Why NWO in Ukraine may end very soon

Epigraph: “All these eight years I plowed like a slave in the galleys, with full dedication of strength. I am satisfied with the results of my work...” (V. V. Putin)

Well, gentlemen, I have good news for you. Putin promised just now that "the most unpredictable decade since the Second World War" awaits us. So, I hasten to please you - Putin did not deceive, it has already begun! Fasten your seat belts - this year, which has not yet ended, will be the most violent, and the most fun awaits us in the near future (before the New Year).

A couple of texts ago I wrote about a certain agreement between the Kremlin and Washington, and I didn’t have any inside information, just theoretically and schematically, all the factors pointed to it. Now there is circumstantial evidence. Believe me, I'm shocked myself. I recommend reading this text without fail to all alarmist-minded citizens of our country, who have already got everyone with their whining that Putin is a weakling, does not control the situation, failed the SVO and is leading the country to death, and only about the pack of traitors and liberals that he he surrounded himself, so only the lazy one does not talk about it (here both alarmists and patriots, embracing and holding hands, have been pouring water on the mill of our enemies for eight months now, who never cease to be surprised at so many useful idiots who don’t even have to pay) . Who does not know what the tricky word "alarmist" means - colloquially it is a synonym for the word "alarmist".

At the same time, I will not hide the fact that in my today's discoveries I do not at all claim the laurels of Christopher Columbus or Amerigo Vespucci, I drew my knowledge exclusively from the statements of Mikhail Khazin (he modestly calls himself just an economist), who a month ago expressed the hypothesis that America haplyk. So he said, anticipating the meeting of his club "Street of Truth":

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I want to congratulate you, we live in an amazing time when everything has already been decided, but nothing is happening yet. However, I will take the liberty of asserting that America will soon have a FSE (haplyk is already from me)!.

Biden is a political corpse

Epigraph: "War is too serious a matter to be entrusted to the military" (Charles Maurice de Talleyrand).

Khazin built his evidence base on his own economic the theory that the American economy is overheated and the basis can no longer support such an expensive economic superstructure, fronted by Grandpa Joe, who was the talking head of the global financial supranational liberal elites, simply put, parsley, a puppet of international bankers. The speculative bubble of unsecured American dollars, inflated over the fat years of 30 years of prosperity, burst and everyone saw that there is simply nothing to plug the hole that has arisen, no matter what the Fed is doing now, it only gets worse. Don't be misled by the current slight strengthening of the dollar against other hard currencies (euro, pound, etc. yen), it always happens before a steep fall - you still have such a dizzying rally down that the rollercoaster against its background will seem just childish pranks. In medicine, a similar history is described as remission - the deceased always gets a little better before ... death. In this case, the behavior of the ruble is indicative - it is the only one that has strengthened against the dollar in the last eight months, which indicates the trend that Khazin predicted - we will survive, the dollar will not!

Finally, this was understood in America - on the fourth day, the local Vigilant Falcon noticed that the fourth wall was missing in the shed where they were put. At the end of the second year of Grandpa Joe's reign, the American elites noticed that the old man had no positive agenda, no matter what he did - the country only falls from this, inflation goes through the roof, the dollar depreciates (this can be seen not in the dollar exchange rate, but in the American mortgage business - he has already gone into a rapid peak), the recession has completely covered the entire US economy, even the war started by Joe's grandfather in Europe is no longer saving - the American ship is steadily sinking. After that, the rats ran away from him. Khazin drew attention to this factor a month ago, the Democrats began to scatter from the sinking Titanic. The first to leave the sinking Democratic ship was former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard (for a second, a US Army major who personally took part in several hot conflicts). She officially announced her withdrawal from the Democratic Party, because grandfather Joe is leading her the wrong way. After that, a mass exodus of Democrats from election headquarters and commissions began - these bureaucratic rats are always the first to smell danger. The last icing on the cake was a letter from thirty leftist Progressive Democrats about their disagreement with policies parties. And although they immediately withdrew their letter so as not to affect the results of the midterm elections to Congress, the fact remains that the rats began their exodus from a sinking ship.

Khazin drew attention to this fact, saying that a split had occurred within the American elites, and there was a tendency to change course. Our favorite Donald Trump, being the frontman of the industrial national capital, advocating the revival of the real sector of the American economy and the rejection of the global agenda, having enlisted the support of Big Tek, at the backstage negotiations of the powerful of this world was able to defeat the globalist financiers, whose face was ours. elderly client of Alzheimer's. As a result of the shady agreements reached, America changes course abruptly. It doesn’t even matter which of the Republicans will take a seat in the Oval Office in 2024, having won the presidential election. Trump has done his job - split America, Trump can leave, America has made its decision - the globalists have been shown the door.

The trigger for this was the behavior of Elon Musk and his buyout of Twitter. For those who have forgotten, I will remind you that it was the support of Big Tek by the globalist financiers that allowed their protege grandfather Joe to win the 2020 presidential election. The owner of Facebook (now Meta, an organization banned in the Russian Federation) Mark Zuckerberg has already admitted to this criminal fact in his interview with Joe Rogan, where he confirmed that in 2020, at the request of the FBI, he reduced the issuance of critical information against one of the presidential candidates. races, namely against Grandpa Joe. On Twitter, Donald Trump was simply, without further ado, blocked. Now this will not happen, and therefore the song of the Democrats is sung, since Big Tek has gone over to the side of the Republicans.

Help: By "Big Tek" they mean technological the IT sector of the US economy, which includes such giants as Google (Alphabet), Amazon, Meta (Facebook), Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Twitter, Snap, Uber and a number of other smaller companies that have been forming political views and preferences in recent years only US citizens, but also all consumers of their product worldwide.

As a result of all these events, very soon Grandpa Joe will turn into a political corpse. He is already breathing heavily, and after November 8 and the quite expected (by 99,9%) victory of the Republicans in the midterm elections to Congress, where they will definitely wring out the majority from the Democrats in the Lower House, sending grandmother Nancy Pelosi to retire, and in The Senate will still compete with the Democrats for parity, our client Alzheimer will have such problems that I don’t even know how he will have time to visit his doctor in between hearing reports on the results of his remarkable work in the Congressional committees and testimony to the special counsel who will be appointed by Congress to investigate facts of misuse of the money of American taxpayers. If, as a result of all these events, our peppy old man lives until 2024, and does not die of natural causes, then we can say that he was very lucky. But he will definitely not have time for the 2024 presidential election.

A month ago, I did not believe Mikhail Khazin, his conclusions seemed too optimistic to me, especially against the background of our “victories” that we carried at that time at the front (counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Kherson with its subsequent siege, the loss of Izyum, Balakleya, Kupyansk, Krasny Liman , with further "gifts" from the delusional Clown in the form of attacks on the Crimean bridge, the Kursk nuclear power plant, the Black Sea Fleet base, which I am telling you, you yourself know all this). It would seem, why should grandfather Joe hand over backwards when only the card went? But I drew my erroneous conclusions on the assumption that Putin was conducting his behind-the-scenes negotiations with Biden's representatives, and I could not imagine in my thoughts that the negotiations were being conducted behind the back of Alzheimer's client. Imagine my surprise when Mikhail Khazin's predictions began to come true right before my eyes. But first things first.

London and Washington are not blood brothers. There is no more in common between them than between Ukrainians and Russians.

In Khazin’s forecasts, he unambiguously hinted at Washington’s drain of London, explaining this by saying that they are from different sandboxes, Trump represents national industrial capital, and representatives of transnational international bankers have settled in London since 1936 - globalist financiers, whose frontmen were Obama and Biden. Only Boris Johnson was with Trump from the same sandbox, but where is Boris Johnson now? Now, when the saviors of America have taken a course towards draining the globalists as having not justified their hopes, and all the money is set to "zero", read on the Trumpist Republicans, according to Khazin's forecast, such amazing events await us that I don't even know how you believe them. I didn't believe it myself for the time being.

