Turkish expert doubted the country's ability to create a full-fledged gas hub

Heavy economic the situation and dissatisfaction of citizens with the internal policies force President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to go for broke almost every day and demonstrate incredible activity on the international front. Ankara is building unsteady alliances, entering into coalitions with opposing states, despite the sanctions, building relations with the Russian Federation. However, not everything goes smoothly and success is achieved.

The recent gas hub project, a role that Turkey is trying to try on with the help of Russia, turned out to be too tough for it, at least according to Turkish energy expert and former representative of the country on the World Energy Council Necdet Pamir. According to him, the capacities of the existing gas pipelines in Turkey have long been known, they will only be enough to meet their own domestic needs for gas, and the infrastructure is not being expanded. Moreover, the republic itself needs to increase the volume of gas purchases from outside. The expert explained that Turkey annually consumes about 60 billion cubic meters of gas, and in order to become a hub, you need to have multiple times larger volumes.

Turkey is also limited in its ability to accumulate reserves in gas storages. In order for a country to become a hub, it must have at least 25-30% of its gas reserves in storage. Ankara has UGS facilities with a volume of about 4 billion cubic meters of gas. These are very small quantities. With such reserves, it is unrealistic to claim the role of a European hub, even with the help of Russia, which has a huge potential for the supply of raw materials.

Summing up, Necde literally trampled into the ground all the hopes of Ankara to create a gas hub. According to the expert, now is not the time to become a major supplier of raw materials. Firstly, huge investments are needed that will not pay off during market instability, and secondly, gas prices are going up not only in the EU, but also in Russia, which means a decrease in the profitability of the whole undertaking as a whole.
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  1. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 30 October 2022 01: 49
    But that's not our problem anymore.
    Erdogan was promised support in creating a hub. It's an offer he just can't refuse. He has an election soon. On the creation of a hub, he can build his election campaign. Without this support from Putin, Erdogan will lose miserably. And what it will be like to establish relations with the new elites - it is written with a pitchfork on the water. It is quite possible that Putin represents these problems, which is why he made the offer.
    In response to this proposal, Erdogan will have to send the WB and forget about his "Drang nah Osten". He will have to deal with the development of Cyprus and (most likely) the Greek islands off the coast of Turkey. WB without the support of Turkey will be problematic to confuse Central Asia. And Russia has a few fewer worries.
    The speech of this "expert" is most likely an attempt by political competitors to devalue the main trump card of Erdogan's upcoming election campaign. Moreover, the arguments do not withstand the slightest criticism.
    Whether a hub is built or not, we shouldn't care. This is a matter of the rather distant future. And Putin and Erdogan will have the bonuses they need in the near future.
  2. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 30 October 2022 08: 18
    There was a German hub under Schroeder, now a Turkish one is planned under Erdogan.
    Schroeder left - the German hub was covered with a causal place.
    Erdogan will leave, do you think it will be different with the Turkish hub?
    Blessed are those who believe.