Cheaper than missiles, invisible to air defense: how Geranium-2 ruins the Kyiv regime

The cost of Kyiv's efforts to destroy kamikaze drones is much higher than they cost Russia. This was reported on October 19 by Moskovsky Komsomolets with reference to The Guardian. According to the publication, drones cost the Russian Federation several times cheaper than the cost of the Kyiv regime to counter them. Moreover, the difference for only one period from September 13 to October 17 can be up to seventeen million dollars.

Of course, the reliability of this information cannot but cause doubts, given who is its primary source. Nevertheless, it is definitely impossible to suspect the British Guardian of what, and in presenting a favorable picture for Russia. It is impossible not to admit that the massive use of drones by the Russian Federation has made significant adjustments to the course of hostilities.

Cheaper than missiles, invisible to air defense

First of all, it is worth noting that the data on tens of millions of dollars of costs given above relate to Kyiv's expenses exclusively for shooting down drones. Moreover, which is typical, nowhere is their effectiveness and the percentage of air defense missiles fired into milk, which, judging by the footage from Ukraine, is extremely high. The effectiveness of air defense systems against the "Geran-2" in general raises serious doubts. And according to a number of military experts, air defense systems are in principle not capable of tracking it at all.

Now about the price of the issue. Of course, there is no official information on the cost of the Geran-2 UAV yet, and it is unlikely that there will be any in the near future (now is not the best time to disclose such data). Nevertheless, based on various estimates, and simply common sense, a kamikaze drone whose only function is to deliver cargo (explosives) to the target, in principle, cannot be expensive. And certainly it should be many times cheaper than even the most primitive cruise missile. Yes, the drone flies slower, yes, you can try to shoot it down even with small arms. But the key word here is "try".

Psychological effect

To date, there has not been a single confirmed case of shooting down Geranium-2 from small arms. But they shoot at them every time, and from everything that is at hand: machine guns, machine guns, sniper rifles. But all to no avail, which, by the way, has an extremely negative impact on the morale of the enemy.

First, he hears the hum of a drone approaching at a speed comparable to that of cars. Then he sees it, and it seems like you have a weapon at hand, and you know how to aim, but the drone DOES NOT GO OFF. No way. Despite the best efforts of a whole crowd of shooters. Add to this the understanding that prior to this, a kamikaze drone could fly hundreds of kilometers and still remain invulnerable, and imagine the feelings of the theorists and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Extremely unpleasant, it is worth saying, sensations. Of course, even before they could not feel safe even in the rear. But the rocket still flies too fast to have time to really get scared. But the ominously buzzing drone, inexorably approaching the target, despite all the desperate attempts to bring it down, oh, how it hits the psyche. Numerous videos from the scene will not let you lie - the shooters develop a real panic.

Drone vs Fighter

Moreover, it is important that such behavior is typical not only for soldiers and the defense. Pilots of the Ukrainian Air Force also demonstrated their psychological instability in the face of Geranium. How else can one explain the fact that a kamikaze drone recently managed to destroy an entire MiG-29?

And let, according to military expert Boris Rozhin, the victory of our drone is largely accidental - the pilot of the Ukrainian Air Force, attacking the UAV, came too close to it, and after the explosion of the Geranium, the scattered debris reached the MiG. The very fact of the destruction of an entire fighter jet by a drone worth “three kopecks” by military standards speaks for itself.

Nevertheless, even the random nature of such a victory does not negate the uniqueness of this event. It must be admitted that the destruction of Ukrainian fighters in air battles is not included in the main profile of work (drones). Nevertheless, even here they were able to surprise

Rozhin emphasizes in his telegram channel.

And this is another sign that Kyiv absolutely does not understand how to deal with Geranium. Raising a whole fighter jet to fight a drone that is far from being the most "tricky" - this already says a lot about the degree of desperation. And even lose it at the same time ...


Despite all of the above, of course, you need to understand that drones are not “wonder weapons”. And in themselves they act as only one of the elements of the NWO, and by no means the most important. Nevertheless, the fact that drones show the highest efficiency at minimal cost cannot be denied. And if this makes it possible to hit targets, simultaneously devastating the Ukrainian air defense ammunition, then this should be used.

In addition, the demoralizing effect exerted by "Geranium" is extremely important. There are a lot of mobilized people in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine today, whom the nationalists forcibly forced to stand up, starting to pump up with neo-Nazi propaganda. And let it sound cynical, but it is better that these people break down psychologically from the constant flights of drones and give up than lie down in the ground. It is possible to overcome the fear of flying drones, but not to resurrect from the dead.