The first thing that the conditional Trump will get rid of when he comes to the Oval Office in 2024 will be NATO. So, no more and no less, do not rush to fall! Why does he need this burden when all of America's interests lie in the Pacific region, Southeast Asia, the Arctic and Antarctic. To solve these problems, AUKUS was created, which includes, in addition to the States, Australia and Britain. But as luck would have it, both of these countries are part of the British Commonwealth and their armed forces are commanded not by the presidents (premiers) of these countries, but by His Majesty Charles III. Why does the newly arrived conditional Trump need such problems? And so we drown Britain. The Yankees do not need strong small-shaven, only weak and loyal vassals are needed. Therefore, the above analogy with Russians and Ukrainians in the case of the Anglo-Saxons makes sense. Although, as Putin says, we are one people, we cannot and do not want to allow the Ukrainians to rule over us. The Americans have the same story - they did not fight for their independence with England in 1775 in order to allow now, 250 years later, the stiff English to take over.

Therefore, when Putin just now said that he considered London to be the culprit of undermining our northern gas pipelines, I almost fell off my chair. Which London? After all, don’t go to a fortuneteller here, with the naked eye you can see the ears and interests of Grandpa Joe, and not only the ears, but also the tail with hooves. And Putin, for some reason, called Britain the culprit, although it was not at all the ships of His Majesty's fleet circling over the blown up threads of the Nord Streams on the eve of the incident, and the helicopters of the British Royal Air Force were noted there on the day of the accident. We know whose ships and whose helicopters they were, but Putin called SIS / MI-6 (Secret Intelligence Service of the British Foreign Office) and SBS (British Special Boat Service) the culprit. Why? We know that the British took part in the blowing up of the Crimean Bridge and the attack of a swarm of drones on the Black Sea Fleet base in Sevastopol, but for some reason Putin accused them of a more serious crime - undermining the international infrastructure. Why? The answer is obvious - they were appointed extreme. And, not us. Guess three times who could do it? Guessed? And then answer the next question - why is Putin shielding the Americans?

Was there really an agreement, and Putin, by order of the other side, is drowning the British? It was this indirect reason that prompted me to revise Khazin's forecast. And then in his forecasts it became more and more wonderful.

"Liver Sausage" Scholz - the first to exit. Macron - get ready

Further, Mikhail Leonidovich predicts the collapse of the EU and Germany, as his locomotive. Moreover, Germany will break up into the FRG and the GDR, the East Germans will not want to live in the same house with the losers. Indeed, for 32 years of living together, the “axis” and “vesi” have not found a common language, the East Germans even have a different sense of humor and they no longer want to put up with a condescending (top to bottom) attitude towards themselves. The UN peacekeeping forces have long noticed this feature, faced with the fact that the contingent they attracted from the Bundeswehr turned out to be completely uncombat-ready, while the fighters of the NVA (People's Army of the GDR) did an excellent job with their tasks, because over the 70 years of occupation, the Americans did not etched out the spirit of the victors (while the West Germans apologized all their lives and atoned for sins for the atrocities of the demon-possessed Fuhrer, the East Germans did not consider themselves guilty of these sins).

Therefore, the first person in Europe to have problems will be the "sausage" Scholz. We can already see how he disposed of the goose that lays the golden eggs, which he inherited from his grandmother Merkel. He drowned Nord Stream 2 even before the Americans, who are now British according to Putin. What it will cost his country, we also already know. And who does not know, he will see very soon. Maybe someday the Germans will still restore the destroyed gas pipelines (exclusively at their own expense!), But this will definitely not be under Scholz. He will go nowhere in disgrace, following five (already five!) European governments. The first, if you don’t remember, were the Bulgarians, then the Estonians, then the Italians, before and after the Italians, the twice stiff English, and then they were joined by the Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, who resigned on November 2 to form a new government. I think that the descendant of the unfinished fascists will be forced to resign somewhere in January-February. If he survives the winter, then you can say that he was very lucky. Next to retire is his French gay colleague. But Khazin did not say anything about Macron, this is my version.

The Pope rules!

But who Khazin was talking about is about the Pope. That's really who you did not expect to see in the list of the powerful of this world, who, behind the backs of supranational elites, rules the world. It would seem, where is the Vatican and where are these elites? Although since ancient times the church has ruled the world, and why should something change in the 21st century? 79 years ago, Stalin asked Churchill: “Who is the Pope? How many divisions does he have? Churchill then did not find what to answer. Now, as it turned out, the number of divisions is not everything.

Do you think that Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary, is Putin's man (also called "Putin's mouthpiece")? But they didn't guess. Viktor Orban is a man of Pope Francis. That is why there is such courage. No one can do anything with him, because they know who is behind him. The Pope has his own interest in the redistribution of the world and spheres of influence. He stands guard over conservative values, and representatives of non-traditional sexual minorities, as well as the new perverts of a liberal society (there, 58 more types of gender identities were counted with Grandpa Joe), clearly do not fit into a holistic picture of his world. The same views are held by Trump, Putin, Orban and the majority of representatives of humanity, who are not on the way with perverted globalists.

All the inhabitants of the Office of the Unshaven Clown are dead in the truest sense of the word. They know too much!

So we got to the Kyiv junta. What fate awaits them? All of us, of course, would like them all to hang upside down on all the trees along Khreshchatyk that have not yet been cut down by Klitschko. As for the trees, I can’t promise, but that a very sad fate awaits them, I can promise for sure. Few of them risk meeting their stinking old age somewhere in Washington or Oklahoma in a “quiet place” bought with money stolen from the Ukrainian people. And not because they stole a little money. Because they know too much. There is no reason for the hegemon to leave them alive.

Most likely they will repeat the fate of General Sikorsky, the former Polish prime minister in exile during WWII - he drowned along with his B-24 in Gibraltar 16 seconds after taking off under unclear circumstances on July 4, 1943, when Stalin agreed with Churchill. Together with the general, his chief of staff with his deputy, two of his adjutants, along with his secretary daughter, a couple of members of the Conservative Party of Britain who ended up on this plane, plus five crew members of the B-24 (Liberator II) 511 16st Squadron, Royal Air Force. In total, XNUMX people went to another world, except for the Czech pilot Eduard Prhal, who, by a strange coincidence, put on a life jacket on this flight, while he had never worn it before in his life (does it bother you?). There was another survivor there, but history is silent on his name.

The plane sank for demonstration purposes in front of a stunned audience, so that no one had any doubts. Why the members of the organized crime group "95th quarter" should have a different fate, I don't know, they know too much to keep them alive. Washington does not have and does not feel any obligations or other snotty sentiments towards them. If he threw to the crowd 30 years of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who served him faithfully and truthfully, spent the rest of his days under trial and investigation, sentenced to life imprisonment, pardoned, but still died in a prison hospital, then I don’t know why Unshaven Clown should wait for another fate. He chose her for himself. He will die like a dog, like all his accomplices!

Why am I so sure of this? There are reasons for this, to quote NBC News:

US President Joe Biden lost his temper during a telephone conversation with Vladimir Zelensky, which took place on June 15, and accused him of ingratitude

- this was recently reported by NBC News, citing four people familiar with the content of the conversation.

Biden had barely finished telling Zelensky that he had approved another $XNUMX billion in military aid to Ukraine, and Zelensky had already begun listing in detail what he needed more and didn’t get yet. After that, Biden lost his temper and in a raised voice told the interlocutor that the American people are very generous and that his administration and military department are working hard to help Ukraine, so Zelensky should have shown a little more gratitude.

– said the source of the channel, familiar with the situation.

On the same day, October 31, something similar, referring to the former American ambassador to Poland, Daniel Fried, was also written by a very well-informed publication Politico, which informed its readers that officials from the Biden administration were at times unhappy with the way Zelensky put pressure on them, demanding help. . At the same time, the publication even listed the requests of the Ukrainian side that were not satisfied: to supply the operational-tactical missile system ATACMS; close the sky over Ukraine; officially recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Earlier in October, the Washington Post, the most influential Democratic newspaper, wrote, citing unnamed White House officials, that Biden asked Zelensky not to say that the United States is not helping enough, because these statements make it harder for him to convince Congress to continue helping.

