Enemies of Russia intensified on all fronts

According to the results of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church in Minsk.

People who are far from religion, watching all this whistle in world Orthodoxy, playing out before their eyes with the filing of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, may have crept in the wrong idea that priests are fighting for loot. For all kinds of immobility there, parishes, monasteries, etc. church utensils, which the emissaries of the Ecumenical (exarchs, in their opinion), who had rushed to Ukraine already from America itself, already began to rewrite, and the people stupidly contemplated. Like, as he prayed to God, he will continue to pray, there is nothing to plant snot here. Or even worse - the priests, they say, are fighting for the loot, and among the lay serfs, forelocks crack. Agree, this point of view is the place to be. Like, the god of the god, and Caesar Caesar, sorted out somehow without us. Why, they say, climb there, we still do not understand anything about this. We would have to deal with our worldly problems. There, Trump was raging again. Kim Jong-un is not at him!

I hasten to disappoint you greatly. All this tangentially affects you. Already touched, you just do not even understand it. And these events are far from ecclesiastical. That is, of course, ecclesiastical, but going far beyond their scope. This has not happened for 1000 years, since 1054, when there was a split in the Christian Church into the Roman Catholic and Orthodox (moreover, it was the Orthodox then that remained in the orthodox positions, and the Catholic broke away from them, creating the institution of the Papacy). Now something similar happens with Bartholomew’s filing in Orthodoxy, now he imagines himself to be the Pope and is trying to usurp decision-making rights, breaking the rest through the knee and thereby actually splitting world Orthodoxy. But who is he for this ?! Where did such arrogance and courage come from ?! And why hadn't he shown it before?

For those who do not understand, I will explain - it is now, and not 20 years ago, that the Crusade against the Russian Federation was announced. 20 years ago, in the era of unforgettable EBN, our sworn “friends and partners” were happy with everything - the Russian Federation went to the bottom with the speed of a courier train, not daring to open its mouth against the adversary, but if any Evgeny Maximovich dared to deploy his plane over Atlantic, then this is what our "sworn" could easily survive (Lord, well, whatever the child would have fun, if only he would not cry!). Everything changed with the advent of GDP (the "sworn" did not overlook the drunkard-Boriska and the young appointed himself instead of the one who needed it). And then the scythe found on a stone. The "sworn" still tormented him for a couple of years, and then they all realized that it was easier to kill (believe me, such options were considered). Since 2007, after the well-known speech of the GDP in Munich, as it was cut off, a course was taken towards the complete and final strangulation of the Russian Federation. The 08.08.08/2014/XNUMX war was just a touchstone. Tried - bends, but does not break. Then the "sworn" still linked their hopes with the person of the gutta-percha DAM, but with the return to the throne of GDP these hopes disappeared, after which Plan B turned on - they decided to starve. And since XNUMX we have been observing the final phase of it.

Then, if someone did not notice, a Crusade against the Russian Federation was announced, (the Maidan served as the trigger). Bartholomew simply successfully turned up by the arm with his Napoleonic plans to pull the Orthodoxy blanket over himself, since his secret desires coincided with the hegemon's plans to isolate Russia. But you probably guess that he is not snotty to make such fateful decisions for the whole Christian world! Stupidly did not come out (and caliber too)! He was simply invited where necessary, and made an offer that no one had ever refused, promising that there would be a “roof”. It was here that our boy, who before that looked out cautiously from his block in Istanbul, the size of a handkerchief, became bolder. Where did the greyhound come from ?! For 20 years, you understand, he suffered the imposition of anathema on schismatics from Ukraine, and here, on you, the patient ended with the legal obligations of the Synod of Constantinople on the Kiev Metropolitanate as part of the Russian Orthodox Church, dating back to the ancient year 1686. Here we must be a clinical idiot, so as not to notice that the motives of Bartholomew our purely political (otherwise, what was 20 years to expect with anathema and 300 years with the return of the Kiev Metropolis?).

