Is a Ukrainian “retribution strike” against Moscow possible?

The armed conflict on the remnants of Nezalezhnaya continues to develop and escalate. Now in Kyiv they are talking about

the need to inflict "retribution strikes" on "decision-making centers", of course, in Moscow. Such is the gratitude for 8 years of the Minsk agreements, unilateral gestures of goodwill and the “grain deal”. Are real strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine possible not only on the border Belgorod region, but also on the Russian capital?

"Strike of Vengeance"

The day before, in an interview with Canadian television channels CTV and CBC, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on the NATO bloc to strike back at the Kremlin if the Russian Armed Forces hit the "decision centers" in Kyiv:

If the message sounds that there will be a blow to the decision-making center, then the answer of the world should be as follows: “Look, if you hit Bankova, then there will be a blow where you are <...> If you do this, you should know that in a second, regardless of the result of your blow, there will be a blow to the decision-making [centre] you have.

It should be noted that Ukraine is not a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, but has the status of its partner and has recently applied for accelerated accession. Zelensky's statement is undoubtedly a response to a noticeable change in the approaches of the Russian Ministry of Defense to the conduct of the NMD. "Non-Iranian" kamikaze drones began to systematically hit Nezalezhnaya's energy infrastructure, threatening to blackout it in the future. At the same time, the militant part of Russian society has long been demanding that the Kremlin strikes at the so-called "decision-making centers." This, in particular, was stated by the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov:

Even if one bullet flies in the direction of Russia, it is necessary not only to hit the decision-making centers, but to wipe them off the face of the earth ... I think so - the fish rots from the head, so you need to start from the tops.

The ex-president, who is now deputy head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, who “changed his shoes” from a liberal to a “hawk”, spoke about the same:

In the event that these types of weapons are used against Russian territories, the armed forces of our country will have no choice but to act to defeat the decision-making centers ...
Everyone understands what kind of centers these are - the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff, and anything else.

True, you and I understand that the true decision-making centers are not in Kyiv, but in Washington and London, but formally it is the Kyiv regime that is subject to denazification and demilitarization. Also, all adequate people understand that the NATO bloc will not follow Zelensky's call to hit Moscow in order to avoid starting a nuclear war.
Our “respected Western partners” will leave it to the Kyiv regime itself to do this. Therefore, a natural question arises, how can such a blow be delivered to the Russian capital from Ukraine?

"Far hand" of Ukraine

The fact that the Kyiv regime has long been working on creating its own arsenal of medium-range and shorter-range missiles, we told previously. These are, in particular, the Grom-2 OTRK and the Ukrainian Tomahawk, the Korshun-2 air-launched cruise missile (pictured). The flight range of the first rocket reaches, according to some sources, from 500 to 700 kilometers. That is, from the northern regions of Ukraine, from where the Russian troops were so imprudently withdrawn, "Grom-2" theoretically can finish directly to Moscow or the Moscow region. The range of the "Korshun-2" in the basic version is 280-300 kilometers, but, according to the statement of Petro Poroshenko from 2019, it was increased to 1000 kilometers by reducing the weight of the warhead. Of particular danger is the fact that the "Ukrainian Tomahawk" can be launched from aircraft, and there are real "air gates" from Kharkov to the Belgorod region, about which we also detail told earlier.

Unfortunately, we don't know what state Ukraine's own missile program is in now. Will the “Western partners” agree to help the Kyiv regime with components and technology in order to bring to mind its medium-range missiles is not known. Whether the United States will provide American F-15 and F-16 fighters for the needs of the Air Force as carriers of various types of more modern strike weapons, we also do not know, and it is unlikely that the White House itself knows this for sure. However, Kyiv, unfortunately, has every opportunity to solve the problem with weapons in the depths of Russia on its own and with little bloodshed.

Today, everyone admires the "non-Iranian" Geran-2 UAVs, and no wonder. Whoever created these kamikaze drones, Persians or Russians, or whether it is a deep modification of an Iranian drone equipped with a Russian GLONASS navigation system unit, they turned out to be a real weapon of victory.