Nothing here bothers you? Why yesterday news pulled right now? And three different independent sources. Biden was unhappy with Zelensky in June, but for some reason NBC News and Politico wrote about it only on October 31, and the mouthpiece of the Washington Post Democratic Party ran on the same topic a few days earlier? Who needs this old news, which looks more like a planned stuffing sanctioned from above, which is very correlated with Khazin's words that a decision was made at the top, a consensus was reached - Biden will be merged, and, therefore, Zelensky's comrades become unnecessarily? We all know how Americans deal with unnecessary things. I doubt very much that they will be evacuated by transport Hercules, although, if along the Sikorsky route, then maybe.

From all of the above, only one conclusion can be drawn - the process has begun, Zelensky is being prepared for disposal. All dogs will be hanged on him, and for the transition period a more compromised figure with the Russian Federation is possible. Which one, I have not the slightest idea, there are no compromise figures left, I would have shot everyone.


If we take all of the above as a basis, then all the hitherto incomprehensible actions of the Kremlin become clear, with digging the “Wagner Line” in the depths of our territory, “surrendering” Kherson and going on the defensive. Why ruin our soldiers, if a consensus is reached, Ukraine will be merged, America will dump all non-core assets, leaving behind only the Pacific region, Southeast Asia and Latin America, concentrating on internal problems and restoring the real sector of its own economy. Putin's task is to wait with little bloodshed for the Republicans to come to the Oval Office, and they will take care that Grandpa Joe's desire to fight will decrease in the remaining two years of his reign. After that, Ukraine itself will fall at our feet, if by that time it does not fall apart under the weight of economic problems that it has created for itself with our help. Some kind of freeze for two years, similar to the Transnistrian conflict.

What will happen to Europe in this case does not bother us anymore - she climbed into this ass herself, now let her get out of it herself. If, as a result, Germany nevertheless falls apart into components, and with it the EU, then I do not exclude the emergence of new state entities, such as Austria-Hungary under the patronage of the Pope to maintain the balance of power. All our former republics, including the Transcaucasian and Central Asian ones, will fall under our influence, and henceforth we will be friends from north to south, and not from east to west, which camp the Baltic tattered cats will join, I don’t even know, I don’t exclude that ours, for hunger is not an aunt. Such a disposition is on the board, and it is up to you to believe it or not to believe it.

With this, the overview report on our mournful affairs ended. How right I was or not, we will see soon. If my predictions start to come true - do not be surprised at anything, I myself did not believe in them for the time being. But facts are stubborn things! As Putin said, "We are in for the most unpredictable decade since World War II." And it has already begun. Hopefully we'll get through and everything will be fine. Your Mr. Z
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  1. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 4 November 2022 09: 40
    Quotes only. And not a mere mortal, but J. Powell (the whole head of the FRS). A bunch of conflicting statements.

    Financial conditions have tightened significantly and this is reflected in most vulnerable sectors such as real estate.

    The housing market is overheated, there was a bubble. Falling prices and falling sales is normal, but there is no bubble in the subprime market like there was in 2007 and the situation is generally under control in terms of loan portfolio quality.

    The Fed will be more guided in designing its monetary policy not on the actual inflation rate, but on the forecasted inflation rate and from it to calculate the real rates in the money market. The Fed may view real positive rates as an intermediate goal, but it is not an end in itself.

    The Fed will take decisive steps to normalization of demand in line with supply.

    Things didn't go the way the Fed predicted.. Inflation is not declining as it should be, the labor market remains strong when it should have begun to decline, and demand is still strong, while supply growth is limited.

    Especially touches the last quote "Everything went wrong."
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 4 November 2022 14: 39
      Khazin is still touched by how they manipulate statistics, where real consumer inflation is higher than the declared 8%
      1. Igor_E Offline Igor_E
        Igor_E (Igor) 4 November 2022 21: 55
        I listened to Khazin for 2 years. The head is brilliant. There are probably no more than a thousand such smart people on the whole planet. I distributed links to Khazin to all my friends.
        But, after Khazin made a mistake in one of his very serious predictions, I almost stopped reading and listening to him. It is about the so-callednew Yalta", which Khazin talked about for several years, that he expects this event, that it will happen soon. Khazin was right about dividing the world into currency zones, and "New Yalta" is an agreement that (according to Khazin's assumption) should have happened between main countries (USA, China, Russia) about dividing the world into zones of influence.Shortly before the NWO (or at the beginning of the NWO, I don’t remember now), Khazin said that Putin most likely had already agreed with Biden about Ukraine, and that the United States would soon will give it to Russia, by withdrawing from NATO, which will lead to a halt in the supply of Ukraine with weapons and mercenaries.
        But, then Khazin saw that the United States was powerfully clinging to Ukraine, and were not going to give it back.
        Instead of saying yes, I was greatly mistaken, in the next video he only briefly threw the phrase "I had some illusions ..." and "There will be no New Yalta."
        Khazin is a brilliant economist, but he was not so advanced in politics.
        On the contrary, deputy Fedorov always said that the war was coming very heavy.
        Khazin assumed that Putin could clean up the liberals without much effort.
        On the contrary, Fedorov says that it is very difficult to clean up the oligarchs and liberals, and this will be possible only in the event of very serious problems in the war, at the moment when there is a threat to the existence of the state (due to the betrayal of the oligarchs and liberals), then at a critical moment part of the people will wake up, and with their support they will help Putin clean up the fifth column.
        I also don’t particularly trust Deputy Fedorov, if only because he lies on some points. For example, it says that the people are to the same extent to blame for the collapse of the USSR, as well as the elite. But, this is a lie, because. the elite occupies managerial positions, controls the power structures, and the disenfranchised people need several decades to realize what has happened and somehow try to correct the situation.
        Even deputy Fedorov does not talk about the fact that the massacre in Ukraine was staged by Jews (Kolomoisky, etc.) with the tacit consent of American Jews, Israeli Jews, etc. Eduard Khodos, a former Ukrainian rabbi, who was horrified by the deeds of his fellow tribesmen, speaks and writes a lot on this topic, he converted to the Christian faith many years ago. And since then, he has been denouncing Zionism, especially its manifestation in Ukraine.
        1. isofat Online isofat
          isofat (isofat) 4 November 2022 23: 18
          Igor, I think that you and Hodos are mistaken. The Zionists have done their main work. Today, they do more harm to Jews than good. The appearance of Shlom Zand is an attempt to get away from them, in my opinion. Now Hodos is denouncing Zionism. The Jews of the United States are fighting Zionism and supplying weapons to Ukraine, but it is likely that other Jews will suffer. laughing
        2. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 5 November 2022 03: 49
          I agree with Igor in almost everything, except for the last thesis about Ukraine (I am writing with a small letter, because such a country does not exist for me after 2014), due to the fact that I myself live there, I can say that Jews do not belong here than, it was a collective conspiracy of local oligarchs (among whom there were Jewish nationalities, but Poroshenko-Akhmetov-Tegipko and a dozen more were definitely not Jews) in an attempt to squeeze Janek out of the trough and settle down with him themselves, but at first the Europeans intervened (Poles, Germans, French), and then the Yankees came and beautifully squeezed the results of their labors from them. What happened next, you know.
        3. borisvt Offline borisvt
          borisvt (boris) 5 November 2022 13: 35
          By the way, I also heard that Odessa is still practically untouchable thanks to some Jewish personalities.
          1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
            Volkonsky (Vladimir) 5 November 2022 18: 16
            Odessa is the sphere of interests of the Yankees and small-shaven people, they won’t give it up so easily, Odessa is the foundation stone of Ukraine, take it out and everything will crumble
            1. Igor_E Offline Igor_E
              Igor_E (Igor) 5 November 2022 23: 27
              On enemy resources they write:

              During Jake Sullivan's visit to Kyiv, it was voiced that the very conditions on which the Russians are ready to conduct dialogue are unacceptable, since all conversations must begin with the complete de-occupation of Ukraine.
              Sullivan said support for Ukraine would be strong whatever the outcome of the Nov. 8 congressional election. Another $400 million in military aid has been announced.
        4. Yuri Nemov Offline Yuri Nemov
          Yuri Nemov (Yuri Nemov) 7 November 2022 09: 54
          Quote from: Igor_E
          For example, he says that the people are just as much to blame for the collapse of the USSR as the elite. But it's a lie