One way or another, but "Geran-2" in itself turned out to be a much more valuable UAV than the "Bayraktar" advertised to the whole world. It is not for nothing that the head of the Association of Defense Enterprises of Ukraine, Pashinsky, recently said that the Turkish drone "has more PR and corruption than combat use." But, nothing, history will put everything in its place. New textbooks on combat tactics in the XNUMXst century are literally being written before our very eyes. And the experience of the NWO will undoubtedly take center stage in them, along with the role that drones will play in it. In the end, the more “Geranium” “blooms” in Ukraine, the faster Nazism will “wither” there.
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  1. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 21 October 2022 08: 58
    This is not "Geranium" - this is "Shahid".
    Stop already trying to create the impression of the "domestic" nature of the product.
    And by the way, if they are so "cheap and effective", where are the high-profile landings (or mobilization) of parasites from Rosnano and other developers of "analogues"?
    1. Foe Pshekov Offline Foe Pshekov
      Foe Pshekov (Arkady) 22 October 2022 01: 13
      Yesterday Shahid, today Geranium. In the fight against imperialism and Nazism, there is no time for sentimentality. Destroy both the Nazis and the bourgeoisie! Because both of them are the enemies of the ordinary proletarian. Though Russian, even European, even red-skinned. And if the fans of Bandera hired the bourgeoisie to kill Russians, then in response we will shower them with retaliatory strikes until they grow wiser or die.
      Regarding Rusnano, alas, the authorities did not hear the people, who immediately said that all these crooks work for their own pocket and for Western owners. Well, Putin did not want to create a new NKVD, so as not to disturb the enemy hive ahead of time. But in the end everyone will get their punishment. And those who are here shkeritsya, and those who are already there. The main question to solve for a long time. And this is not the destruction of the Ukronazis. One way or another, they will have to be destroyed. But then how to establish new rules of the "game" with the American bourgeoisie ... here the process is of a different level.
      If they agree to our terms, they will live. If they don't agree, then they'll die. And someone in heaven)))
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Andrey2023 Offline Andrey2023
      Andrey2023 (Andrei) 22 October 2022 09: 49
      Neither Iran nor Russia recognizes the transfer, sale of these drones.
      Why should WE stop?
    3. Sarmat Sanych Offline Sarmat Sanych
      Sarmat Sanych (Sarmat Sanych) 28 October 2022 12: 05
      zuuukooo (Sergey), bots, stop whining, no one is listening to you.
      And we still do not dwell on the Open secret - "Geranium-1/2" has long been produced at Russian factories. The fact that they didn’t announce something to the townsfolk from TGesheks and the hysterical military reproaches and didn’t use it from the beginning of the SVO is logical and expected, there is a good saying: Half of the work is not shown to fools.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 21 October 2022 09: 05
    Duc, in what century is true.
    Drones are small in size, cheap, massive (for some reason only in Iran), and control measures have not been developed (all armies have obstinately ignored them until recently). Although the option of a mini-anti-drone, or a super-cheap air defense system suggests itself, but ... time has already been lost.
  3. Nelton Offline Nelton
    Nelton (Oleg) 21 October 2022 10: 19
    they shoot at them every time, and from everything that is at hand: machine guns, machine guns, sniper rifles.

    Weird. in theory, a non-maneuvering low-speed cruise missile is an ideal target for small-caliber anti-aircraft guns / machine guns.

    New textbooks on combat tactics in the XNUMXst century are literally being written before our very eyes.

    now it is necessary to model the tactics of actions / counter-actions, so that each side has a constructor of a variety of means with a price.
    including decoys, camouflage nets (including in the IR range), electronic warfare systems ...
    And nosebleed to develop electronics and manufacturing/3D printing components.
    1. Grigory_78 Offline Grigory_78
      Grigory_78 (Grigory R.) 22 October 2022 07: 41
      a non-maneuvering low-speed cruise missile is an ideal target for small-caliber anti-aircraft guns / machine guns.

      And who has them in service in sufficient quantities? There is no need to talk about the production of such weapons. Everyone deservedly considered it obsolete after the advent of the era of jet aircraft, against which these weapons were ineffective. And today, the production of such systems will have to be re-established if it is necessary to organize defense against drones like Geranium-2.
    2. Watching Offline Watching
      Watching (Alex) 22 October 2022 23: 09
      It seems that the Iranians are reasonable people having established effective and cheap weapons. And how could they not be? Ancient civilization. And how much do these "daggers" cost? And how useful are they?
    3. Sarmat Sanych Offline Sarmat Sanych
      Sarmat Sanych (Sarmat Sanych) 28 October 2022 12: 11
      production/3D printing of components

