The PD-8 engine can give a second life not only to the SSJ-NEW and Be-200, but also to the Tu-334

The PD-8 engine can give a second life not only to the SSJ-NEW and Be-200, but also to the Tu-334

2022, in general, does not indulge us with good the newsHowever, there are pleasant exceptions. For example, we were very pleased with the reports of successful tests of the Russian short-haul airliner "Superjet" in the most import-substituted modification SSJ-NEW with a completely domestic PD-8 engine. The implementation of this project opens up new prospects for our country.

Remotorization of SSJ-NEW and Be-200

The problems of the Superjet have long been widely known. This narrow-body short-haul airliner, with the design of which Russia was "helped" by specialists from the American corporation Boeing, turned out to be a banal "designer". The share of imported components in it initially reached the level of about 75%. Even worse, the engine of the liner was half French, and a huge number of quality claims in the actual operation of the liners were made against the European manufacturer.

The overall result of this aircraft building project, based on deep international integration, turned out to be sharply negative. Faced with constant problems in the power plants, the aircraft purchased by the air carriers were mostly laid up, waiting for a long time for the delivery of French spare parts for repairs. The Russian manufacturing company has not managed to establish an effective after-sales service for its liners. We were unable to sell Superjets to Iran due to a ban by the US Treasury, since the high proportion of American components made it possible to consider the aircraft American. Ironic.

So the story of the Superjet, for the assembly of which foreign manufacturers refused to supply their components, would have ended ingloriously, if the state had not taken it hastily to save it, refusing to admit its failure. The "constructor" should be replaced by a fully imported liner SSJ-NEW. And the most important component that needed to be replaced was its engine.

The Russian-French SAM146 is being replaced by the domestic PD-8, the “younger brother” of the PD-14 engine developed for the MS-21 medium-haul airliner. Its thrust is 8 tons, which is clear from the name. Compared to the SAM146, fuel consumption is reduced by 3% and 5% compared to the Embraer E-34's CF-10-190E engine. Yury Shmotin, General Designer of UEC JSC, praised the domestic power plant as follows:

All systems are developed from scratch, domestic parts and assemblies are used at all levels - these are control systems, fuel systems, and so on. We are developing an engine that is more fuel efficient, fuel consumption is improved, and for airlines this is essential because they care about efficiency.

In general, moving forward on the PD-8 project is really good news. This will allow remotorization of two aircraft at once - the long-suffering Superjet in the SSJ-NEW version, as well as the unique Russian Be-200 amphibious aircraft.

Our seaplane has good prospects in the foreign market of civil aviation and in the military sphere, since it can be used as an anti-submarine aircraft. The problem with it was that all previously produced Be-200s were equipped with Motor Sich engines, which, for obvious reasons, no longer make sense to rely on. In order to replace Ukrainian D-436TPs with PD-8s, the latter will have to be “wetted”, making them resistant to the aggressive marine environment.

Iranian gambit?

The most interesting thing is that the start of serial production of the PD-8 could give a second life to another undeservedly forgotten Russian aircraft - the Tu-334.

Everyone who has heard about the misadventures of the "Superjet" is aware that this "designer" was literally imposed on Russia instead of the completely domestic short-haul Tu-334 liner. This aircraft was completely ready for production, unified as much as possible with the Tu-204 medium-range airliner, and even received a ST231-Tu-334-100 type certificate. However, later the issue was resolved at the very top, and the choice was made in favor of Boeing's "illegitimate offspring". Does the Tu-334 have a chance of rebirth?

The question is ambiguous. In order to give it a second life, this liner must be needed by someone. In addition, critics of the Tu-334 are especially zealous that the aircraft is allegedly completely obsolete, depends on Ukrainian engines and does not meet market requirements due to three crew members instead of two, like all normal people. However, these statements can be disputed.

