North Korea tests missile capable of hitting any target on US soil

The North Korean military successfully launched what is believed to be a Hwaseong-17 missile today. An intercontinental ballistic missile, having taken off from a test site near Pyongyang, rose 6000 km above the Earth's surface and fell north of Hokkaido.

The analysis showed that with a different trajectory, according to the laws of ballistics, the flight range of this missile could be up to 15 km. In this way, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has demonstrated the ability to strike anywhere on the US mainland. This launch of Hwaseong-000 was the first successful launch after two unsuccessful ones in March and early November of this year.

The reason for the launch of the rocket was the ongoing military exercises in the region with the participation of the United States. After the completion of the US-South Korea maneuvers on November 5, the KeenSword 2022 exercise began with the participation of the Japanese military. The North Korean authorities warned in advance about a possible response to provocative US actions in the region.

North Korea sees the US military presence in the region as evidence of US hostility. The United States is well aware that this is gambling, which they will certainly regret.

- quotes the words of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK Choi Song-hee edition of ABC News.

Pyongyang also has successfully tested previous Hwaseong-14 and Hwaseong-15 missiles capable of reaching the US East Coast. Hwaseong-17 has a long range, and its size allows you to deliver several nuclear warheads to the target at once. Whether the Hwaseong-17 or another new development from North Korea was launched today is not known for certain, but its capabilities have already prompted nervous statements from US authorities.

We reiterate our call on North Korea to stop further illegal, destabilizing actions. North Korea prioritizes illegal weapons programs over the welfare of its people. The United States will take all necessary measures" to guarantee the security of its territory and its allies - South Korea and Japan.

- said US Vice President Kamala Harris.
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  1. Igor Viktorovich Berdin 18 November 2022 14: 48
    I think that they need help with air defense.
    1. smart fellow Offline smart fellow
      smart fellow (smart fellow) 18 November 2022 15: 50
      They have their own KN-06, the latest modification of which, according to military experts, corresponds to the S-400.
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 18 November 2022 15: 02
    Well done! The Russian Federation should learn from North Korea diplomacy with unfriendly state formations and self-reliance in the economy and finance, education and science, industrialization and import substitution.
    1. Ugens Offline Ugens
      Ugens (Victor) 19 November 2022 23: 11
      Do you want Russia to become like S. Korea?)))
      Everything goes to that.
  3. Igor Viktorovich Berdin 18 November 2022 15: 51
    So guess who was right? Kim or Gaddafi with Hussein?
  4. smart fellow Offline smart fellow
    smart fellow (smart fellow) 18 November 2022 15: 58
    The maximum speed was 22 mach.

    rose 6000 km above the Earth's surface

    6100 km to be exact.

    the range of this missile can be up to 15 km

    or more than 15 km.

    Japan's Defense Ministry said North Korea has launched 34 missiles this year. Intercontinental ballistic missiles were launched 10 times.
    It's time for the Americans to return Trump to negotiate.
  5. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 20 November 2022 09: 48
    Hmm .. I thought. The Korean rocket, like the "Sarmat", is painted with squares. Yes, and they are similar ..
    1. Ugens Offline Ugens
      Ugens (Victor) 20 November 2022 10: 28
      With squares, everyone draws missiles during tests, for telemetry.