          Didn't power in the USSR belong to the people? If the people, then the people are guilty of the collapse, because where did he look when he had power ??? And if the people profiled their power ... to the elites, then again they are guilty, why did they give up power for which they shed blood? Here, according to anyone, Fedorov is right, part of the blame on the people is unambiguous.
          1. Igor_E Offline Igor_E
            Igor_E (Igor) 11 November 2022 17: 59
            In the USSR, power belonged to the party (in fact, the careerists who climbed to the very top were not allowed to go there, they were waiting for Stalin to die). In 1952, Stalin, realizing that after him the careerists would ruin the country, tried to transfer power to the soviets (the people). But before he had time, he was killed in 1953. Khrushchev was the main initiator of the murder. In the book of Yuri Mukhin there are dialogues from the party congress, where Stalin explained the need to transfer power to the soviets.
            Chapter 9 REMOVING THE PARTY FROM POWER. Stalin's Perestroika.
  2. Yuri Pyagai Offline Yuri Pyagai
    Yuri Pyagai (Yuri Pyagai) 4 November 2022 09: 51
    It turns out, arguing that the undermining of pipelines is the business of England, Putin acts as a small fry in the interests of the United States. He's not even a trump six, he and Russia are less than a deuce in the US deck, in the game of poker that the US "plays". So Russia's interests are not in this game. In which our "great" combinator got involved.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 4 November 2022 14: 41
      little fry here you are! to talk about the weakling-Putin has not yet come out of growth! Putin does not play cards, but chess
      1. Turquoise Offline Turquoise
        Turquoise (Firuz) 4 November 2022 17: 57
        In fact, in chess you need to win the strength of your opponent with whom you are equal. And Putin, having an advantage over his opponent, manages to lose. The enemy still gets other pieces to help. Now what awaits such a king ?, but absolutely nothing, since "The King is already naked."
        1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 4 November 2022 21: 14
          and the game is not over yet, only the middlegame, and the opponent is already hanging on the flag
        2. Just a guest Offline Just a guest
          Just a guest (Igor Golubev) 7 November 2022 04: 50
          You just don't see the whole idea.
    2. Shaman_z Offline Shaman_z
      Shaman_z (Anton Shamanaev) 5 November 2022 16: 35
      Sir, he is not yours, do not flatter yourself, pray for Uncle Joe and you will be happy.
  3. Dmitry Volkov Offline Dmitry Volkov
    Dmitry Volkov (Dmitry Volkov) 4 November 2022 10: 11
    We need to drag out the conflict as much as possible until deep winter, ideally spring, the maximum amount of Bandera scum will go to waste and life will get better, and geyropa and mattress covers are no longer fighters!
  4. soloist2424 Offline soloist2424
    soloist2424 (Oleg) 4 November 2022 10: 38
    Unsubstantiated article.

    Viktor Orban is a man of Pope Francis. That is why courage

    Proof of? And if so, why does the Pope (represented by Orban) stand for normal relations with Russia? Summing up: it is clear that the United States is not all right, but how long will it last? The fact that not everything was in order with the Russian Empire became clear back in 1905, but the revolution broke out 12 years later. I would like to. to make things happen sooner.
    1. Khentiamenti Offline Khentiamenti
      Khentiamenti (Hentiamenti) 4 November 2022 14: 00
      The author, like Mr. Khazin, does not bother with evidence ... Rumors go from house to house, like flies in the corners ...
    2. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 4 November 2022 14: 45
      the revolution broke out in 1905 - the first Russian revolution, learn history! uprising on Krasnaya Presnya, bloody Sunday, have you heard? Pope Francis himself has already spoken for Putin, would you like a quote? said that Putin must be reckoned with, the Pope is a conservative, like Putin-Trump-Orban, I wrote about this, but you read between the lines
      1. Carmela Offline Carmela
        Carmela (Carmela) 4 November 2022 15: 23
        The Pope has his own interest in the redistribution of the world and spheres of influence. He stands guard over conservative values

        Own interest - yes, but what is on guard of conservative values ​​- definitely not. Both Khazin and the author following him, in my opinion, are mistaken. The Catholic Church is the tip of the spear with which to destroy European civilization. The wedding of same-sex marriages does not fit into the conservative views of the pope, even if he is Roman.
        1. Alpha Omega (beta) 4 November 2022 17: 05
          But does the author of the article claim that the Pope of Rome supports same-sex marriages and all these Sodom-Gomorian dances with tambourines?
          1. Carmela Offline Carmela
            Carmela (Carmela) 4 November 2022 19: 40
            Quote: Alpha Omega (beta)
            does the author of the article claim

            The author called the pope the guardian of conservative values. How do Sodom and Gomorrah fit into conservative values? Catholic priests, subordinate to the pope as their main boss, crown same-sex marriages in the church in many European countries. For example, in Switzerland.
            1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
              Volkonsky (Vladimir) 4 November 2022 21: 17
              I'm talking about a specific Pope Francis, don't drag all gay dads here
      2. soloist2424 Offline soloist2424
        soloist2424 (Oleg) 25 November 2022 20: 31
        Quote: Volkonsky
        the revolution broke out in 1905 - the first Russian revolution, learn history!

        We know - Moscow is on fire. Only a revolution that has not won is not worth much, which is why I measure 12 years.
  5. Romanovski Offline Romanovski
    Romanovski (Roman) 4 November 2022 10: 45
    And what is the point of the article if the author claims to have valuable geopolitical insider information??? Warn the globalist organized crime groups in London and Washington in advance so that they provide a backup plan "B" ???
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 4 November 2022 14: 48
      where is the inside? Khazin has already said everything before me, the trouble with the West is that they don’t listen to anyone, the Dunning-Kruger effect (google what it is?), the degradation of political elites

      you read inattentively, the decision has already been made by the powerful of this world - it was decided to merge the globalists, because they do not have a positive agenda, there were globalists among the powerful of this world, they are aware that their card is beaten
  6. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
    Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 4 November 2022 11: 35
    Understood nothing. Biden is a corpse - of course, the 2nd term obviously does not threaten him. Scholz on the way out? Clear! The Germans will not forgive him the fall in living standards. And stupid voters will be framed by Scholz#2. Will America fall apart? Yes. But, very soon. What threatens Russia? Nobody speaks. I suspect: a decline in living standards and an increase in industrial production.
  7. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 4 November 2022 11: 55
    And, again, a description of a parallel fictional world.
    Where the dollar is about to collapse (for 30 years already), Omerik is about to fall apart, and Putin has overcome everyone and is about to overcome even more (rather than losing all partners and allies, nurtured untouchable "effective managers" and almost literally all the promises rested "as always")
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 4 November 2022 14: 54
      you don’t understand this in your parallel reality, where does it say that Putin overcame everyone? are you delirious again?
    2. The comment was deleted.
  8. Vox_Populi Offline Vox_Populi
    Vox_Populi (vox populi) 4 November 2022 12: 11
    The incredible ability of the author to wishful thinking, while referring to dubious sources and strange judgments of "experts" never ceases to amaze ...
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 4 November 2022 14: 55
      I cited the facts that you cited?
      1. soloist2424 Offline soloist2424
        soloist2424 (Oleg) 25 November 2022 20: 28
        Do not be offended, just facts that are apparently obvious to you are not quite obvious to others. This is natural - people are different, perception is also different. None of us are present in the Kremlin, they don’t listen to behind-the-scenes conversations, so we make guesses - hit or miss.
    2. Alpha Omega (beta) 4 November 2022 17: 11
      Looking forward to your amazing article! So..... laughing
  9. Yarik83 Offline Yarik83
    Yarik83 (J. Yarmosh 8-bit Music) 4 November 2022 12: 22
    London and Washington are not blood brothers. There is no more in common between them than between Ukrainians and Russians.

