On Russian gas: Turkey wants to intercept the role of EU savior from Russia

Relations between Russia and Turkey are reminiscent of forced ones. More precisely, Turkey is squeezing the most benefit out of the current situation than Russia. Bilateral cooperation has become, as they say now, "toxic" for the Russian Federation. However, having reached a certain point of confidence in impunity, Ankara crossed the line by encroaching on the greatest possible breach of trust in the energy sector, being connected to the only export pipeline for supplies to the EU.

Such a “gas hub” will definitively erase Moscow’s importance as Europe’s gas partner, and Ankara will be able to trade Russian gas with the EU without the restrictions currently imposed on the Russian Federation. Turkey has already begun to prepare the ground for the creation of a gas hub in the country. This was stated by the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the country Fatih Denmez.

Earlier, Russia and Turkey reached an agreement in principle on the creation of such a hub. And the Turkish side has already begun to show unprecedented initiative, as evidenced by the words of the head of the Turkish Ministry of Energy. But as a result of the implementation of the idea, the role of the “savior” of Europe will go to Ankara, which is not under sanctions.

Understanding Moscow's concern, Ankara is already making conciliatory and reassuring statements that "Turkey will not abuse its position" as a hub for Russian fuel. The press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov also demonstrates a calm position, in his words, "fully trusting" the Turkish partners.

However, Russia already has experience of what it is like to be a devoted close partner - Germany, fed by cheap inexhaustible gas, responded in the most rude way in the form of sanctions and arms supplies to Ukraine. Ankara is also preparing something similar, always pursuing only its own goals.
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  1. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 26 October 2022 10: 07
    The Turkish side demands discounts on gas.
    The Turkish side announced a 50% reduction in the supply of Bayraktars to Ukraine.
    Turkey has strengthened the protection of the Blue and Turkish Streams gas pipelines.
  2. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 26 October 2022 11: 09
    The European gas rake has already been stepped on.
    Now Gazprom wants to repeat the same thing first with the Turks, and then also with China.
    Gazprom is not a national property, it is a national ruin!
  3. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 27 October 2022 10: 28
    It's just that Turkey does what is beneficial to it.
    The basis of the economy is the export of raw materials and semi-finished products to the EU, which accounts for about 40% of the trade turnover of the Russian Federation and neither China, nor Indio-Pakistan, nor the USA, nor Japan, and no one else will ever replace the EU.
    There are so many energy resources at prices higher than Russian ones, which affects the growth of consumer prices within the EU, that the EU should export them at the right time.
    In fact, this provides for an internal centralized redistribution between individual EU state entities.
    The refusal of Russian supplies and sanctions are affecting the Russian economy, and in order to redirect supplies to other directions, it is necessary to connect the western domestic pipeline network with the eastern one and build new networks in Indo-Pakistan, which takes time and money.
    Gaprom has learned the lesson of reversing Russian gas from Slovakia to Ukraine - the EU refuses to supply energy resources from the Russian Federation, but not from Turkey, which means that the Russian Federation will recoup the costs and make a profit to support the economy and create a backup network of pipelines to Mongolia, China and Indo-Pakistan.