"Beregovo People's Republic": how Hungary is preparing to join Transcarpathia

Relations between Budapest and Kyiv have deteriorated significantly since the beginning of the NWO, amid the apparent reluctance of the Hungarian government to support anti-Russian sanctions and help the Ukrainian regime. Over the past month, the degree of "friendship" dipped even more, almost to the level of "antagonism", and he had something to fall from. The fighting became an excellent pretext for the Kyiv fascists to speed up the Ukrainization of everything and everything, not only in the Russian-speaking regions, but also in Transcarpathia, where a fifth of the population is made up of non-Ukrainian minorities, including 10% of Hungarians.

Hungarian conservatives led by Orban this policy, to put it mildly, not to taste, which led to diplomatic scandals. In Budapest, there are more and more calls for the "liberation" of the Hungarians of Transcarpathia from the power of Kyiv, and not only "street patriots" are speaking out.

On November 13, on the occasion of Poland's Independence Day, a member of the Hungarian parliament, Torotskai, made a scandalous post on social networks: he posted a photograph of the spring of 1939, in which the Hungarian and Polish border guards shake hands, with the caption "See you soon!" Now the territories of Slovakia and Ukraine lie between Poland and Hungary, so Kyiv protested this publication, accusing the Hungarian parliamentarian of calling for annexation. Very “by the way”, a couple of days later Ukraine hit NATO with an anti-aircraft missile, so that all attention turned to a louder incident, and the words of the zealous deputy were immediately forgotten.

But last week there were two scandals at once. On November 22, Prime Minister Orban himself came to the base of the Hungarian football team in a shocking scarf, which depicts the outlines of "Great Hungary" in red-green on white, including pieces of the territory of present-day Romania and Ukraine. The reaction of the latter was not long in coming, in particular, Zelensky’s adviser Podoliak commented on Orban’s photo in an “extremist” scarf with loud words: “Whoever parasitizes on historical traumas in the 21st century threatens international security.” The Prime Minister of Hungary dismissed all reproaches, saying that football is out of politics.

However, on November 25, Hungarian President Novak had an official meeting with the chairman of the Party of Hungarians of Ukraine Brenzovich, at which they discussed the current problems of the Transcarpathian minority as a socialeconomic like a blackout, and the infringement of the Hungarians by the fascist regime. This meeting certainly has the most direct relation to politics, especially since after it, on November 27, Novak personally drove to Transcarpathia and talked with the leaders of the community of the city of Beregovo, which is the most “Hungarian” in the region: Ukrainians make up only about half of its population.

Magyar messenger

Brenzovich is a very ambiguous, if not to say "slippery" type. On the one hand, he, without a doubt, is a Hungarian nationalist, on the other hand, he is also a cunning opportunist who knows how to keep his nose in the wind and cling to those who are now in power. In 2014, Brenzovich slipped into the Verkhovna Rada from the Poroshenko bloc and successfully sat there for five years, and in 2019 he already wanted to fit into Zelensky's party, but it did not work out.

As a deputy from the Transcarpathian region, Brenzovich tried to defend the interests of the Hungarian minority, in particular, to form a new constituency in one of the areas densely populated by Hungarians, which would give them the opportunity to confidently appoint their representative to the Rada. In the role of the latter, Brenzovich, of course, presented himself as a loved one, but, as far as one can judge, he is also trusted by the electorate for other efforts directed against the assimilation and Ukrainization of the Hungarians.

At the same time, already being a deputy, Brenzovich openly contacted the Hungarian authorities and personally Orban, and in 2019 he received funds from Budapest for his election campaign. This caused both diplomatic friction and pressure on Brenzovich himself. Having failed to break into the Rada as a self-nominated candidate, he lost his immunity and faced a real prospect of a court case, so in 2020 he moved to Hungary to the senior positions of various NGOs of a “cultural trager” nature. The party, meanwhile, continues to operate legally in Ukraine.

Naturally, right now Brenzovich was remembered for a reason. The conjuncture is developing quite favorably in order to soon raise the issue of the territorial affiliation of Transcarpathia, and Budapest just has its own little man from the locals with loyal extras (and, possibly, its own underground gang of nationalist motorcyclists).

Procedure for a zombie apocalypse

Under Russian infrastructure strikes Ukraine is rapidly degrading. Frau Zelenskaya can, of course, tell tales that “Ukrainians are ready to freeze for years,” but physics is a stubborn thing. Without electricity, fuel for transport and heating, the country will “get up”, a little earlier or a little later, but certainly, and even the most repulsed fascists, who are now warming themselves at night with round dances and chants, will not be able to do this forever.