    The author, after this phrase, everything becomes clear to you.
    Well, if you do not understand that we are one people, which even Putin speaks about repeatedly, then one can only sympathize with you.
    And so .. Well, yes, foreign agent Khazin on the American YouTube channel, which for some reason does not block him (of course), said that there is no need to fight the enemy, because the enemy will fall apart on its own.
    Well, well.. Well, well..
    The truth is that Putin can't do it alone, no matter how brilliant he is. He needs people! And the people are ASLEEPING. Including thanks to such 'Khazins' and other 'Solovievs'.
    And until the people wake up, the NWO will go on.
    Ukraine cannot be defeated! Because this is OUR territory, which is pumped up by NATO countries. And who the hell will be there: Trump or Biden. It's all a media show.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 4 November 2022 14: 57
      here I agree with you, we are one people! but Khazin is definitely not a foreign agent, he calls on Putin to disperse all liberalism, starting with the Central Bank. But you didn’t listen to him, why write heresy then?
      1. Yarik83 Offline Yarik83
        Yarik83 (J. Yarmosh 8-bit Music) 4 November 2022 21: 39
        There is evidence of his training and funding in the US. Regular spy. Yes, he speaks beautifully. But that doesn't mean he's mine. It is their job to speak beautifully and patriotically. Stirlitz, too, was not revealed by anyone. A spy is a spy.
        1. Vladimir80 Offline Vladimir80
          Vladimir80 5 November 2022 06: 06
          And it seems to me M.L.H. not a spy at all, he looks more like an ordinary TV show character in which "self-named" experts and directors of "self-invented" institutions say something, predict, argue. "By their fruits you shall know them." It's just part of the media industry. Thinking people can always see what these characters said a year/two/three years ago, what predictions came true, how the agenda has changed.
    2. Alpha Omega (beta) 4 November 2022 17: 52
      We are waiting for your article in a more detailed form about how it is impossible to defeat Ukraine laughing In fact, it was already once bent and under itself and won: the Austro-Hungarians, Poles, Germans .... She lays down very well in front of everyone)) Ukraine was saved by Russia! Read history. Or do you like in that song "our father Bandera" ?! laughing
    3. sap Offline sap
      sap (Alex) 5 November 2022 10: 53
      People don't even sleep! The people are on the alert! And he doesn’t support Putin because he committed the perjury, and the people will never forgive him for this, even if he buries the United States under the Stalin Strait, whom he hates so fiercely (jealous of popularity and love among the people). As for Khazin's forecasts (I would call hysterics), one must not respect oneself in order to not only believe him, but even listen to him.
      1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
        Volkonsky (Vladimir) 5 November 2022 18: 22
        if Putin hates Stalin, whom he personally got out of the closet, where the supporters of Gorbi-EBN pushed him, cleaned him of dirt and raised him to the flag again, then you don’t understand anything in modern history, don’t listen to Khazin further, he will survive
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 4 November 2022 13: 05
    Chatterbox ... And if nothing happens? I found someone to believe .. Khazin. He often carries such nonsense that they stopped even inviting him to all the info shows .. Even the nightingales smile
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 4 November 2022 14: 14
      What kind of nonsense is Khazin talking? Proof.
      What makes you think that he was no longer invited to broadcast? Are you closely following his activities? Have you read any of his books? Almost all of his predictions come true.
      1. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 4 November 2022 19: 36
        I sometimes look at Pravda Street .. While Kolmogorov was leading it, he somehow leveled his nonsense. Although if you look from this company, one Karine is more sane ...
        1. boriz Offline boriz
          boriz (boriz) 5 November 2022 01: 08
          You don't have to go off topic. Specific examples of nonsense.
          The collapse of the dollar system predicted, it is crumbling before our eyes. The end of American global dominance was predicted. He is no more. About Biden, the Arabs are already just wiping their feet.
          Where are your examples of nonsense?
          1. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 5 November 2022 08: 16
            Say examples of nonsense .. While our gold reserves are in the banks of the West and they are calmly blocking them, putting them on all agreements with the device. Only the Papuans did not predict the collapse of the dollar. In the UN, everyone obediently votes as they should. Despite Lavrov’s bleating, the Arabs wiped their feet and said something about the secret ballot. But at the first request they accepted him. Albeit with a sour face. maybe it’s in the future .. far .. and it will come true, but .... it’s a pity to live in this beautiful time ... etc. and so on. Americans are ready to bite their throats for this preservation of the status quo And ours ....
            1. boriz Offline boriz
              boriz (boriz) 5 November 2022 10: 30
              An example of nonsense in forecasts! Where?
              Verbal diarrhea is not interesting.
    2. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 4 November 2022 14: 58
      do you believe Solovyov? sorry!
      1. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 4 November 2022 19: 28
        Sometimes I don’t believe myself, and even more so these rhetoricians. Sometimes I look at Skabeev - pretty
        1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 4 November 2022 21: 22
          Solovyov against the background of Skabeeva is a titan of thought! it’s just that both propagandists work for the Kremlin, nightingales are better
          1. Yarik83 Offline Yarik83
            Yarik83 (J. Yarmosh 8-bit Music) 4 November 2022 21: 34
            Yes, they work for the USA, not for the Kremlin! Only Putin works for the Kremlin, for that matter. Is it still not clear that Putin has NO relation and influence on the media in our country? Or do you really think that such programs as Dom-2 are with his approval or something? Not!
            1. aslanxnumx Offline aslanxnumx
              aslanxnumx (Aslan) 5 November 2022 08: 45
              House -2 is more interesting to watch than to listen to Solovyov's nonsense
            2. ja.net.1975 Offline ja.net.1975
              ja.net.1975 5 November 2022 15: 14
              and if not a dozen, then you shouldn’t have taken on the tug, because the horses are carrying into the abyss .....
            3. Just a guest Offline Just a guest
              Just a guest (Igor Golubev) 7 November 2022 05: 03
              Why are you so sure? I think Putin himself does not look at House 2. But specially trained people regularly report to him about such shows, serials and so on. What kind of audience do they have, how many more young people have been fooled ... Have you noticed that even STS began to broadcast the President's New Year's address? So, I think that everything is controlled and whoever needs it has a hand on the pulse.
          2. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 5 November 2022 08: 18
            I’ve never compared it. But the nightingale didn’t get the most convenient time. With titanium, somehow compare ... not ice .. Remember Prometheus how you ended ...
      2. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 5 November 2022 10: 06
        Reading and crying. The author reminds me of an enthusiastic high school student who, with a gleam in her eyes, talks about her next hobby - Khazin's fabrications. I don't even want to comment on this nonsense. The author, as usual, crushes water in a mortar for a long time, pumping it up, then walks in circles and about ... and as a result, it all comes down to the next US elections in 2024 (here is the "discoverer genius" lol ). And if you omit the "water" generously spilled by the author, then the message of the article is to endure in the trenches for another 2 years, but then .... and figs knows what will happen later, but be patient ... yes 2 years. Only. Those who live will know what will happen then ... love
        1. isofat Online isofat
          isofat (isofat) 5 November 2022 10: 29
          You did it in vain, that you were laughing, you had a good opportunity to think and share your thoughts with us. yes
        2. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 5 November 2022 18: 27
          pathological stupidity, I don’t even want to comment! uncle, read the conclusions, where is Putin going to sit in the trenches for 2 years?!
          1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
            Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 6 November 2022 09: 55

            Putin's task is to wait with little bloodshed for the Republicans to come to the Oval Office, and they will take care that Grandpa Joe's desire to fight will decrease in the remaining two years of his reign. After that, Ukraine itself will fall at our feet, if by that time ...

        3. Materialist Online Materialist
          Materialist (Michael) 5 November 2022 18: 38
          8 years from 14 waited. and what ? got better ?
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 4 November 2022 21: 30
      He often talks such nonsense that they stopped even inviting him to all the info shows .. Even the nightingales smile

  12. Alex Offline Alex
    Alex (Alexander) 4 November 2022 13: 30
    The only thing I can say (write) about the article and the opinion of its author:

    These words, yes to God in sushi.
  13. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 4 November 2022 13: 56
    excessive optimism, as well as all-out promiscuity, is dangerous ..... you need to fight and win taking advantage of the weakness of the enemy, and not wait for Ukraine to fall into its own hands ....
    1. Alex Nevs Offline Alex Nevs
      Alex Nevs (Alex) 5 November 2022 10: 56
      Error. and also "brilliant".
  14. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 4 November 2022 14: 07
    The first thing that the conditional Trump will get rid of when he comes to the Oval Office in 2024 will be NATO.

