In less than two months, the US promises to introduce a plane that will "change everything"

The American concern Northtrop Grumman is preparing to present the first prototype of the B-21 Raider stealth bomber. The presentation of the aircraft, which, according to the developer, will “change everything”, is scheduled for December 2 this year. The event will be held at the same US Air Force base in California, where the first serial B-1988 Spirit stealth bomber was first shown in 2.

The characteristics of the "Raider" are kept in the strictest confidence. Visually, it is similar to its predecessor, but, according to Northtrop Grumman, completely new Technology to overcome enemy air defense systems. The B-21 was designed to deliver a nuclear or conventional rocket-bomb charge without destroying the aircraft by any means of air defense. When creating a new bomber, the company took into account the capabilities of the Russian S-400 and S-500 air defense systems capable of detecting the B-2 Spirit.

The Pentagon plans to purchase up to 145 units of new aircraft for its Air Force, depending on the final cost of the B-21. It is expected that the novelty will be cheaper than the B-2, which is the most expensive combat aircraft in the world at $1,157 billion per unit.

Despite the fact that the US military pompously calls the new product “a nightmare for Russia” and “an aircraft that will change everything,” the inaccessibility of the B-21 to Russian air defense systems has not yet been proven. In addition, the range of weapons, including hypersonic ones, for the new bomber is only at the development stage.
  • Photos Used: US Air Force
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  1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 21 October 2022 12: 39
    Strategic bombers remained in the 20th century, with modern rapidly developing air defense and airborne reconnaissance equipment (satellites, AWACS and others), such colossus will be escorted directly from airfields, like nuclear weapons carriers. An example of today's SVO, this is how Caliber, Daggers and other UAVs work. Large bombers, only an increase in the cost of using weapons, because they do not approach targets, launch missiles from great distances, so you can eliminate the unnecessary link of heavy aviation. Here fighter-bombers, like the Su-34, are needed and have their own niche in hostilities. Conclusion: This B-21 is very similar to misinformation, for directing us and the PRC along a dead end path.
    1. krot Offline krot
      krot (Paul) 22 October 2022 20: 35
      according to the developer, "will change everything"

      They said loudly) In my opinion, either hypersound, such as Dagger, or Poseidon can change everything. And this is without pathos.
      Agree with the previous comment. It's like a lenkor left with honors in the 20th century and aircraft carriers leave in the 21st ..
    2. Corsair Offline Corsair
      Corsair (DNR) 23 October 2022 16: 20
      Quote: Vladimir Tuzakov
      Strategic bombers remained in the 20th century

      Let's not chop off our shoulders, and at the beginning we will soberly assess whether bomber bombers are so useless ...
      As if then you didn’t have to sprinkle ashes on your head, as with "BTG"And"compact professional army".

      And then after all - " will reform", and it will be impossible to win back ...
  2. Moray Boreas Offline Moray Boreas
    Moray Boreas (Morey Borey) 21 October 2022 14: 13
    Yes, this plane will change everything for the worse for the United States. A useless airplane. So pass it on to the developers.
    1. skeptic Offline skeptic
      skeptic 22 October 2022 11: 00
      Quote: Seas Boreas
      Yes, this plane will change everything for the worse for the United States.

      Idiot logic. If their "invisibility" strikes, then the Russian strategic nuclear forces will be leveled to a complete Apocalypse, including both the creators and the users, with all their relatives. And those who are now looking "through their fingers" at their future death.

