Named Kh-101 missiles prepared for strikes against Ukrainian targets

For the death of the participants in the special operation, the Ukrainian nationalists will be avenged by Kh-101 cruise missiles, which are already ready to be launched. On the cases of high-precision munitions, which, without a doubt, will reach the goal, the names of the heroically dead participants of the NVO from Kaliningrad, Viktor Zhukov and Alexei Katerinichev, are written.

Police junior lieutenant Viktor Viktorovich Zhukov served in the 3rd field department of the 2nd Grom special forces detachment. He tragically died in the special operation zone while on duty. For his bravery he was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage.

Colonel of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Aleksey Viktorovich Katerinichev served in the Center for Rescue Operations of Special Risk "Leader" of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation as deputy head of the unit. Since August 2022, he has assumed the position of Deputy Head of the Administration of the Kherson Region for Security Issues. He took an active part in the preparation and holding of a referendum in the liberated region.

Named Kh-101 missiles prepared for strikes against Ukrainian targets

On the night of October 1, the house where Colonel Katerinichev was located was hit by the American HIMARS multiple launch rocket system. In accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, Alexei Katerinichev was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Russia.

Farewell to both victims took place on October 3 in Kaliningrad in the presence of the governor of the region and the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Kaliningrad region. The Kh-101 cruise missiles will have the last word for the departed fighters.
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  1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 2 November 2022 22: 59
    Our leaders are being hit right on a residential building, so why aren’t they hitting the locations of the Ukronazis, Zaluzhny, A. Gerashchenko, V. Zelensky and others ... Oddities with this war are not a war, but somehow called an "operation" .. .
    1. vladivan Offline vladivan
      vladivan (Vladimir) 3 November 2022 10: 52
      I posted a comment about this many times! There is only one answer: there is no point in spending missiles on them, and on the buildings where they sit. Our government, destroying the infrastructure, like electricity, wants to achieve negotiations from the Ukrakhunta. The EU said that the government in Kyiv was chosen legally, legitimately, and the Russian Federation wants to demolish the junta and put its people in the place of the Kyiv junta. That's it! If they didn't sell weapons for 5 years for export, and they were allowed primarily for the defense of the country, then in half a year you can liberate all of Ukraine. But our government chose a different scheme! it turned out that the army was practically undressed! And all that we have at the most is 15-25% of modernized equipment for the whole country. Everything else has been mothballed for decades
      1. Baba Yaga Offline Baba Yaga
        Baba Yaga (Baba Yaga) 3 November 2022 11: 44
        By the way, about the strikes on the "centers ..."
        For those who do not remember: Hitler was not in the Reichstag when ours took him !!!!
        It was a symbol!!!
        Therefore, when we finally hit the centers, it will show that we have finally begun to take this war seriously, and not incomprehensibly how !!!
    2. Indifferent Offline Indifferent
      Indifferent 4 November 2022 07: 48
      Zelensky is needed now, like a rare dolbolob! The longer he “rules”, the better! And secondly, why make a great martyr out of him? So that his memory lives on for centuries? On the contrary!