    Why so long? Nobody will tolerate him. His demobilization chord is to collapse the stock exchanges and the economy. Then dump on a well-deserved rest due to the exacerbation of Alzheimer's. The soil and the legend have long been prepared. They don't have time to wait.
    Therefore, Putin does not make any sudden movements. Doesn't want to disrupt the game for the Republicans.
    And when they come to power, so many words will not be needed. You just have to listen to what the lady at the Iowa rally has to say. There are only 4 days left, they say it directly, there is nothing to be ashamed of.
    Got it? After the transition of the Senate and Congress to the Republicans - not a penny to Ukraine.
    And how long will they last after that? Not only Ukraine, all those in Europe who helped Ukraine.
    And the fact that Zelensky was not a tenant was clear even before the start of the NWO.
    As for Khazin, his predictions have come true for many years.
    Solovyov laughed at him eight years ago. Then he stopped. Khazin has long been a regular guest on the airs of Solovyov and the programs of his studios. His opinion is listened to not only here and in Europe, but also in the USA and Canada.
    His theory goes beyond a few slurred words.

    Khazin built his evidence base on his own economic theory that the American economy is overheated and the basis can no longer support such an expensive economic superstructure,

    He has several books worth reading years ago.

    The speculative bubble of unsecured American dollars, inflated over the fat years of 30 years of prosperity, burst and everyone saw that there is simply nothing to plug the hole that has arisen, no matter what the Fed is doing now, it only gets worse.

    Not in 30 years. The operation of the very model of capitalism, which began as early as the beginning of the 17th (or even at the end of the 16th) century, has ended. Therefore, the collapse of the West is inevitable and does not particularly depend on the actions of this very West. They could only delay the collapse a little, but only at the cost of deepening the collapse.
    The authors of the content should have written about this 3+ years ago in order to orient readers, and not produce indistinct waste paper.
  15. Artie Offline Artie
    Artie (Artyom Korolev) 4 November 2022 14: 08
    I repeat here:

    here both the alarmists and the patriots, embracing and holding hands, together for eight months now have been pouring water on the mill of our enemies, who never cease to be surprised at such a number of useful idiots who do not even have to pay). Who does not know what the tricky word "alarmist" means - colloquially it is a synonym for the word "alarmist".

    Not patriots, but "patriots". Basically, these are Soviet and semi-Soviet elderly Muschinki, with a crippled psyche by the matriarchy of the liberal Marxists of the CPSU

    A month ago, I did not believe Mikhail Khazin, his conclusions seemed too optimistic to me, especially against the background of our “victories” that we carried at that time at the front

    On the contrary, Khazin even describes the situation a little more pessimistic than it actually is. And you have some nonsense about our alleged defeats at the front in the proxy war against NATO. Here's how things work in reality:

    Partial call-up of reservists - to occupy additional regions (Odessa, Nikolaev, maybe something else). For the current ones, it is enough or almost enough (approximately, 10-20 percent can be added) of the current grouping ~ 40k per region. Yes, and even reservists would not be needed if we did not have the need to restrain the golden billion in all directions (Kaliningrad, the Arctic, the Kuriles, a possible next coup and a civil war in KZ, a possible Tajik-Kyrgyz war, a possible big war Armenia-Azerbaijan, Syria, Belarus, etc. With free troops in the NMD, we can release only a small part of our Armed Forces, the rest deter the enemy from aggression in the listed potential theater of operations.

    We have technical superiority in the proxy war with NATO (from ukrov there are only bodies and territory - management, weapons, intelligence and even full economic maintenance there from the USA / NATO) - we have. The ratio of those killed in the proxy war with NATO is ~1:26, and this despite the fact that we attacked 2.5 times less (and according to science it should be 3 times more, i.e. we used 7.5 times less than necessary), took care and we protect the peacekeepers, with which the enemy is massively hiding behind, and we also do not use all of our trump cards. We have better communications - American communications from crests are intercepted by us like an open book, our intelligence is also better, we have artillery more precisely, a satellite constellation: the US / NATO involved 70 military satellites in this conflict, Russia - 106. True, the States also added to there are about a hundred civilian satellites, but their capabilities are lower

    Regarding the ratio of the dead 1:26. 62k killed at proxy NATO on September 21.09 is A) not all combatants, but only the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Without taking into account the defense, Nazi formations, the National Guard, mercenaries, riot police, border guards, etc. B) Only identified individuals. A bunch of ukrov-corpses, whose identity has not yet been established - the Ministry of Defense does not take them into account in the figure of the dead. C) Also, these 62k do not include the missing (almost all of whom, of course, died). So, the total number of killed combatants is about 152k. And here we are in the war with the proxy-NATO, in which the West has given all the best from the point of view. warehouse stocks and partly even weapons from military bases, the ratio of losses in 2.5 times smaller advancing army is 26 times lower than that of the enemy. A brilliant result, and a demonstration of technical superiority (as well as a higher level of training and other factors)

    We defeated America and the entire collective West in a proxy war, with a loss ratio of ~1:26. If this is considered a failure, then you should see a psychiatrist. Even I, who had already understood for 6-7 years that Russia had the strongest army in the world, thought that the ratio of losses in the event of a war or a proxy war with NATO would be about 1: 8-1: 10, but in reality our army turned out to be even stronger

    Some kind of freeze for two years, similar to the Transnistrian conflict.

    Another nonsense. Putin, on the other hand, has clearly repeated many times - the NWO will last until all the tasks set are completed. No, storytellers begin to invent their own nonsense
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 4 November 2022 14: 28
      All right
      It's just that the main and most interesting events take place in the outer theatre. And no one covers these events either, or they distort their meaning.
      And Ukraine is just one of the sectors of the front. And not the most important.
    2. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 4 November 2022 15: 11
      how old are you, artem? it seems that you still go to school, the number of Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is 280 thousand people, all of them are fighting with rotations in Ukraine (except conscripts), Putin had no others, let the newly mobilized to the front - only to multiply losses, they will close the rear , out of the newly called up, only 21 thousand are already at the front (the words of Shoigu), these are people who had database experience, about our great connection and accuracy of art, tell anyone, but not me, there are not enough elementary walkie-talkies, we work by area, I have back DB experience as commander 2s7

