“He shot down three American planes”: military commander Sladkov told the tragic story of the father of General Surovikin

The father of General Surovikin, Vladimir Ivanovich Surovikin, took part in the Great Patriotic War, as well as in the fighting during the Korean War, and died a hero's death. The military commander Alexander Sladkov spoke about this in his telegram channel.

In 1941, Vladimir Surovikin entered the Stalingrad Military Aviation School of Pilots named after the Stalingrad Red Banner Proletariat, trained military pilots on Yak-type aircraft, and was awarded the medal "For Military Merit" for his courage in battles with the Nazis and the high-quality training of flight personnel.

After the war, Surovikin served in the Brest region and in Kostroma, and in the summer of 1950 their regiment was transferred to the Far East.

During the war, Senior Lieutenant Surovikin shot down three American F-86 fighters, for which he was awarded the Orders of the Red Banner and the Red Star.

In April 1966, the engine of the Su-7B fighter-bomber piloted by Vladimir Surovikin failed. To prevent the plane from falling on people's houses, the pilot decided to take the aircraft away from residential areas, but he did not have time to eject and died. The hero was buried in the village of Vozdvizhenka and for the courage shown by Colonel Surovikin, regardless of the danger to life, he was posthumously awarded the Order of Lenin.

Less than six months after the death of Vladimir Surovikin, his son Sergei was born, who is now called "General Armageddon" in the West.
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  1. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 18 November 2022 13: 11
    Heredity. The son continues the line of his father. The village of Vozdvizhenka near Ussuriysk, Primorsky Krai. In Soviet times, it was a large air base, close to China, Korea, Japan.
  2. Grits Offline Grits
    Grits (Alexander) 19 November 2022 03: 38
    The grave of his father in Vozdvizhenka near Ussuriysk in my native Primorye. There used to be an aircraft repair plant and an airfield. Now only the name of the village.
  3. Alex20042004 Offline Alex20042004
    Alex20042004 (Alexey) 19 November 2022 17: 58
    The son is worthy of his father.
    1. guest Offline guest
      guest 19 November 2022 18: 17
      So far he hasn't proven it yet.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  4. Alex20042004 Offline Alex20042004
    Alex20042004 (Alexey) 2 December 2022 15: 42
    Quote: guest
    So far he hasn't proven it yet.

    Proved in Syria and went down in history.
    1. guest Offline guest
      guest 2 December 2022 15: 53
      Well, I would not call Syria a great success, of course, fortunately we have not yet suffered a defeat there, but there is no real victory either.