Russia has achieved another important military goal with strikes on the energy sector of Ukraine

The powerful strikes of the Russian Armed Forces on Ukraine's infrastructure facilities, lasting more than a month, had a colossal negative impact not only on the energy sector. A comprehensive study of the situation allows us to conclude that Russia, as a result of the attacks carried out, also managed to achieve another very important military goal.

The grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, concentrated for the offensive in the Kherson direction, consisted of a dozen brigades, which were assembled for six months. Now this shock fist is literally stuck near Kherson. It turned out to be problematic for the Ukrainian command to carry out a quick regrouping and transfer the released formations to other directions.

Destroyed bridges, railway lines and electrical substations have complicated the redeployment of troops even to the nearest Zaporozhye region, not to mention the Kharkiv or Luhansk regions. Thus, the rearrangement of the APU was disturbed, since the rate of its occurrence is low.

In turn, the transfer of 30 thousand military personnel and equipment from the Right Bank to other sectors of the front allowed the Russian Armed Forces to start probing the Ukrainian defenses. This is the first time in the history of the NMD that the military logistics corridors of the Russian army turned out to be shorter than those of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

At the same time, in the Zaporozhye direction, on a wide arc of the line of contact, the lines are held by the 65th mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (military unit A7013), formed in April, but already pretty battered in battles. Now this brigade has started crush Russian troops, and there are no reinforcements from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

However, it can be assumed that the Ukrainian command decided to sacrifice the 65th brigade and is secretly accumulating forces and assets northeast of the city of Zaporozhye. While the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will grind a well-entrenched formation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, several brigades can be assembled near Zaporozhye, which will then be thrown into an attack on Melitopol. Moreover, they will make their way to it without deploying on the ground - from the march. This is a rather risky tactic, since it is designed for surprise for the enemy and the absence of his artillery near the place planned for the breakthrough.
  • Photos used: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  2. Ugens Offline Ugens
    Ugens (Victor) 17 November 2022 18: 45
    The words of the author would be true if the Armed Forces of Ukraine were going to redeploy across the Antonovsky bridge and New Kakhovka)))
  3. Colonel Kudasov Offline Colonel Kudasov
    Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 17 November 2022 19: 27
    It has long been necessary to focus on the Ukrainian energy and transport infrastructure. Was it really necessary to wait for sabotage on the Crimean bridge for such an obvious thing?
  4. passing by Offline passing by
    passing by (passing by) 17 November 2022 19: 30
    from the march, salo-eaters tried near Kharkov ... they were laid there by the thousands in the sun.
    1. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) 17 November 2022 23: 28
      So you need to repeat these events, otherwise they will scatter - catch them later. 10 army brigades are a big force, they must be disposed of immediately.
  5. Grits Offline Grits
    Grits (Alexander) 18 November 2022 06: 16
    I wonder if the author will be able to show at least one bridge destroyed by our troops?
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 18 November 2022 12: 33
      Bridge in Cherkasy. Struck on 26 June and still not operational.
      But that doesn't change the relevance of your question.
      But in my opinion, bridges are needed. When (and if) the command will be given to start the shaft complete power cuts from east to west, the resulting mass of unnecessary (for us) people should be able to quickly and freely leave towards the western borders.
    2. Grigory_78 Offline Grigory_78
      Grigory_78 (Grigory R.) 18 November 2022 12: 53
      That is, the Antonovsky bridge and the bridge in Novaya Kakhovka themselves collapsed from old age after the withdrawal of our troops from Kherson?
  6. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) 18 November 2022 11: 01
    The decision to bomb strategically important objects in Ukraine is correct, but belated and not complete, and the refusal to use the most effective munitions for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (such as cluster munitions, volumetric explosion, napalm), despite the fact that cluster munitions are used against the Russian Federation, plays into the hands of only NATO, leading to vain victims in the army of the Russian Federation, which is forced to storm Bandera bunkers with almost bare hands, while again the successful assault on Bamut suggests that such fortifications are easiest to burn, for example, using ODAB-500P, or more powerful ammunition ... Those who interfere with their use are playing against the Russian Federation on the side of NATO ... these are the enemies of the Russian Federation, which it is high time to deal with the FSB
  7. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) 18 November 2022 15: 17
    Thank you gentlemen Ukropchiki for the minuses ... If what I wrote across your throat means you wrote everything correctly ... Maybe it’s enough for you to wipe your pants in the Russian Federation, since you are such patriots of Ukraine, the military registration and enlistment office in Lviv is waiting for you ... or Ukraine is best love living in the Russian Federation or Canada, and gentlemen, lovers of Bandera and Zelensky ?!
    1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 23 November 2022 22: 53
      Peregrine falcon, I put a plus sign for you and ask you to teach me how to identify these same dill, otherwise sometimes you want to send a dill, and it will turn out to be our nonhuman
      1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
        Sapsan136 (Alexander) 26 November 2022 10: 43
        And there are practically no our non-humans ... the one that is, these are patients with Russophobia, but in fact they are still foreigners, the heavy legacy of the USSR ... Russians were expelled from the former republics of the USSR, but these have not yet been thrown out of the Russian Federation and this is a mistake ... Patients with Russophobia there is no place in the Russian Federation ... Remember the story of the so-called Crimean Tatars, who are essentially Turks, not Tatars ... Turkey then was going to attack the USSR on the side of Hitler, so they ran ahead of the locomotive ... Now all these Jews from Russia is shitting rains because their Israel takes an openly pro-American side
    2. guest Offline guest
      guest 24 November 2022 01: 41
      Yes, these "patriots" are ready to run away from Ukraine wherever you want, even to Africa, but they beat themselves in the chest that they are great patriots and fighters against (as they call Russians there).
  8. Panzer1962 Offline Panzer1962
    Panzer1962 (Panzer1962) 18 November 2022 15: 18
    What bridges across the Dnieper have been destroyed except in Kherson and Nova Kakhovka? Author, please provide information.
    And the Kherson grouping is already in the north of the Zaporozhye region, it is crowded, normally the diesel locomotives were dragged by echelons.
    I am very much afraid of the next "gesture of good will", or "regrouping" with the release of the Wehrmacht's coming out to the Sea of ​​Azov.
  9. assault 2019 Offline assault 2019
    assault 2019 (assault 2019) 18 November 2022 16: 07
    Now this shock fist is literally stuck near Kherson. It turned out to be problematic for the Ukrainian command to carry out a quick regrouping and transfer the released formations to other directions.

    Just yesterday I read on the Air Force that, according to reports from Slavyansk, large military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been arriving there for several days in a row, from where, if not from the Kherson region?