Media: the global economy is facing new threats

Big business is in turmoil due to uncertainty on a planetary scale and threatens the global the economy. If a year ago there was more talk about the impact on the market of future pandemics similar to COVID-19, now geopolitical factors are starting to sound louder and louder. This writes business network resource BRINK News.

The publication openly says that the prolongation of the conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine multiplies the risks that some external force will intervene in the confrontation. Other risk areas include the Middle East and the Korean Peninsula.

It is noted that even without taking into account geopolitical uncertainty, the global market has more than enough problems. Inflation and "debt crises" are named as key here.

The article also implicitly admits that it was the anti-Russian sanctions that led to the rise in commodity prices.

In the context of the energy crisis, the extreme shortage of grains, vegetable oils and fertilizers is of paramount importance. […] Risks of major shocks in commodity price volatility and major commodity supply crises are among the top five risks in North America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia

- approved in the publication.

The resource also notes that "economic instability threatens to cause indirect social consequences in both advanced economies and emerging markets."

Such "analytics" is not something new for foreign media. At the same time, already in the summer, many media corporations indirectly admitted in their reports that it was the anti-Russian sanctions that caused the sharp rise in prices for commodities, including food and fertilizers.

Some have also said the same thing. policy. First of all, African. Nevertheless, these opinions were quite rare, because they were knocked out of the trends set by the Western world.

Now they sound much more often, but the general policy of Western countries on the anti-Russian consensus has not yet been changed. However, opinions are becoming more and more noticeable that in the confrontation with Russia, the Western world has already reached the limit of its capabilities and it is time to work on concluding a temporary truce with the Russian Federation.
  • Photos used: press service of the administration of the Krasnodar Territory
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  1. Pavel Vladimirovich 19 November 2022 08: 59
    Strange, but could one expect something different from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict?
    It is curious to look at those foreign analysts who claimed that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict would allow some elites to "earn points."
    The victims were not only Ukrainians and Russians, but the entire world economy. Everyone was "shaken" and after this "shake" it will take many decades to restore order.
    Well, the leaders of European countries should have studied history better .. and social science ...
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 20 November 2022 00: 06
      SVO has nothing to do with it at all. The West needs an extreme person, on whom the coming inevitable collapse of the old model of the structure of the world economy can be blamed. Putin does not pedal events, so as not to be in the role of extreme.
      Did energy prices skyrocket after the start of the NWO? Did US fuel and inflation skyrocket after the start of the NWO?
      The collapse of the model has long been predicted, justified. Those who do not want to listen will pay dearly. Each day of the fall pull will result in additional fall depth.
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 19 November 2022 10: 46
    On the nineteenth covid, large bio-med-chem-pharm capital made good money, and geopolitical factors today are hitting income and increasing the cost of all areas of life. In order to redirect the population from protesting against monopolistic associations, the world agitation industry directs against the Russian Federation and thereby kills two rabbits at once - it sows enmity between the proletarians and intensifies their exploitation.
    The political and economic blockade and sanctions are designed to hit the incomes of the members of the RSPP, each of which can buy an army and take it out into the streets, as the Poroshenkos, Akhmetovs, Kolomoisky and other wealthy citizens of Ukraine and many other state entities of the world did. As a result of the competent policy of the government, the sanctions did not give the expected results, and the war in Ukraine, as an appendage to the blockade and the sanctions policy against the Russian Federation, is designed to reorient the economy towards the fulfillment of military orders to the detriment of consumer goods and the needs of the population, and the longer the war lasts, the greater the discrepancy between military orders and the needs of the population, which no gray parallel and other cunning imports can close.
    The rejection of Russian energy resources, raw materials and semi-finished products has no economic prerequisites and has led to an increase in production costs in all areas. To admit their stupidity and stupidity means for Western political managers to leave a prestigious and profitable position, and therefore they appointed the Russian Federation to blame for everything and will continue to convince everyone of this until their policy hits the income of their employers