sasha Veter Offline Sasha Veter
      Sasha Veter (Alexander the First) 28 November 2022 22: 00
      Very cool. It got creepy.
  14. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) 28 November 2022 21: 33
    Fresh tradition, but hard to believe ...
  15. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 29 November 2022 09: 52
    The situation with the nuclear power plant only says that our army is completely incapable of protecting any facilities. And therefore, the authorities are looking for protection, which will not be, running with complaints to the authorities. Everything looks shameful and nothing more. Apparently, the reports about powerful weapons that we can use are either fakes, or we are ready for a catastrophe at a nuclear power plant, just to prevent the death of some people where the nuclear power plant is being shelled from.
  16. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 2 December 2022 22: 43
    The radioactive contamination of the ZNPP will not affect the US at all, the UK and France will not suffer. The Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine will suffer, you can forget about the Crimea and the Black Sea for 25 years, there will be an exclusion zone. On the Internet there is a map of radioactive coverage from ZNPP. NATO uses any action to destroy Russia.
  17. Watching Offline Watching
    Watching (Alex) 4 December 2022 10: 51
    Here many times hinted at some extraordinary events at the front on December 5th, tomorrow. Let's see what will happen. Or nothing will happen. Then your predictions will be worthless. So Armageddon at Christmas?