On the horizon clearly loomed a split in world Orthodoxy. Moreover, with an unclear prospect, who in the end will remain in the minority (of the 15 Orthodox local churches, eight are headed by the Greeks, who do they lay under, another question?). No wonder Putin immediately convened an extraordinary Security Council, and the Patriarch of All Russia hurried to Minsk. But it’s only too late to drink Borjomi. The situation has gotten out of control and we, alas, cannot do anything about it. It’s the same as putting out a fire with a glass of water. Nonsense! Therefore, the Russian Orthodox Church at its Synod decided to cut off the fire from the territory not yet covered by it. Below I will explain what really happened, who really is to blame for this (and his American ears stick out from behind Bartholomew, not even hiding) and what will happen next. And then, by the way, nothing good will happen. We already have a split in world Orthodoxy! And this is a medical fact.

The decisions of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church, which ended on October 15 in Minsk, were quite predictable. There, the glove thrown by the Ecumenical Patriarchate was raised and the challenge accepted. Nobody began to bend under the Greeks, which means that the confrontation will go on increasing. By a Minsk statement, the Moscow Patriarchate rejected the last possibility of compromise with Constantinople over Ukraine and demonstrated an unshakable position. The arguments were as follows: 1) it is impossible to cancel 300 years of history with a stroke of the pen, even the Ecumenical Patriarch; 2) it has not been written anywhere that the granting of church authority over the Kiev Metropolitanate to Moscow in 1686 can be "recalled", all the more so since this metropolis tripled during its stay in the Russian Orthodox Church; 3) one church is not entitled to remove the anathema imposed by another. The result of this was the decision of the Synod to break off the Eucharistic communion between the ROC and the KPC with the subsequent initiation of the convening of the Pan-Orthodox Council of all 15 patriarchates to discuss the current situation.

A split in this situation is inevitable, i.e. in fact, it has already happened, now we just need to decide who is on whose side. In Orthodoxy there is no dogma of one church over another, all 15 local churches have equal rights and none of them has the right to dictate what to do the other, and even more so to cancel the anathemas not imposed by it. The Pan-Orthodox Council will decide who is right and who is not, and one way or another, a split will take place, part of the churches, driven by their own selfish interests, will support Bartholomew and the Communist Church, and some will leave the Russian Orthodox Church. So we'll see who will be more. And here, I must say, not everything is so optimistic and blessed for the Russian Orthodox Church.

Below I will give a list of 15 Orthodox local churches, and pay attention to their place in this list, it is not just like that. They are arranged according to seniority, according to the diptych (this is a kind of hierarchy of honor, according to which commemoration takes place during Christian church liturgies):

1. The Orthodox Church of Constantinople (more than 2 million people)
2. The Alexandrian Orthodox Church (more than 6,5 million people.)
3. Antioch Orthodox Church (1 million 370 thousand people.)
4. Jerusalem Orthodox Church (130 thousand people.)
5. Russian Orthodox Church (the largest in number of believers, about 130 million people.)
6. Georgian Orthodox Church (4 million people)
7. Serbian Orthodox Church (10 million people)
8. Romanian Orthodox Church (16 million people.)
9. Bulgarian Orthodox Church (about 8 million people.)
10. Cyprus Orthodox Church (420 thousand people.)
11. Hellas Orthodox Church (about 8 million people.)
12. Albanian Orthodox Church (about 700 thousand people.)
13. Polish Orthodox Church (500 thousand people.)
14. The Orthodox Church of the Czech lands and Slovakia (more than 150 thousand people.)
15. The Orthodox Church in America (about 1 million people.)

KPC is the first on this list, the first among equals. Now Bartholomew wants to break this principle. We do not have to hope for the support of all the local churches in this matter. So far, only representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church (Patriarch Irenaeus of Serbia) unanimously spoke out in support of the Russian Orthodox Church; Bulgarian Orthodox Church (Metropolitans Lovchansky Gabriel, Varna and Velikopreslavsky Yoan and Vidinsky Daniel); The Patriarch of Antioch and the whole East John X and the Patriarch of Jerusalem and all Palestine Theophilus III. As well as the hierarch of the Alexandrian Orthodox Church, Bishop Panteleimon, who declared that the Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa Theodore II wants to mediate in this matter, "in order to resolve differences and keep the Ukrainian Church behind the Moscow Patriarchate."

