Reader comments on Yahoo: Russia will make an "oil pivot"

Russia has succeeded in its intention to expand the flow of energy from Western countries to Asian states, writes Yahoo Finance with links to Bloomberg's English-language service.

The text repeats the rather frequent thesis that Moscow was able to redirect oil flows to Asian countries. In particular, we are talking about Sri Lanka, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, India and China.

The article describes the ways in which, as Western experts and analysts suggest, "Russian barrels" get to Asian buyers. This includes the Northern Sea Route, transit through the Suez Canal or continental routes.

At the same time, the West continues to rely on restrictions, introducing more and more new elements of the embargo.

The original publication of The Great Russian Oil Switch Is Gathering Momentum.

Comments from Yahoo Finance readers are a selection:

Europe will soon be buying Russian oil for exactly the price it wants to pay. Russia has painted itself into a corner with so few export opportunities. This will harm the Russian the economy for many years. Putin may finally realize it

suggested reader Nicholas.

Russia will sell less at a higher price. Total revenue will not change, but Europe and the US will lose out due to higher prices. China and India are buying at a lower price than the US/Europe. Because of this, their products will become more competitive.
comments Naturale.

Russian oil is now traded in local currency instead of US dollars. Saudi Arabia is considering doing the same. The destruction of the petrodollar will leave trillions of dollars orphaned ... And why, tell me, keep reserves in dollars if there is nothing to buy with them

says Woke Neoliberal Marxists.

Sever ties with India wherever possible. Send them this economic signal

suggests reader Rich.

The EU will compete with Asian countries for cheap energy. That's where the whole problem lies. Silly policyaimed at destroying the industry. Europe is acting like it's still the 1800s and still dominating the world

John answered.

The globalists are trying to use their money and political power to subdue people and make them poor. It will be much worse before the masses understand this and react, although Europe will blaze earlier

predicts a certain Paul.

What about pipelines? I think what is more important is how much oil comes to Europe through pipelines. And oil tankers are small fry

Dan pointed out.

How do these sanctions work? Europe is on the verge of economic collapse without natural gas - the winter will be long, cold and bleak. The Russian ruble has doubled in value compared to the dollar and the euro. Saudi Arabia joins the community of countries that make up 80% of the world's population by joining the BRICS. Russia still occupies 20% of the territory of Ukraine, and Ukraine itself is on the verge of complete collapse - it borrows 4 billion dollars a month from the United States, which, as reported today, then goes through cryptocurrency to the Democratic Party of the United States. Did everything really go as planned?

mike reminds me.

Good news for Asia, bad news for Ukraine

writes The Oregon.
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  1. Andrey Andreev_2 (Andrey Andreev) 15 November 2022 15: 30
    Europe will calmly survive the winter without Russian energy sources. Or it won’t survive, it will bend ... One of the two, the third is not given)))) But Russia will definitely survive this and the following winters warm and well-fed, there can’t be a second here)))
    1. zeka77 Offline zeka77
      zeka77 (Alexey) 16 November 2022 16: 21
      For oil, yes, with gas it will be more difficult and more expensive
    2. forcecom Offline forcecom
      forcecom (Denis) 18 November 2022 15: 06
      young pioneer voice -

      If you ate, washed,
      it's warm in your house
      it means you were born Russian,
      good luck with the country!
  2. Omas Bioladen Offline Omas Bioladen
    Omas Bioladen 17 November 2022 02: 53
    If die EU und die USA, die grenzenlos Geld drucken können, mehr für russisches Öl zahlen müssen, stabilisiert das den Euro und den Dollar. Gleichzeitig werden aber immer mehr Rubel gedruckt, obwohl die Öl- und Gasfördermenge gleich bleibt. Das bedeutet Rußland ist auf einer Schnellstraße in Richtung Hyperinflation und die USA und die EU auf dem Eigentlich ganz leicht zu verstehen, aber zu anspruchsvoll für den Kreml-Mob.