      and there is no need to pour soup on the men of the Soviet period, unlike you, the jerk, they created the backbone of the USSR, on which you are now sitting, and defended it in all sorts of conflicts (I, for example, in the DRA)
    3. ja.net.1975 Offline ja.net.1975
      ja.net.1975 5 November 2022 15: 24
      Putin says and said a lot of things, you voice what he did, just don’t mention Crimea ....
  16. Alpha Omega (beta) 4 November 2022 17: 01
    In short, whoever is not satisfied with this article, snorts like a hedgehog and splatters like a lisping schoolboy - write your own and we will read it here .... we will criticize .... yes
  17. Artur Khazymov (Arthur Khazymov) 4 November 2022 17: 16
    If the American economy is in trouble, then what will happen to ours?
  18. clidon Offline clidon
    clidon (Alex) 4 November 2022 17: 26
    Yawning... "Hidden multi-move again"? Which can justify anything at all.
  19. Alexander Ponamarev (Alexander Ponamarev) 4 November 2022 17: 34
    This is awesome
  20. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 4 November 2022 17: 50
    Too optimistic. Khazin, of course, is the head, BUT ... It was clear from the very beginning that everything did not go according to their plan. According to their plan, Russia should have lasted no more than three weeks of war, and then collapse and fragmentation by region. It is enough to remember what she wrote them and the Ukrainian press. Then they had to rebuild their plans on the spot. The Yankees were going to give up Ukraine, having previously pumped up weapons for the partisans, so that it would become a headache for Russia. the Britons intervened. This alignment did not suit them. There is a lack of a unified position of the supranational elites of the West, the United States is just a tool in their hands. Here Putin is right, the puppeteers have dug in England (traditionally or something) and are pulling the strings from the shadows. They absolutely do not care how on the United States and on Britain with Europe. The war has turned into a protracted form with unclear prospects. There is no talk of an agreement. nnyaya slush and congressional elections. This will all pass, the war will continue.
  21. Pilot Offline Pilot
    Pilot (Pilot) 4 November 2022 18: 00
    Yeah ..... Only now money has begun to flow into the military-industrial complex. They plow in three shifts, who is awake and spinning like in a frying pan.??? And for five years there was silence in general, and NATO was approaching our borders. Huh?
  22. isofat Online isofat
    isofat (isofat) 4 November 2022 18: 06
    It would be very good to have peace. But the Jewish community in Ukraine is silent, while the community in the United States is helping to supply Zelensky with weapons and other assistance.
  23. Watching Offline Watching
    Watching (Alex) 4 November 2022 18: 40
    There is nothing new here, no indication of what the author fantasizes about. "Drain" Europe? Give it to the mercy of Putin? What nonsense. Squabbles within world Anlo-Saxony? Yes, there may be disagreements, but a split ..? This is nonsense, wishful thinking, because of their cultural commonality they have the same interests. The Baltic States again in the orbit of Russia? Nonsense again, the feud has gone too far for that. The split of Germany? No one there will go for it, the price is not worth it, again wishful thinking.
    And finally: in what did the author see the sensation? Where are the facts? That other uncles control the senile in the White House is a no-brainer. Nice guesses. As well as Putin's secret genius, the proof of which is not yet available.
  24. basilchurikov Offline basilchurikov
    basilchurikov (vasily churikov) 4 November 2022 19: 13
    All this is nonsense.
  25. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 4 November 2022 19: 27
    What is the article about? Why delight? Hoping for a confrontation between the US and Britain is ridiculous. Will the US surrender Ukraine to Russia? Count how much money the United States has swelled into Ukraine, how many people have been included, here the interests of the economy, politics, the military are intertwined and everything is world-class, and you predict an almost peaceful outcome in favor of Putin. Perhaps you are waiting for another gesture of goodwill from Putin???
  26. Roy Offline Roy
    Roy (Yuri) 4 November 2022 19: 48
    Since the 90s, Khazin has been predicting the imminent collapse of America, and then he explains for a long time why the collapse did not happen.
  27. Anatole 46 Offline Anatole 46
    Anatole 46 (Anatoly) 4 November 2022 20: 33
    Quote from Roy
    Since the 90s, Khazin has been predicting the imminent collapse of America, and then he explains for a long time why the collapse did not happen.

    You Khazin, it seems, have never read or listened to. Or, to put it mildly, textbook.
  28. Zaq Zaq Offline Zaq Zaq
    Zaq Zaq (Zaq Zaq) 4 November 2022 20: 40
    This makes no sense
  29. About the poor hussar 4 November 2022 21: 52
    It's nice to read Volkonsky for the coming dream. A farewell bonfire burns out an era ..
    And then - lift the curtain by the edge ..
    What an interesting time we live in laughing
  30. Eduard Aplombov Offline Eduard Aplombov
    Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) 4 November 2022 22: 43
    Well, since the forecast is based on the explanations and explanations of the Jew Khazin, there is no doubt about the result
    something will definitely come true. something will never come true
    in general, to build hypotheses and assumptions about politics in journalism on the basis of a publicly popular talk show regular is a good and profitable thing, except perhaps the reliability of the data on which Khazin builds his castles in the sand
    or he is a member of the Security Council, at worst, the Council of Ministers where he has the opportunity to deal with the initial data on military, economic calculations, on the political movements of heads of state
    well, since it has such privileges, then you can be calm citizens of Russia and readers of the reporter
    everything will happen
    it remains to wait until Khazin is invited to advisers to the GDP, well, such a head disappears on a talk show, the homeland will disappear without him
  31. guest Offline guest
    guest 4 November 2022 23: 06
    To write about an agreement myself and at the same time accuse others of alarmism and other sins sounds, I will say very mildly, strange.
  32. Norma51 Offline Norma51
    Norma51 (Nick) 4 November 2022 23: 45
    One complete bullshit. Khazin is a champion in predictions in the spirit: everyone will fall apart and we will defeat everyone. The main lie is that our commander does not fight the anti-Russian fifth column at all.
  33. Eugene Zaboy Offline Eugene Zaboy
    Eugene Zaboy (Eugene Zaboy) 5 November 2022 00: 11
    It is not at all a fact that the Republicans will stop or reduce funding for Ukraine. Another question is that Germany can cut funding for Ukraine due to problems with the economy, and France too. It is unlikely that after this the United States, alone, will continue to drag Ukraine on its hump. In general, everything converges, the demon, as always, is in the details.
  34. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) 5 November 2022 00: 25
    Thank you for the many congratulations. Lots of words, but lots of information. Mikhail Khazin, a respected person, as well as Pope Francis, did not expect such sanity from a Jesuit, Viktor Orban and many adequate faces of modern politics. I would not hang labels in the place of the author - we have received too little information for the last couple of months. And there were few changes on the front line. We will see, and we will be alive - we will not die.
  35. Blabla2108 Offline Blabla2108
    Blabla2108 (Catherine ) 5 November 2022 02: 36
    If everything is so, then why do our authorities stubbornly talk about negotiations? With the same Joe .. after all, in this situation, negotiations are not important to us.
    And he is embarrassed by the too loud speeches of our president, why are they? After all, the fate of the “partners” is a foregone conclusion, can we get by with brevity?
    1. Vladimir80 Offline Vladimir80
      Vladimir80 5 November 2022 06: 16
      negotiations (bargaining) - the third stage of accepting the inevitable
    2. Blabla2108 Offline Blabla2108
      Blabla2108 (Catherine ) 5 November 2022 22: 04
      Please - explain smart people?
  36. Denis Z Offline Denis Z
    Denis Z (Denis Z) 5 November 2022 02: 39
    This hazin went straight for predictions. But then he took the medicine, and in the meantime, everything in the world continues to go on as usual)))
  37. Civil pensioner Offline Civil pensioner
    Civil pensioner 5 November 2022 05: 06
    What they don’t write now, if only to smear off the “fraternal people”! No matter how much the whole world helps Ukraine, we are at war not with America, not with England, but with Ukraine. And no matter what we try to agree on, with the Americans, the Turks, Macron or the Pope, Ukraine will not stop fighting. And he will do it with universal bitterness and dedication. Because they are fighting for the idea, for the Nazi idea of ​​their exclusivity and hatred of everything Russian. Such enemies cannot be defeated, cannot be negotiated with, cannot be bought. The idea is immortal, it dies only with the death of its last bearer.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 5 November 2022 18: 34
      comrade penny, and you, you personally, will fight a lot without cartridges? but no tanks? and without flare? all wars end with money, no money - no war!
  38. Esthete Offline Esthete
    Esthete (Vladimir) 5 November 2022 05: 34
    And what, Khazin the prophet or what?
    1. Alex Nevs Offline Alex Nevs
      Alex Nevs (Alex) 5 November 2022 11: 01
      We are all prophets. To a certain extent. Only in the prophecy for a different period of the future we differ.
  39. lemeshkin Offline lemeshkin
    lemeshkin (lemeshkin) 5 November 2022 06: 53
    Even like such insuasion were already in the opus about the "multi-move" of Serdyukov and Putin, is the author the same or what? And too much this material just looks like someone's Wishlist than the truth, everything there is right in chocolate for us. It is especially hilarious about the collapse of Germany that the author has even been there, seen the standard of living? Well, it is very doubtful that the East Germans will want to return to the Soviet past.☝️
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 5 November 2022 18: 38
      and who said that to the Soviet? they are not on the same path with the Nazis, they have a different mentality, they still remember the GDR with nostalgia, there is even a trabant lovers club
  40. Pilot Offline Pilot
    Pilot (Pilot) 5 November 2022 07: 04
    Yes, Chemizov said correctly, there will be orders, we will do it. Why wasn't it???? There are few satellites, no UAVs, no armored vehicles. They were sold to Africa as it turned out. A 300 yards. how are they dismissed??? Grandfather Pikhto woke up and announced an offensive?? No. So someone forgive this topic about .. ral. But each problem has a position and full name. Why don't they tell us??? But VV will have to say. War and lie will no longer work.
    1. ja.net.1975 Offline ja.net.1975
      ja.net.1975 5 November 2022 15: 32
      while it turns out and the rating is by leaps and bounds ....
  41. Ugr Offline Ugr
    Ugr 5 November 2022 08: 19
    NATO cannot be dispersed, there they saw such money that ours never dreamed of ...
  42. Yuri Pyagai Offline Yuri Pyagai
    Yuri Pyagai (Yuri Pyagai) 5 November 2022 09: 12
    Dozens of such war games were prepared. Like the suppression of nat. uprisings in Kazakhstan. But it did not bring the expected dividends in the form of support for the Russian population. As he was, he remained a close-minded king, like Nicholas II. Who interfered in any events in Europe, at the request of England, was eventually betrayed by England. And this is waiting for Putin. And us ALL together. And that means another civil war in Russia. And Khazin does not predict this. And the war between Ukraine and Russia was laid down in the Dulles doctrine, back in the late 40s. The results of Putin's rule are the collapse of Russia, and the collapse of the so-called. Russian world, which exists only within the framework of the Kremlin's presidential administration to divide the opinion of Russians. As an alternative to communism.
  43. The comment was deleted.
  44. Panzer1962 Offline Panzer1962
    Panzer1962 (Panzer1962) 5 November 2022 11: 52
    Well, well, let's see what they sing when the Republicans begin to act almost exactly the same as the Democrats in foreign policy. Let's see.
    For one simple reason - a jump in military spending and an increase in the volume of arms purchases in NATO countries due to the NMD is beneficial to the US military-industrial complex. Because there is no one else to turn to for most weapons. And do you think that the Americans will quit and put out the conflict that is pouring golden rain on their military-industrial complex? Naive.
    1. ja.net.1975 Offline ja.net.1975
      ja.net.1975 5 November 2022 15: 35
      it was already when Zhirik raised a toast, well, we are no strangers to what to blurt out ...
    2. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 5 November 2022 20: 52
      Don't look for a black cat in a dark room, especially if it's not there.