      Even though we'll go to heaven request
  3. borisvt Offline borisvt
    borisvt (boris) 21 October 2022 16: 48
    go, they did it under hypersound. To not drag one unit, like our MiG31, but four or five pieces. Plus for us, it's expensive. Considering the future crisis, including the dollar, let them squander))
    1. Avarron Offline Avarron
      Avarron (Sergei) 21 October 2022 22: 28
      As they squander it, they will print it again. It's strange that no one has figured this out yet.
      1. Foe Pshekov Offline Foe Pshekov
        Foe Pshekov (Arkady) 22 October 2022 00: 30
        Printed money only makes sense when you are being sold something for it. When they say that give us gold, or our goods .... and leave the paper for yourself, then there is no point in printing pieces of paper.
        And everything goes to the fact that the dollar will soon be a junk asset. Everyone understood everything. The arrest of Russian money showed that the paper is worthless.
        1. Avarron Offline Avarron
          Avarron (Sergei) 22 October 2022 09: 03
          I have been hearing this talk about the impending death of the dollar for more than 20 years. Since then, only the ruble has fallen from 6,5 rubles per dollar to about 65. And I also threw out the beginning and middle of the 90s with galloping ruble inflation.
          And yes, the dollar will die soon, obviously.
        2. Yuri Neupokoev Offline Yuri Neupokoev
          Yuri Neupokoev (Yuri Neupokoev) 24 November 2022 15: 09
          The dollar is unlikely to become a junk asset. His power will be weaker, but this is in the future. Although there is a trend. The Anglo-Saxon Empire is very powerful, obviously. But it's very bloated. Stalin was not allowed to drown / limit the dollar at one time. Maybe now it will work. Don't know. It's all slow. China throws off the debts of the Anglo-Saxons / dollars, but little by little. Immediately - more expensive. Now the Anglo-Saxons are trying by any means (wars, intimidation, bribery, blackmail of the elites) to preserve the power of the dollar. The collapse of the dollar, they can not afford. Since the 90s, almost everyone has been in power (especially financial) with dollar adherents. Resist. Therefore, all these defaults and sabotage. I think there will be a fragmentation of the financial system into separate parts. AUCUS was created as a fallback (including) if most of the world cannot be left under the dollar. Let's see.
          And they have a good plane, I think. Engineers are valued there and spare no expense for it. But no one has yet canceled mathematics, chemistry and physics) The main thing is to competently manage knowledge and embody this knowledge. We would have to deal with "our" elites for a start.
    2. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 22 October 2022 12: 51
      Replica A huge machine with a wall of resistance quadrature on hypersound, these are engines, fuel plus thermal coating, weapons - it will pull on an interplanetary ship from fantasy, which means everything from the realm of fantasy.
  4. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) 21 October 2022 19: 33
    Let's start with the fact that the capabilities of the new US air defense systems can be known very approximately, in addition, the creators of the B-2 and F-117 already promised something similar, and as a result, the F-117 was shot down by an antediluvian air defense system in Yugoslavia, after which the B-2 construction program quickly turned
  5. Balin Offline Balin
    Balin 21 October 2022 22: 21
    Another American flying stool is expensive
    1. skeptic Offline skeptic
      skeptic 22 October 2022 11: 08
      Quote: Balin
      Another American flying stool is expensive

      It will be cool if a "flying stool" is knocked down by a "flying moped" flying past. wassat
  6. Foe Pshekov Offline Foe Pshekov
    Foe Pshekov (Arkady) 22 October 2022 00: 22
    Well, the sooner they show their super plane, the sooner the decision will be made to slam the United States and nullify their ability to create and produce new weapons. Americans do not understand that no one will wait until they can become a military superpower that will exploit all other peoples and resources.
    We don't need new slave owners. Live in poverty for the beautiful life of Americans? Let them die, even at the cost of our lives.
    1. Corsair Offline Corsair
      Corsair (DNR) 23 October 2022 08: 45
      Quote: Foe Pshekov
      Well, the sooner they show their superplane, the sooner the decision will be made to slam the United States

      Yes, but first, let's slam Nazism in Ukraine, as it was decided.
  7. kalita Offline kalita
    kalita (Alexander) 22 October 2022 11: 22
    Well, if they want to check for stealth, then let it fly over Russia and everything will be clear right away. And then the Americans have only one PR, and then it turns out that they spent money in vain.
    1. vladivan Offline vladivan
      vladivan (Vladimir) 23 October 2022 18: 28
      Or maybe this miracle is all made of carbon fiber? The same UAV, but the shape and size of the B-2 Spirit.
  8. Petr Koldunov Offline Petr Koldunov
    Petr Koldunov (Peter) 22 October 2022 12: 39
    New prodigy? Scary go...

  9. Alex P Offline Alex P
    Alex P (Alex Putorashkin) 22 October 2022 14: 57
    Poseidon will change everything for you if you apply ...)
  10. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 23 October 2022 08: 47
    when he can change "everything", everything will have been changed a long time ago
  11. Grei grin Offline Grei grin
    Grei grin (Gray Grin) 24 October 2022 18: 46
    Let's get his darling and roast it in the sky! Glory to the USSR!
  12. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 6 November 2022 15: 11
    How can there be something inconspicuous in this world, since even a "fart" in the toilet is betrayed by publicity and the media is savored?
    Any rise of the "invisible" bloggers will describe - they will give everything for subscribers.
  13. Sergio63 Offline Sergio63
    Sergio63 (Sergey Petrovich) 2 December 2022 05: 02
    I don't trust Americans! First, B-1; 2 invisibles that merged in Yugoslavia, Iraq S-125 ... all these miracles F-22; 35 ... avoiding our SU-30; 35 ?? Another portion of the military-industrial complex propaganda