It is strange that on this list there are no Georgians, Romanians, Poles, etc. Czechs and Slovaks, these are Slavic Orthodox churches that are close to us by blood (the rest are ruled by Greeks), but the fact that representatives of the most respected in world Orthodoxy, the most ancient churches of Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem inspire our support is encouraging. The fact that the number of parishioners of the Russian Orthodox Church is larger than all the others combined cannot be discounted either. But at the Pan-Orthodox Council, the bill will go not to millions of believers, but to the number of patriarchs supporting the position of the Russian Orthodox Church and it is possible that we can remain in the minority. With a proudly raised head, but nonetheless. Even considering that no one needs a split in world Orthodoxy except Bartholomew and the Anglo-Saxons behind him.

However, with all this, the Russian Orthodox Church does not tear upright with the KPC, still maintaining the hope that Bartholomew will agree, if not backward, then at least to a compromise, all the more so since there is a precedent. In 1992, approximately the same passions flared up in the Estonian Orthodox Church, which was then under the Moscow Patriarchate. All the same, Bartholomew opened his mouth to her. Then the Patriarch of All Russia Alexy II had the wisdom to resolve this conflict. In 1996, this required what is now - the Russian Orthodox Church broke the canonical and Eucharistic communion with the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the Finnish Autonomous Archdiocese, which lasted 3 months and ended with a compromise by other Orthodox churches - then the territory of Estonia was divided into two jurisdictions and, accordingly, two churches - the Estonian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate (EOC MP) and the Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church of the Patriarchate of Constantinople (EAPC KP). As you can see, Bartholomew has long been encroaching on someone else's, who no longer belongs to him. But then he did not have such support in the person of the State Department (here I already call a spade a spade) and then the Crusade was not declared on the Russian Federation.

And now a piece is sweeter, and behind Bartholomew’s ears the curators are looking through, so here, I think, he will go to the end. And, by the way, this end may not end at all with autocephaly for Ukraine. And why actually? Why give Ukraine what the pocket itself does not pull? On the contrary, a considerable income in the form of requisitions and fees in favor of the mother church gives. I’m saying that the priest took a good shot. Who was he before? A beggar, like a church mouse, but a proud patriarch. With his arrival in Istanbul, the size of a handkerchief, and some kind of foreign dioceses, the size and number of parishioners are a bit more. And here it is not for a snuff of tobacco that the country falls off, the first in Europe in area, with the number of believers exceeding all other 14 Orthodox churches, except the Russian Orthodox Church, by half. You have to be a complete idiot to refuse it. Bartholomew, anyone, just not an idiot! A scoundrel, a scoundrel, but not an idiot!

The situation with the restoration of the stavropegy of Constantinople over the Ukrainian metropolis is somewhat reminiscent of a neglected garden leased by a sluggish landlord, such as unlimited use, to a local hardworking farmer. Inspired by tempting prospects, he begins to work hard, damned, not sparing his time and energy, carefully caring for every wretched tree, watering it with his own tears at all, and when the garden grew three times and began to bear fruit, our host suddenly said: "Well, used it and waking up, give it back!". One would like to ask: “What ?! But the face will not crack ?! ”. Apparently, it will not crack.