As we noted earlier, the problem of dependence on Ukraine in equipping the Tu-334 with power plants will be resolved in the very near future by the start of mass production of Russian PD-8s. The refusal of three crew members in favor of two was provided for in the project for upgrading the liner to the level of Tu-334SM for 130 passenger seats. It is also important that the Tu-334 is seriously unified in terms of components with the Tu-204, and we know that a decision has been made to increase the production of the “half-brother” of this medium-haul Tu-214 liner. That is, the technical problems that the Superjet lobbyists previously balked at are no longer insurmountable. The only question left is expediency.

Does Russia need two short-haul liners at once, SSJ-NEW and Tu-334?

Given those economic The problems that our country has faced today, being under the hood of sanctions, we probably won’t be able to handle two planes at once. However, there are options for how the Tu-334 could still be reborn.

Recall that not so long ago, Iran showed great interest in the short-haul Tu-334 and medium-haul Tu-204SM. The fact that negotiations on the purchase of liners of these types are underway was said in 2011 by the Minister of Housing and Urban Development of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ali Nikzad:

We will purchase planes from Russia in case of a positive conclusion of the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran. Aircraft must meet the requirements for operation in Iranian climatic conditions.

However, at that time the Kremlin was oriented towards the West, and the deal did not take place for a number of reasons. A lot has changed now. Under the conditions of Russia's "proxy" war with the NATO bloc, Tehran is one of the few that actually showed itself to be Moscow's ally.

