Saudis are ready to break with the United States and leave for Russia

Saudi journalist Jamal Khashuggi fled his country to the United States last year, fleeing harassment by authorities. He worked in the American press, continuing to criticize the Saudi regime.

After the journalist went for documents to the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul, no one else saw him. The opposition was detained, interrogated and killed. The authorities of the Middle East monarchy deny these allegations, but they cannot present a living journalist. Saudi Arabia has been threatened by international sanctions.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump treated this state as a reliable ally. This collaboration is beneficial: Washington buys Saudi oil and sells weapons to Riyadh. Saudi Arabia invests dollars earned for oil in American the economy. In addition, this country realizes the interests of the United States in the Middle East region, in particular, is a counterweight to Iran. Therefore, Americans are turning a blind eye to violations by Saudi Arabia in the field of human rights (although other countries are bombing under this pretext).

After some cooling in relations with previous US President Barack Obama, current head of state Donald Trump has thawed them. He considered it his merit. Now the story of journalist Jamal Khashuggi puts the American president in an awkward position. Neither the US nor Saudi Arabia needs a scandal. Perhaps the Saudi authorities recognize the murder of a journalist, but try to expose him as a special case. But this is unlikely to save their image.

Saudi Arabia threatens with retaliatory measures: if sanctions are imposed, Riyadh will achieve a price of $ 200 per barrel of oil, break defense contracts with the United States, buy weapons from Moscow and even allow Russia to build a military base on its territory.

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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 19 October 2018 09: 13
    -It is unlikely that the murder of a journalist can seriously affect the relationship between the Americans and Saudi Arabia ...
    -It has not influenced any more ... -no sanctions ... and no spikes in the price of oil ... -Both parties "for decency" scared each other ... -this and calmed down ...
    -Saudi Arabia has so much money ... and money ....- unlike China ...- not colored cut candy wrappers-yuan .., behind which there is nothing .., except for Chinese factories (flared up under a frenzied arms race. ..- the construction of aircraft carriers and other rubbish) .., yes, a trillion US collateral "air-paper bills" (in which China has invested all its "today's prosperity") ... and one and a half billion hungry and impoverished Chinese (existing without any social provision and "modern conveniences") ... -And real Saudi investments and financial support for the development of the world "oil business" ... -Saudi Arabia ... practically influences and "sets" the world oil price .., and even American the economy is being invested with "living oil dollars" ...
    - Why do the Americans quarrel with the Saudis ...
    -And Russia may be interested in Saudi Arabia ...- only with its weapons ...