I have already said and will repeat again - there is nothing unexpected in the actions of Bartholomew! Having friends like him, no enemies! Throughout the 20th century, the Patriarchate of Constantinople tried to “give us a foot”, as soon as the position of Russia began to wobble, this was the same in the 20s after the revolution, and so in the 90s after the collapse of the Union. And now, the rapid return of Russia as a player to the world chessboard, its role in protecting the values ​​traditional for Orthodoxy and, associated with this, the change in the weight and status of the Russian Orthodox Church in Orthodoxy have caused a tantrum in Constantinople. Previously, during the Soviet era, they, supporting the church, tried to weaken the state, since atheism was then the main doctrine of the USSR. Now, when the church has actually become one of the instruments of influence of the state, they are playing against it, thereby trying to weaken the state. Therefore, it is not surprising that they play against us, but that it surprises us. It is surprising that for us it was a revelation and again we are not ready for war. The war is on all fronts, now on the religious.

There is only one thing to be noted here - hard times have come for Orthodoxy in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Petro Poroshenko submitted to the Rada a bill on transferring the St. Andrew's Church (“Sophia of Kiev”) to Bartholomew for unlimited use. Down and Out trouble started…
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  1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 22 October 2018 00: 56
    Thank you very much for the answer Vladimir :-)
    detailed and thorough - you clearly know this topic better than me and many who talk about it. Who is behind this and who benefits from it is absolutely clear, now I hope it is already clear to everyone. They are trying to destroy us from everywhere and in all possible ways and, as before, also through the church, only the other way around - it is well noticed: in the USSR, when he seemed to be against the church, it was supported, and now, when we have a church, it seems, power "and it is crushed, thus influencing the state. Here I fully understand (unlike many) why this question was brought up to the Security Council, although our church is separated from the state - we need to calculate and prepare for what it might end up and it is at the level of state structures and security officials, since it is clear that that the church itself is unlikely to do anything with this all; it cannot fight against the same state structures and the US special services that oppose it here. And naturally, this all now concerns not only the church, but the whole state, and moreover not one, it concerns all of us. But even the church can be pressed precisely because it is an organization created exclusively by people and controlled by them. Practical and pragmatic Americans understand all this perfectly and know how and where to press. People have the same interests, and those in the church. Because it is not God who controls it, as some people are presenting it - it would be so, no one would press anyone and would not even try ...
    But nevertheless, and against all this complex highly political background, the priests themselves, as you put it, "fight for the loot" all the same, and even from your own article it follows. But just the same, who started all this, whose ears stick out there in Istanbul, it is not at all profitable for everyone to think so, otherwise the whole idea is worthless. That is why, in order to further aggravate all this, people are hammered into their heads that the schism is precisely a kind of religious and it is somehow serious from the point of view of faith ... And what does faith have to do with it? ... Is it in all this? where? ... No. There is geopolitics, money, someone's specific interests, both private and public, but FAITH is not there in all this fuss and in a trace ... That's what is remarkably clear from all this, so this is how far the church, as an institution, is from faith and God ... If there is a split, it will be within the CHURCH, according to their own "concepts", which they invented for themselves, and not even RELIGIOUS, and even less on the issue of FAITH.
    It seems to me personally that if this is precisely what people understand, then the consequences of this so-called split will not be as tragic as our "sworn" partners would like it to be ...
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 22 October 2018 18: 19
      I have a gift for you, Alexei, you can have a different attitude to Ishchenko, I myself have long been divided by 38 what he says, believing that he has become a hostage to his own previous forecasts, tallyych from morning till night on all channels and too (for him, the 2014 coup d'etat was the starting point, after which his knowledge and services became in demand in the Russian Federation, where he fled and became specialist number 1 in Ukraine), but nonetheless, I pay tribute to his competencies, especially , in matters of religion and history. Listen to this broadcast, especially from the 6th minute - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8y3BGiANew. Ishchenko answered all your questions, moreover, brilliantly. In the dispute with Kulikov, he was also at his best, I don’t know why Kulikov got involved in him (both of them are pretty to me, and you shouldn’t arrange battles on the air)