      Do you know that only one Rosatom in Russia has a dozen additive technology centers? This is not counting Rostec enterprises and private ones. Rosatom is not only a global leader in the entire nuclear spectrum, but also one of the top 10 global manufacturers of 3D printers.
  4. Vladimir80 Offline Vladimir80
    Vladimir80 21 October 2022 10: 51
    Ehhh, our media and unfortunate experts repeat the Khokhlyat mantras and mriyas one to one: just as they had the "javelin sect", so now we have the "geran sect" appeared.
    Now NATO will give them modern air defense and the effect of geraniums / shahids will come down to 0. All "wunderwaffes" since the time of V.O.V. in the end did not lead to a radical fracture.
    P.s. and the real effect of the geraniums is greatly exaggerated, and the subway runs with them, and they are accumulating all the forces for the offensive.
    1. Nelton Offline Nelton
      Nelton (Oleg) 21 October 2022 11: 02
      NATO will give them modern air defense

      In this case, kmk, we need rather "outdated" shilki.
      1. Grits Offline Grits
        Grits (Alexander) 21 October 2022 15: 42
        You are right - the best lineup against Shahids is Shilka, Tunguska, ZSU-23-2. They don't have shells. But ZSUshek should be unmeasured.
    2. Grigory_78 Offline Grigory_78
      Grigory_78 (Grigory R.) 22 October 2022 07: 52
      Modern NATO air defense? Like the Patriots? I remember the cry of an American general about missile launches of $3 million each against a $200 drone. It was just epic. NATO has always expected to nightmare everyone with its drones, and not to defend itself against drones. They don't have anything suitable. Even their MANPADS are an order of magnitude more expensive than Geranium-2, not to mention the missiles of stationary installations, which are even an order of magnitude more expensive.
    3. Sarmat Sanych Offline Sarmat Sanych
      Sarmat Sanych (Sarmat Sanych) 28 October 2022 12: 27
      Vladimir80, I understand that you are crippled, but wake up and suffer, nothing goes anymore, logistics 404 is turned off ALL.
  5. ont65 Offline ont65
    ont65 (Oleg) 21 October 2022 11: 13
    The manufacturer has this UAV Cube, but in artillery no one uses the manufacturer's codes, the flower series is quite versatile.
  6. elklex Offline elklex
    elklex 21 October 2022 15: 12
    Consonance in the words teHERAN and GERAN... Or did it seem to me?
  7. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 21 October 2022 19: 03
    The author is mistaken, quite a few Geran-2 UAVs are shot down with small arms, there is a video with confirmation. The weak point is the noise of the engine, unmasking in advance, the noise is heard for several kilometers, and there is enough time to prepare for shooting. The flight altitude is several hundred meters, which is within the reach of standard small arms. It is necessary to turn off the engine, otherwise Geranium -2 will unmask itself in advance, which leads to destruction even by small arms .. Modernization and release in large quantities, (license redemption) is the main and urgent task of the Russian military-industrial complex ...
  8. voznesensky Offline voznesensky
    voznesensky (Oleg Petrovich) 21 October 2022 20: 55
    According to the publication, drones cost the Russian Federation several times cheaper than the cost of the Kyiv regime to counteract them..." "Geran-2 ruins the Kyiv regime...

    What kind of ruin of the Kyiv regime can we talk about? - "The costs of the Kyiv regime" are the costs of their Western curators!
  9. voznesensky Offline voznesensky
    voznesensky (Oleg Petrovich) 21 October 2022 21: 45
    In fact, the effect achieved by using "flying lawn mowers" as strike UAVs in such a serious theater of operations, in my opinion, is a very short-term phenomenon, and is due not to some remarkable technical advantages of these devices, but to their unexpected use in modern war. No one expected such success from the use of such a "miracle of technology." The effect of surprise worked. Now the only question is how quickly the use of effective means of destroying these homemade products will follow. And, as it seems to me, their life, unlike the antediluvian, but very successful PO-2 aircraft of the 1927 edition (!) During the war of 1941-1945, will be very short.
    1. Sarmat Sanych Offline Sarmat Sanych
      Sarmat Sanych (Sarmat Sanych) 28 October 2022 12: 29
      voznesensky (Oleg Petrovich), you are certainly mistaken. No problem, learn later.
      The collective West has no defense against hellish mopeds.
  10. Dmitry Volkov Offline Dmitry Volkov
    Dmitry Volkov (Dmitry Volkov) 22 October 2022 09: 54
    I think that Geranium should already be modified, a penny saber-shaped screw can increase speed and range, and most importantly, the noise will change to a higher frequency range, which reduces the range of their sound detection, etc. I would stick cameras and a thermal imager, a Baikal computer and make data exchange target designation between drones, so that in real time it is possible to destroy the targets that have appeared. It was not a swarm of Drones, but a pack of wolves!