Putin urged to stop the work of foreign intelligence services in the CIS countries

Today Moscow hosted the 51st meeting of the Council of Heads of Security Agencies and Special Services of the CIS States. The President of Russia met with the heads of delegations via video link and voiced the main security threats that are currently closely related to the conduct of the special operation.

As the head of state noted, Ukraine has become an instrument of foreign policy USA and a platform for dangerous experiments with the complete loss of state sovereignty. Since 2014, biological laboratories have been deployed throughout the country to work on bacteriological weapons.

Now the Ukrainian authorities, led by curators from across the ocean, are threatening Russia and the world with the use of nuclear weapons. Kyiv's plans to use a "dirty" atomic bomb on the NMD front could become a terrorist threat that the CIS countries have not yet encountered. Protecting the population in the event of an atomic strike is one of the primary tasks of the intelligence services of all Commonwealth countries.

What they achieve, those who do it, we see on the example of Ukraine, which has become an instrument of American foreign policy. The country has practically lost sovereignty and is directly controlled from the USA

- says the head of the Kremlin.

Vladimir Putin also pointed to the possible transfer of foreign fighters with combat experience to other CIS states. There is a risk that weapons will fall into their hands, which could become an instrument of terror in any Commonwealth state.

We know with you what it is. For this, in order to counter this, it is necessary to more actively open and stop the work of foreign intelligence services aimed at destabilizing the situation in each individual CIS member state.

- Said the President of the Russian Federation.
  • Used photos: http://www.kremlin.ru
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 26 October 2022 22: 22
    Duc, if only seriously, at first I figured out the "sleeping" EDRO members from the Duma, who applauded standing amers ....
    but... PR is PR. Those sleeping under your nose are untouchable, you have to distract attention with all sorts of dirty bombs ...
  2. Grei grin Offline Grei grin
    Grei grin (Gray Grin) 27 October 2022 00: 56
    The dirtiest bomb in the Kremlin is located and this is the fifth column, because of which we have been digging in Ukraine like worms for a month, and while it is in the power of victory, do not wait!
  3. Sergey A_2 Offline Sergey A_2
    Sergey A_2 (Siberian Yuzhanin) 27 October 2022 07: 30
    Like these whiners and all the rippers, they stole everything from them, left them without pants and pasta. There is enough money for the Internet to sit here whining. Go to work and you'll be fine.
  4. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 27 October 2022 13: 56
    The work of Ksenia Sobchak is subversive in terms of influence in Russia??? Of course it fits. But she, like Chubas, fits the status of "someone's own." And they don't give up. Therefore, she, like Chubas, like many others, was allowed to leave the country painlessly. So what kind of struggle are we talking about when there are some incomprehensible untouchables of our own ... But they are agents of influence ....