Interest in the development of its own civil aircraft industry has not gone away from the Islamic Republic, and our country could meet it halfway by offering to organize a joint venture to assemble modernized Tu-334s with PD-8 engines in Iran, subsequently expanding cooperation through medium-haul Tu-204SM, if we can establish mass production of PS-90A3 engines. Russia would then be able to make money on the supply of components, and our relations with Iran would only be strengthened.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 26 November 2022 12: 27
    In general, everything rests not on "Does Russia need two short-haul liners at once", but that the economy simply cannot pull it off.
    if there are production facilities, it could be modernized in the right direction, but ... the money is optimized, withdrawn, spent on real estate palaces and yachts ...
    The owners of the factories were not the ministries of the aviation enterprise, etc., but the local authorities, (they wrote) - it’s easier to get money out of the state and knock it out ...
  2. White Wolf Offline White Wolf
    White Wolf (Vyacheslav) 26 November 2022 12: 40
    TU 334 is not only fully certified, but has also been put into production. To continue the games of pro-American traitors to Russia and release this damned SUPER, I consider it unworthy of a Russian person and I urge all citizens of Russia to refuse to fly on this "miscarriage" of American bad guys. By the way, when will the American citizen who donated 300 billion petrodollars to the fascist NATO bloc be finally arrested? Or does the FSB punish only Russian soldiers for the truth to fat-bellied kams in uniform?
    1. orange Offline orange
      orange (ororpore) 28 November 2022 19: 48
      A new engine cannot and will not give a new life to the Tu-334, for a simple reason - the fuselage of the carcass is overweight due to the use of hefty modules and the cockpit from the Tu-204 aircraft. The design bureau wanted to save on the development of an authentic fuselage using the principle of interchangeability. This is a vicious Soviet technique that can only live if there are no competitors. No airline will want to carry air and metal instead of passengers and fuel.
      If the fuselage is remade, then something might work out. But it is unlikely that the state will disperse its forces. So it's all just words!
      1. Smirnov Sergey Offline Smirnov Sergey
        Smirnov Sergey (Smirnov Sergey) 3 December 2022 21: 28
        The practice of making a line of different capacities on the basis of one aircraft is normal. Airbus 318-319..321 is an example of this. You just need to know where to unify in order to maintain economic attractiveness
    2. av58 Offline av58
      av58 (Andrei) 30 November 2022 22: 44
      TU-334 WAS NOT put into mass production, and even now it is hardly possible simply for technical, organizational and financial reasons, and one engine is completely insufficient to solve these problems, not to mention the outdated design. With the same success, one can offer the resumption of production of Tu-134/154 and even Tu-104)))
  3. Pavel Mokshanov_2 (Pavel Mokshanov) 26 November 2022 13: 57
    Everything is tied to one helmsman. As he decides, so be it. And for that to happen, you need real information. That's the problem with her. They pour into his ears what is beneficial to the West, those to whom he pays or keeps on the hook in the form of dough in banks and property. The helmsman also does not dare to break this practice. Hence all the problems in the economy and not only in it.
  4. Vladimir_56 Offline Vladimir_56
    Vladimir_56 (Vladimir Sodomovsky) 26 November 2022 18: 13
    The author correctly pointed out that PD-8 engines can be installed on other projects. And with a slight alteration also on the Mi-26 ... But the engine efficiency indicator also depends on the projects for which it will be installed. And it's not just fuel consumption. But also maintenance costs. As an example, we can take two Tu-154M and Il-76 aircraft. The engines are basically the same. And overhaul resources differ twice. Because the engines on the IL-76 are working to the limit ...
    And so, of course, I want our country to get off the A&B needle, on which the liberals put us, as soon as possible.
  5. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) 26 November 2022 18: 58
    Iranians not only won't buy the Tu334, but they also refused the Tu204, the Iranians love themselves and want to fly on modern technology. such as ssd100 and ms21.
  6. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 26 November 2022 19: 49
    you need to sell the aircraft carrier, write off 1164, 956, 1135, temporarily stop laying down new frigates and corvettes (transferring all available ones to the north and Kamchatka), and throw all your strength into BE200 PLO aircraft, minesweepers and, of course, first of all, submarines, nuclear submarines and Poseidons
    1. EMMM Offline EMMM
      EMMM 5 December 2022 20: 47
      I can add 61, 1124, 1134, 1234, 12322, and honor conscience and Motherland.
  7. borisvt Offline borisvt
    borisvt (boris) 26 November 2022 21: 49
    I flew once on the SSJ100 from St. Petersburg to Krasnodar and was unpleasantly surprised. Boeings are good, what’s there, even older ones are of good quality and fly regularly, not to mention long-haul ones, and that superjet was shaking and making incredible noise, and from my point of view, just a passenger, well, somehow I didn’t like it or something.
    In general, I will be glad if, as a result, we make a decent mass-produced aircraft of our own production. Like, as the Tu 154 was at one time, they often had to fly))
    1. Sky Offline Sky
      Sky (SkyGuard) 30 November 2022 07: 57
      Lies. And about the old serviceable Boeings, and about the supposedly noisy and shaking SJ.
  8. Evgeny Khludnev Offline Evgeny Khludnev
    Evgeny Khludnev (Evgeny Khludnev) 27 November 2022 13: 34
    The article starts with a lie.
    In fact, the news goes like this:
    On November 24, aerodynamic tests were completed at the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute MODELS aircraft SSJ New c PD-8
    1. Sky Offline Sky
      Sky (SkyGuard) 30 November 2022 07: 56
      In fact, the entire article is an example of lies and distortion. This topic about the ugreshchny 334 has been sorted out hundreds of times in 20 years.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. bratchanin3 Offline bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 (Gennady) 1 December 2022 10: 35
    Why don't the Russian media show this fixer at the very top?! Or is this another "chess", secret strategic and shameful move by Putin? I remember how the aviation industry was killed!
  11. Smirnov Sergey Offline Smirnov Sergey
    Smirnov Sergey (Smirnov Sergey) 3 December 2022 21: 22
    Forget tu334. Tu204 will be quickly written off as soon as ms21 will be mass-produced. Neither the new avionics, but the new engines will lighten the aircraft so much that it will come close to its analogues in terms of efficiency. And this is despite the fact that it will have to be significantly redesigned for new systems and undergo certification. And it is also likely that Neno does not have a digital image and all documentation will have to be digitized.
    In any case, either the creation of an elongated Superjet or a shortened MC21 for a dimension of 130 seats looks more interesting and simpler
  12. brondul Offline brondul
    brondul (M Bronduliak) 5 January 2023 23: 35
    how tiring the illiteracy of the "commentators" ...