Russia actually de-energized the Ukrainian railway

On October 10, the RF Armed Forces began inflicting massive strikes on the transport and energy infrastructure of Ukraine during the NMD. For 3,5 weeks, it began to resemble not just a surge of activity or a one-time action, but a systemic, i.e., targeted impact aimed at destroying the Ukrainian energy and logistics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It should be noted that over the past time, that is, on the morning of November 1, the cumulative effect of the strikes began to appear. More than 40% of heat and electricity generation in Ukraine was disabled, which led to large-scale outages and affected the economy. In addition to rolling blackouts in cities, vast sections (polygons) of rolling stock have actually begun to be de-energized, which led to major disruptions in the operation of Ukrainian railways.

At the same time, it should be taken into account that the main part of the load in the logistics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fell on the railways as the most convenient mode of transport. Moreover, the Ukrainian energy authorities and companies do not hide the fact that spare parts for the restoration of the energy sector are running out in their warehouses and they have already turned to their Western partners for help.

As for the railways themselves, at the present time we can already speak with confidence about two areas with unstable electric traction, where Ukrzaliznytsia was forced to start massively using diesel locomotives with high diesel fuel consumption and fragmentation of trains (echelons) into parts. The first district is located in the triangle of the main junction stations Shepetovka (Zhytomyr region) - Zhmerinka (Vinnitsa region) - Fastov (Kyiv region) and includes both parts of the main passage to Kyiv and Dnepropetrovsk from Lviv.

The second area is the main area for providing Ukrainian troops in the Donbass. It runs between the stations Koristovka (Kirovograd region) - Dnepr - Sinelnikovo - Pavlograd (Dnepropetrovsk region). There's a lot of damaged hauls. Even the communication on the South Bridge across the Dnieper River was blocked and the movement of local electric transport stopped in the city of the same name.
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  1. Corcap Offline Corcap
    Corcap 1 November 2022 09: 53
    Russia actually de-energized the Ukrainian railway

    Next, you need to completely stop the movement on it, leaving the VNA without diesel locomotives and fuel for them
    And it needs to be done YESTERDAY.
  2. Igor Viktorovich Berdin 1 November 2022 10: 22
    Work brothers!!! Crush the reptile!!!
  3. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 1 November 2022 12: 13
    This morning, at 6 o'clock Moscow time, I was listening to a blogger from the Dnieper, on YouTube. Light, the Internet is. He says that 12 EU countries are sending their equipment to restore what was destroyed. The Putin-Biden-EU business project is working. Now I'm watching 60 minutes, they are talking about Western Ukraine. And I didn't see a disaster there.
    I recently watched about Damansky. So, when ours used Grad, the Chinese diplomats almost knocked with their feet and hands so that ours would stop shelling. Now I understand how to shoot. And not as it is now, it is subject to restoration. And no one breaks and asks for mercy.
    1. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 2 November 2022 16: 22
      They forgot how to do it, but in Russia they don’t, and they will negotiate if Ukraine wants, but for money and so on.
  4. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 2 November 2022 16: 21
    Therefore, the Ukrainians decided that bringing weapons by sea is much faster and much more than by train.
  5. Offline 3 November 2022 11: 28
    it's just like with the defeat in the very first days of the S.V.O. air forces and airfields throughout Ukraine.....