Unlike, say, the Okhotnik, a heavy strike stealth UAV at a price of 1 billion rubles apiece, the estimated cost of the Geranium is at the level of about 8 dollars maximum. The most expensive element is the simplest MADO MD 550 engine, an Iranian copy of the German Limbach L550E at a price of 5-6 thousand dollars. Yes, he pretty much rumbles, but for 1000 kilometers the “kamikaze” drone is guaranteed to send in a single flight. The rest is plastic, a subframe, a navigation box, control drives and half a centner of explosives. Wooden screw. Cheap, cheerful and very effective.

"Geran-2" is a real Kalashnikov assault rifle or T-34 tank among attack drones. At the same time, go and shoot him down. The “kamikaze” drone flies quite quickly and low, bullets and anti-aircraft shells pierce its plastic through and through, but for a disposable product with a minimum of complex electronics on board, this is not critical. The internal combustion engine of the "non-Iranian" UAV does not produce hot exhaust, which makes it difficult to detect it by infrared homing systems. Even if you shoot it down with a modern anti-aircraft missile, there will be more harm from this due to the detonation of the drone warhead. The real weapon of victory, really. That's what the Persians came up with, being in isolation, just great. Israel, tremble.

The problem is that such a simple design is quite easy to reproduce. In Ukraine, as before, many specialists in aviation and rocket technology have been preserved. The component base will be freely provided to them by "Western partners". You can collect such products almost in the basement. What to do if, from somewhere in northern Ukraine, where the Russian Armed Forces were so imprudently withdrawn, at the same time a dozen of these “kamikaze” drones are launched towards Moscow? Or a hundred? Let's say, half will fly at low altitude to the Kremlin, and the second - to the personal residence of President Putin in Novo-Ogaryovo. But what if the warhead is not an explosive, but, for example, nerve gas? Is this possible or not?

Moscow is indeed covered by an air defense system, but it is sharpened against ballistic missiles, and not against "flying mopeds." Such a threat simply did not exist when it was created. Now the Kyiv regime has already set its sights on the Supreme Commander-in-Chief personally, and he should think about what will happen when the Armed Forces of Ukraine get their “far hand”.

In turn, I would like to note that a new type of air threat requires an immediate restructuring of the entire Russian air defense system. Now everyone is talking about the removal of ancient anti-aircraft installations from the warehouses of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, which must be aimed at the target almost by eye and fired from them directly from the roofs of houses. If the warhead is represented by nerve gas, it will not help. It is necessary to shoot down kamikaze drones in advance.

Therefore, we recall our the idea creation of a “drone fighter” based on the Yak-52B training aircraft. In the Soviet period, the possibility of turning it into a light "counter-guerrilla" attack aircraft was worked out. In the new realities, this two-seat aircraft, after modernization, can be used both to control Orlan-type drones as a faithful wingman, and to destroy enemy UAVs with machine-gun and cannon fire. Such a light attack aircraft is cheap to manufacture and subsequently operate, has a very low cost per flight hour, and pilots can be quickly trained for it. The domestic analogue of the Brazilian Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano based on the Yak-52B is now practically uncontested for combating a new type of air threat.
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  1. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 23 October 2022 15: 27
    Weapon of victory! What a victory if you often have to retreat. In addition, Ukraine will not need to launch from afar in Moscow with such command and control of troops and rear. They will retreat to Moscow, and there it is possible with drones. It’s scary to imagine what would have happened to the USSR if they had been presented with resistance in the country itself.
    1. Corsair Offline Corsair
      Corsair (DNR) 24 October 2022 15: 56
      Domestic analogue of the Brazilian Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano based on the Yak-52B

      Despite the fact that the Yak is good in its segment, up to the specialized Toucan, he, like us, is up to Kyiv ...