      In fact, everything is simple - and among the Democrats, as well as among the Republicans, as in the Vatican, as in other places, there are people who are well aware of how the aggravation of this conflict can end and they do not want to live (or not live, slowly die - underline as appropriate) in the radioactive world. They are for negotiations. That's all.
  45. Vox_Populi Offline Vox_Populi
    Vox_Populi (vox populi) 5 November 2022 13: 51
    Quote: Volkonsky
    I cited the facts that you cited?

    Author, what evidence do you have? This is a mixture of strange and self-confident reasoning with speculation and wishes! I present common sense, based on a simple assessment of the ongoing processes ...
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 5 November 2022 18: 49
      and I gave the facts - 1) Putin makes London extreme for the joint venture, why? 2) the Democrats themselves are draining the green! Democrats, not Republicans, why now? 3) the pope is drowning for Putin, with what fright?
      the answer is that the decision has been made, Biden is being drained, and, moreover, everyone - both the Republicans and their progressive Democrats, did not pull it!
  46. Materialist Online Materialist
    Materialist (Michael) 5 November 2022 18: 43
    "abroad will help us" .. I've been reading about HPP since I was 14. result... .
  47. The comment was deleted.
  48. Garygar Offline Garygar
    Garygar (Garygar) 5 November 2022 22: 47
    I recently listened to Oleg Matveychev, his thoughts largely echo yours and I really want to believe that this will be the case. I would be interested in your opinion about his analytics, thanks
  49. The comment was deleted.
  50. Luenkov Offline Luenkov
    Luenkov (Arkady) 5 November 2022 23: 40
    London broke the Eurogas pipeline. We put everything on it!! They themselves confessed and everything.
  51. depavel Offline depavel
    depavel (Pavel Pavlovich) 6 November 2022 08: 17
    Do reporters respond to questions:-
    1) why not published, implemented by 1500 CIA officers with Jeffrey Sachs, the list of "National projects" ?;
    2) apartheid to compatriot migrants, he himself lived with two young children, and the relative parity of personnel among the warring parties in the NWO, this is a solution to the demographic issue in the territory, and what else ?; 3) the legalization of usury, MFIs, the legalization of trade in bank secrecy, collectors, in addition to forcing serious criminal offenses, murders, suicides, terrorist attacks, by tens of thousands, this provides for coordinating and subsidizing crime with local administrations and banks, the growth of extremism, the formation of contradictions for the masses to speak , the destruction of the state. Are these not ongoing stages of denationalization to build a New World Order?
  52. Z_Rus Offline Z_Rus
    Z_Rus (Ruslan) 6 November 2022 16: 24
    Putin's task is to wait with little bloodshed for the Republicans to come to the Oval Office, and they will take care that Grandpa Joe's desire to fight will decrease in the remaining two years of his reign.

    Foreign countries will help us. We know we swim.
  53. ivan2022 Offline ivan2022
    ivan2022 (ivan2022) 6 November 2022 22: 16
    Quote from: Igor_E
    I listened to Khazin for 2 years. Brilliant head...
    On the contrary, deputy Fedorov always said... For example, it says that the people are to the same extent to blame for the collapse of the USSR, as well as the elite. But, this is a lie, because. the elite occupies managerial positions, controls the power structures, and the disenfranchised people need several decades to realize what has happened and somehow try to correct the situation.
    Even deputy Fedorov does not talk about the fact that the massacre in Ukraine was staged by Jews (Kolomoisky, etc.).

    You are contradicting yourself. The fact that the people are "disenfranchised" is precisely the property of the people, which is not capable of nominating quality leaders.

    This is not the property of "cunning Jews" who prefer the peoples of the West, and who do not like Russians. The peoples of the West live richer because they themselves have managed to achieve this. "With their own hand." And the Russians in 1991 managed to achieve only that Yeltsin divided a large country. And nothing more.

    What is the "state-forming", such is the State. Fedorov understands this, but you do not. Only and everything. If you are smarter than Fedorov, take Fedorov's place in the Duma.

    The fact that "the massacre was staged by the Jews" can only be said by a person who is aware of the affairs of billionaires no worse than themselves. I doubt..... . And what, all the billionaires in the world are only Jews? And this massacre is not beneficial for non-Jews?

    By the way, from the fact that the Jew Khazin has a "genius head" - it does not follow that he must always be believed. For example, at one time he bugged everyone with his predictions of the imminent collapse of the dollar. And some have taken to hand over the currency. Heh.... Heh.... a long time ago it was......
  54. The comment was deleted.
  55. Sergiy Saratov Offline Sergiy Saratov
    Sergiy Saratov (Sergey of Saratov) 8 November 2022 17: 51
    Yes Mister Z, so it will be. For some reason, two months ago, I thought so too. In general, everything will be like in that joke about Baidenko:

    Biden's grandfather dies. After a year, he gets bored and asks GOD to let him go to earth to see how his country is doing. GOD agrees and lets go.
    Biden comes into a bar in New York, orders a beer and asks the bartender how the country is doing, how it is developing, what problems it is solving. The bartender is surprised
    - What problems can be? We are the Empire, all of ours.
    Grandpa Biden:
    - How is ours? And Iraq, Afghanistan?
    - This is all ours!
    Biden: And what about Europe, Africa?
    The bartender takes out a globe from under the counter and proudly turns it:
    - I say - we are EMPIRE, the whole world belongs to us!
    Biden, joyful, proud and satisfied, finishes his beer and says:
    - Well, thanks, friend! How much do I have to pay?
    - Six hundred and fifty rubles ...
    1. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 10 November 2022 17: 02
      It's good that at least the prices in rubles remained and immediately from hundreds.
  56. lelik613 Offline lelik613
    lelik613 (Sergei) 9 November 2022 04: 15
    And what are those breeches at the back of that?
    This is such a cunning plan!
  57. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 10 November 2022 17: 00
    And not for why not? If you were able to rob the Russian army, then you can easily aim at Russia as a whole, except for the Caucasus Mountains, now it's cold there.