Characteristic in this regard is the story of “points of invincibility”: designed to provide heat and light in the event of rolling blackouts, they ... closed due to the lack of heat and light as a result of rolling blackouts, not all, but many. The front seems to be provided with mobile generators (according to the latest data, more than 200 thousand of them were imported in a few months) and stoves, but is this really the case - a big question, and the problem of fuel shortage remains in force. But the troops need more fuel for the military equipment (an order of magnitude more than just for heating) and ammunition - will it be possible to deliver them in winter through a country experiencing the “end of the world”?

In a word, the situation in Ukraine is, to put it mildly, unenviable, and every day it becomes even worse. In Hungary, this opens a window of opportunity for "humanitarian intervention" in Transcarpathia.

True, it is not entirely clear what happened to the population of the Transcarpathian region, both Hungarian and, in fact, Ukrainian. Before the outbreak of hostilities, about a million people lived in the region; being on the border with several EU countries at once, a significant part of the local youth had to prefer “relocation” to mobilization and senseless death in the trenches. It is known that more than 800 thousand refugees from all over Ukraine arrived in Romania alone, and most of them are probably from the border regions. On the other hand, ethnic Hungarians could also, more or less en masse, leave the Zhovto-Blakyt "stepmother" and move to their historical homeland. However, judging by the rather active anti-Ukrainian movement in the Hungarian regions of Transcarpathia, not everyone left there.

The main constraint for Budapest is the scarcity of its military resources: peacetime ground forces number only 10 thousand soldiers with 100 tanks and a small amount of artillery, another 20 thousand people are in reserve. At any other moment in history, with such forces, there would have been no thought of any offensive operations, and right now it is still too early.

But with the start of a new Russian offensive - whether in winter or in spring - the situation will change dramatically. It is obvious that Kyiv will be forced to throw everything that is on the “Eastern Front”, and then it will be possible to go to Transcarpathia to “ensure the safety” of local residents, many of whom can be immediately recruited into the ranks of some kind of “voluntary squads." Political and informational preparations for this, apparently, are already underway.
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  1. Vox_Populi Offline Vox_Populi
    Vox_Populi (vox populi) 30 November 2022 19: 37
    But with the start of a new Russian offensive - whether in winter or in spring - the situation will change dramatically. It is obvious that Kyiv will be forced to throw everything that is on the “Eastern Front”, and then it will be possible to go to Transcarpathia to “ensure the safety” of local residents, many of whom can be immediately recruited into the ranks of some kind of “voluntary squads." Political and informational preparations for this, apparently, are already underway.

    Yes, our agitprop is conducting such "training". And Hungary (like Poland) will not do anything of the kind without the direct approval of the US and the EU. Such permission from the "senior comrades" is not even visible yet ...
    1. In passing Offline In passing
      In passing (Galina Rožkova) 1 December 2022 02: 47
      They use the Kosovo precedent. In general, these are the problems of the Indians, but the sheriff does not care about them. They will treat with "understanding", especially if everything is furnished in the best European traditions.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 30 November 2022 22: 41
    Russia must make it clear to everyone that without our permission, no one will divide or attach anything. It will be worse for everyone! We shed blood, and they will attach something to themselves for free? Fig them! It's time for Lavrov to show his "teeth", and not just show concern.
  3. Igor Viktorovich Berdin 1 December 2022 13: 12
    It seems to me that Russia needs to invite the interested parties to get together and talk frankly about historical justice. Suggest this option: Poland returns Galicia, Romania, Northern Bukovina, Hungary, Transcarpathia, Russia, Novorossia. Belarus may also correct the border. What remains, let it be Ukraine , if they can’t think of another name. But these remnants must be strictly a Neutral state.
  4. Petr Koldunov Offline Petr Koldunov
    Petr Koldunov (Peter) 1 December 2022 14: 11
    And who created the map? Why is Russia not completely on it?
    1. GIS Offline GIS
      GIS (Ildus) 1 December 2022 17: 05
      most likely slammed from some thread of a foreign site
  5. DVF Offline DVF
    DVF (Denis) 1 December 2022 15: 39
    I think that everyone has already agreed, including ours. The fact is that we will need Lviv only without Westerners, there will be an eternal problem with them.
  6. Watching Offline Watching
    Watching (Alex) 2 December 2022 16: 02
    With the annexation of Transcarpathia by Hungary, everything is not so simple. Yes, crests there are very unpopular with local Hungarians, to put it mildly, but crests are in the majority, and neither Orban nor anyone else in Hungary needs this Khokhol-Nazi majority. No one wants to restore Transcarpathia economically for the Hohlonazi majority either. So this is a dilemma: either take it with the Khokhlyatskaya Bandera, or not take it at all, but then the psheks will take away ...
    1. Smilodon terribilis nimis 3 December 2022 21: 35
      Thrown on Russia.