      And how it all ends, I made a forecast in my LiveJournal - https://volk112.livejournal.com/1059.html, look at the ending for the link, it did not enter here. And listen to Ishchenko to the end (there is only 40 minutes, you can set the broadcast speed to accelerate)
      1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
        Pishenkov (Alexey) 22 October 2018 22: 10
        Read. I looked. Thanks. I especially liked the radio broadcast at the end - an example about the Republic of Vichy and Peten. Unfortunately, the whole story consists of such examples: where is the law? Where is the legitimacy? Winners judge, that's all. And they judge as they want and they spat on the laws ... Otherwise, immediately after the Nuremberg tribunal, further followers should have followed, about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, at least for example, but somehow this did not happen ... And here also what the hell is canonical legitimacy? Now, if the army of the Russian Federation really entered Ukraine now, then all questions with exarchs and autocephaly would be immediately forgotten and that's all ... As there were none ...
        And my opinion about the church has not changed in any way, although I do not consider myself an atheist at all. All church dogmas were compiled in order to convince people of the necessity of the church as an institution, and then drive them, if possible, into dependence on a particular church.
        And Ishchenko again has the same thing, well, like for example this: People are interested in salvation. And if he prays incorrectly, then there will be no salvation ... who invented this? And who drove into the head? The church, or rather people in it. Well, not god. He would not have thought of such nonsense. And then they will say that it is necessary to pray in Russian, or in Ukrainian, or why not in Polish, for example? And how then to pray to the deaf and dumb? Itd etc. It’s natural for everyone to have their own interests, but I’ll repeat your phrase, because it’s correct: “priests fight for money”, although in a broad sense, that is, prestige, power, and state support, and so on
        This is my personal opinion and I do not impose it on anyone, but - When I go to church, I go to God. And if there is a cross on it, then it absolutely does not matter to me what kind of patriarchy it is and with whom it communicates eucharistically or does not communicate, recognizes it with some other patriarchy or not. Neither to God, nor to faith, these troubles have nothing to do. The only bad thing is that many do not think so, otherwise Volker and Co. would try in vain ...
        But I repeat: this is my personal opinion, based on various personal experiences and knowledge. But if someone wants to take up arms and die for the showdown of the higher clergy - a flag in hand. This means that our sworn "partners" are not trying in vain. It's like at one time the colonizers in various wild lands stole a totem from one tribe and threw it to another, and then they just waited until the Papuans cut each other out, and what was left was enslaved or colonized without any special problems. I apologize, but in this connection such a comparison came to my mind ...
        1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 23 October 2018 00: 08
          Alexey, I finally can be an atheist and partially agree with you, because half of the "believers" are not really believers, but simply religious atheists, they don't care what God they pray to, they live by the principle: "Everyone ran and I ran, everyone believes and I believe, and, in general, I communicate with God directly, the priest here is only a microphone. " Not only do they not know the canons of the church, they do not even know the 10 commandments (ask on occasion).

          True believers are another matter, they believe in the salvation of the soul, for them to change the church to a non-canonical one (and the Russian Orthodox Church considers this to be a recognized Ukrainian Church Church and will continue to think so), this means betraying your immortal soul, and therefore, not going to heaven after physical death. And they will NEVER go for it! But the priests really fight for the loot.

          from 6:00 min, take a closer look at the words of the RVI
          1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
            Pishenkov (Alexey) 23 October 2018 11: 42
            I listened, Vladimir, quite attentively and not even at an accelerated pace. I understand you perfectly, and Ishchenko too, I rather do not understand believers who believe that their salvation after death depends not on their real deeds in this world, but on how "correct" they go to church and how "right "they pray ... It turns out that they do not believe in God, but in the church, expecting that it is the church that will absolve them of their sins and escort them to paradise ... And apparently it is some kind of" canonical ", the non-canonical one probably gives out tickets to another paradise , in the wrong, the manna there is not very white ... I do not want to offend anyone's feelings, but this, to put it mildly, does not even correspond to what is written in the Bible ...
            1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
              Volkonsky (Vladimir) 23 October 2018 18: 28
              Here I can’t argue with you, because I completely agree with you, but I’m not a church person, and I don’t judge believers, I just tried to explain their logic, as I understood it myself