      Toucan was originally created as a combat training aircraft:

  2. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 23 October 2022 17: 33
    There is a re-equipment with UAVs and communications with them, the development of air defense and other things. It is correctly noted that the successful model Geranium -2 appeared very on time and to the point. Further, it may already be completely Russian and preferably in an improved version, such as, for example, a non-straight span, because it is detected and then ambushes are set up on the span, the reduction of acoustic unmasking noise, etc. In terms of air defense, there were Shilki, later Tunguska, so they are suitable for protecting the most important objects from various UAVs. In large areas, only real-time communication and MANPADS and small-caliber artillery "on carts" with a quick exit at the UAV rate. It is possible to recall canister and shrapnel shots and other uses. There is a lot of work to be done, new tactics and so on ... As for Moscow, small UAVs will not inflict significant defeats, they will only give a reason to remove the ruling junta of Ukraine from the screens forever. And the existing air defense will work out large UAVs and cruise missiles.
  3. borisvt Offline borisvt
    borisvt (boris) 23 October 2022 19: 08
    S. Marzhetsky is relevant again))
    Of course, it is necessary to prepare planes that are at least a little bit suitable, to extract Tungusks from storage sites, and let the military scientists urgently think over anti-drone measures. Up to, by the way, to balloon barriers. For a long time nothing has been heard about the domestic airship industry. During the war, up to three thousand simultaneously rose over Moscow, 150 aircraft were shot down by them, maybe they will help protect them from Ukrainian geranium-like raids?
  4. Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 23 October 2022 23: 20
    Maybe even a blow to Moscow will force the Russian Federation to start fighting for real
  5. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 24 October 2022 10: 56
    The declared goal of DEMILITARIZATION, it turns out, has not been fulfilled and is even anti-fulfilled.
    There was nothing, and suddenly: "a" retaliation strike "on Moscow"

    The anti-target - the annexation of territories - was completed. And the declared ones - somehow not yet.

    And remember the rest. The Russian spring was canceled, the communists and Orthodox people of the People's Will were pressed down, Only EDRO, only the redistribution of property.
  6. Pacer Offline Pacer
    Pacer (Pacer) 24 October 2022 11: 11
    Moscow is indeed covered by an air defense system, but it is sharpened against ballistic missiles, and not against "flying mopeds." Such a threat simply did not exist when it was created.

    Ehhh, Marzhetsky, Marzhetsky .... laughing
    I would recommend that you send in that direction the old pioneer models of young technicians with a "hole" and a mechanical timer. I would have looked at what had been done with you while the model was approaching the "protected objects" ... fellow

    Rust, I ask you not to remember and not to give an example ... For all this bodyaga from beginning to end was sanctioned. And at the last moment, a "heavy palm" fell on the hand of the air defense shooter, you know who ...

    PS: important objects are guarded by us, including automatic "mechanical pinocchios" -

  7. Petr Koldunov Offline Petr Koldunov
    Petr Koldunov (Peter) 24 October 2022 13: 21
    If the message sounds that there will be a blow to the decision-making center, then the answer of the world should be as follows: “Look, if you hit Bankova, then there will be a blow where you are ...

    Only an unshaven clown is unaware that the return move can only be from the one on whom the previous blow was inflicted. If Russia hit Ukraine, then only Ukraine should strike back at Russia. And then the bloomers believe that if Russia hit Ukraine, then in response, Britain and the United States hit Russia ...
    No, Chewbacca, that's not how it works! And the States will never hit Russia because of Ukraine. Even if Russia drives a vigorous stump into the ass of a clown ...
    Yourself, only yourself! If you want to hit the Kremlin, try to do it on your own. If you can. And if you yourself can’t do anything, then it’s not important to puff out your cheeks, shouting how you hold back Putin’s hordes on the way to Europe. Being on an artificial respiration apparatus in the States and the EU and yelling about the power of the rabble forces of Ukraine is at least stupid!
  8. Nelton Offline Nelton
    Nelton (Oleg) 24 October 2022 16: 07
    Let us recall our idea of ​​creating a “drone fighter” based on the Yak-52B training aircraft.

    There is no need to invent anything.
    The speed of such "mopeds" is 180 km/h, which is less than the speed of Ka-52 and even Mi-8 helicopters.
    they spotted a flock of drones where the thread is over Belgorod - and in the Kaluga region they will be calmly intercepted by turntables.
    Helicopters are hung (if not already hanging) UPK-23/250.

    But it’s difficult for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to do this - and there are few turntables left, and long-range air defense can hit them.

    But you really need to prepare for such a scenario.