Erdogan blames Russia for Turkey's military operation in Syria

The Turkish armed forces are conducting a special operation in Syria and Iraq because of Russia, which allegedly abandoned its obligations towards the Kurds. This was stated by Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a conversation with reporters after returning from Qatar.

Despite our repeated warnings to Russia, which is responsible for clearing terrorists from northern Iraq and Syria in accordance with our 2019 Sochi Agreement, Moscow has not and is refusing to do its duty.

- the Turkish president said (CNN Turk quote).

Erdogan noted that Ankara will not condone terror and will take the necessary measures to ensure security if the Russian side does not.

On the eve of the Turkish forces launched a military operation "Sword-claw" against the Syrian branch of the Kurdish Workers' Party. About 70 aircraft and many drones were involved in the fighting.

According to the President of Turkey, 89 terrorist targets were hit: bunkers, weapons depots, tunnels, shelters, etc. At a distance of about 140 km deep into the northern part of Iraq, 45 terrorist targets were destroyed and 44 targets were destroyed in Syria within about 20 km from the Syrian Turkish border.

Erdogan also stressed that, with a high degree of probability, Turkish ground units would also take part in the operation.
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  1. goncharov.62 Offline goncharov.62
    goncharov.62 (Andrei) 21 November 2022 19: 45
    I don’t remember where and about whom - “They carry water for the offended” ...
  2. Art Pilot Offline Art Pilot
    Art Pilot (pilot) 21 November 2022 20: 11
    There are 6,5 months before the presidential elections in Turkey. Erdogan does not miss a single opportunity to show the Turks what a cool president he is. But there are problems with the economy in Turkey. The people can give the Sultan a ride.
    1. passing by Offline passing by
      passing by (passing by) 21 November 2022 21: 32
      Turkish army fighter jets attacked the headquarters of US troops in Hasaka

      These US forces are responsible for training Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) troops in Hasaka, IRNA news agency reported citing Turkish media.

      like that? laughing
      1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 21 November 2022 23: 47
        (p. by) It's hard to believe. Wagner PMCs and SAA went on the offensive against the oil rigs of the Kurds in Syria, so the United States thrashed so much with all available means that two hundred Wagnerites were left in the hundreds ... Could it be that the American advisers themselves were bombed by the Turks, this is already an impossible thing, or the Americans were warned and they drove off, as usually happens.
  3. Rinat Offline Rinat
    Rinat (Rinat) 22 November 2022 06: 35
    I assume that Putin and Erdogan have been playing a coordinated game in Syria since some time. Often playing for the public, in order to get out of the blow of each other from the same West. And now, such a case. Erdogan hits pro-American Kurds. They play, among other things, against the interests of Russia on the side of our enemy. First of all, they are very dangerous for Turkey itself, which is why it hits their decision-making centers.
  4. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 22 November 2022 15: 22
    this is such a HPP, everything is going according to plan