Ukraine may arm itself with the most dangerous Western air defense system

France and Italy have decided to jointly supply Ukraine with the most advanced SAMP-T air defense systems. These complexes are the basis of the air defense of a number of European countries and have entered service quite recently.

The air defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is currently represented by a hodgepodge of various unrelated Western-made air defense systems and the remnants of the Soviet Buk and S-300. SAMP-T systems can be integrated with most modern air defense systems in service with NATO, including IRIS-T provided to Ukraine by the Germans, as well as with American NASAMS.

The SAMP-T includes an 8-missile launcher mounted on an Italian IVECO chassis or on a French Renault. Anti-aircraft missiles of the system correspond to modern parameters of warfare. The launcher is capable of firing all 8 missiles in 10 seconds, hitting targets at altitudes up to 25 km. Aster-30 missiles, which reach speeds of up to 1,5 km / s, are practically invulnerable to most types of electronic warfare.

The main disadvantage of this air defense system is its cost, which is about half a billion dollars per unit. Therefore, the use of expensive missiles of the complex against cheap Russian Geraniums is economically inefficient. The Russian Iskanders flying along a quasi-ballistic trajectory are also inaccessible to the French-Italian air defense systems. However, for aircraft and helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces, as well as for the Caliber and Kh-101 cruise missiles, this air defense system will pose a serious danger.

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  1. Watching Offline Watching
    Watching (Alex) 22 November 2022 17: 37
    So soon the military aviation of the Russian Federation will no longer stick its nose into the theater of operations? We have come. But what about the previously rattling promises to destroy NATO weapons from the Armed Forces of Ukraine? Why did you have to talk, comrades Kremlin windbags?
    1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 23 November 2022 20: 42
      You yourself are watching the empty ringer! How do you know about our modern air defense systems? You basically don't know about them. Moreover, in order to hit these horror stories, our planes do not need to fly into their affected area at all. And read carefully, it is said in the article that one cheap Geranium is enough to destroy a half-billionth installation.