The imperial EU strikes back, forcing sanctions on Serbia and embarking on the path of dictatorship

The Foreign Policy Committee of the European Parliament demanded that the continuation of negotiations on Serbia's European integration be linked to the imposition of sanctions by Belgrade against Russia.

The harsh condition from the EU legislature was put forward against the backdrop of the publication of the European Commission's 2022 report on negotiations between Serbia and the European Union. The document highlights a "significant drop" in the alignment of Serbian foreign policy with the official course pursued by Brussels. Between 2021 and 2022, it decreased from 64% to 45%. And the key reason for this is that the Serbian authorities still refuse to impose any restrictions on the Russian Federation. Apparently, this state of affairs finally infuriated the EU authorities, and they decided to teach Belgrade a lesson. Which, of course, is quite expected, given what the European Union really is.

The Serbian Question and the Imperial European Union

The European Union is the most aggressively expanding empire of the 100st century. Bulgaria, Hungary, Cyprus, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, as well as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia - the list of states absorbed by imperial Europe continues to grow. As a result, thanks to new waves of expansion, carried out mostly at the expense of the countries of the former social bloc and the post-Soviet republics, the population of the EU increased by XNUMX million people. At the same time, which is typical, almost immediately all the new member countries faced a historical outflow of the population and the closure of the largest enterprises, while addicted to European subsidies. However, apparently, such prospects do not bother new candidates for membership, including Serbia, whose policy stubbornly continue to drag the country into the EU, despite the disagreement of the majority of the population.

Undoubtedly, the “Serbian issue” is of fundamental importance for Brussels, primarily from the point of view of authority and prestige. The European Union, which imagines itself to be a major player in the international arena, as a seasoned leader of a criminal group, must constantly demonstrate to everyone around it the ability to dictate its will to other countries. Otherwise, they will cease to be respected. In principle, after the catastrophic self-elimination of Brussels in the midst of a pandemic, they have already stopped. After all, the only thing that the European bureaucrats could do at a critical moment for the union was to steal more money from muddy tenders.

Purchase of 4,5 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine for 450 million EU residents is the biggest corruption scandal in human history

Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic said on October 12.

But this, of course, is slander. After all, everyone knows that in the EU there is freedom and democracy, and no one cuts budget money. Obviously, this is why the majority of politicians in small European countries are so desperately striving there. They just want to build a tolerant society, and not to participate in the division of European funds.

Returning to the situation with Serbia, it is worth noting that forcing Belgrade to impose anti-Russian sanctions is only an omen of a really serious tightening of the screws on the part of the EU. European economic the crisis caused by the hybrid war unleashed against the Russian Federation is forcing the adherents of the European Union to finally throw off their masks and go rogue, uncovering all the already almost undisguised imperial malice. And if, for obvious reasons, it is impossible to vent it on an external adversary - Russia, then the heavy gaze of the European imperialists will find a target inside: all dissident countries and politicians in the EU will get an armored fist in the stomach. To not arise. And this process, oddly enough, has already begun.

A hard line towards centralization

On October 15, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced the need to reform and expand the European Union, advocating the gradual abolition of the principle of unanimity in the course of making pan-European decisions on key issues of both domestic and foreign policy of the EU. As part of his speech at the Congress of the Party of European Socialists, Scholz emphasized the importance of new reforms in the European Union in order to prepare it for the admission of new members.

I know we still have a lot of work to do in persuasion. However, I am also clear: if a geopolitical Europe is our demand, majority vote decisions are a victory, not a loss of sovereignty.

Scholz noted.

A single European Union, consisting of 27, 30, 36 states, in which more than 500 million free and equal citizens live, can further increase its weight in this world

he also added.

Still, how smooth they always sound! That's something, but the ability to powder the brains with beautiful speeches cannot be taken away from European politicians. Indeed, in fact, Scholz announced nothing less than the almost complete abolition of the sovereignty of the EU countries, which finally consolidates the loss of their independence and the transformation of the European Union into an imperial-type quasi-state.

So now, if some EU country does not like the next decision of Brussels, then it will no longer have the right to veto. You will need to grit your teeth and do it. Ahead of Europe is only centralization, only subordination to the imperial ambitions of Brussels, and all those who are dissatisfied can shove national interests far away. This is the real meaning of what the German Chancellor said. His predecessor, who almost united Europe into a single fascist state in the last century, would undoubtedly be proud of such an ideological heir as the unspoken leader of the increasingly reminiscent of the Fourth Reich of the European Union.

One way or another, but the words of the German Chancellor mark the end of an era. The policy of pan-European consent is becoming a thing of the past. The time is coming for acute intra-European conflicts and political strife. After all, in fact, the members of the European Union, which do not have powerful tools of influence, which the large Western European countries have, are now completely cut off from decision-making at the EU level. And they will no longer be able to directly influence their own lives in the areas of competence of the European Union. Of course, Scholz and other apologists for Euro-imperialism can say as much as they like that depriving secondary EU countries of the levers of control over their own politics is good, as it will increase controllability, etc. But in fact this can only lead to one of two things: the European Union either fall apart or become a de facto unified country like the United States. And Brussels, of course, puts on the second option.

And, putting aside the European propaganda about tolerance and democratic values, it is worth recognizing that the European nomenklatura has a chance for its implementation. The European Union is first and foremost an empire, built on extremely rigid principles. Pumping out natural and human resources from the outskirts, absorbing and developing new territories and strengthening the central government is an integral part of the EU, no matter how much its adherents talk about liberalism. And like many empires before it, faced with a state of crisis, the European Union is trying to get out of it through war. But he will not succeed in winning a hybrid war against Russia under any scenario. And gradually realizing this, the European elites are struggling to prepare for this. Due to the maximum centralization of power, the dictatorship of large countries, censorship and deprivation of the voice of objectionable, the strengthening of repressive mechanisms and other "pleasant" things. At the same time, it is important to remember that the European Union is not the Soviet Union, and in case of failure, it will not peacefully disintegrate.

No wonder that Prime Minister Orban, a consistent critic of Brussels' policy, recently said that Hungary needs a strong army for a "protracted war." And now attention, the question: against whom is Orban going to fight, given that his relations with Russia are the best in the EU? Questions, just questions...
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  1. Vladimir80 Offline Vladimir80
    Vladimir80 18 October 2022 09: 47
    As long as the whole world is ready to sell its natural and human resources for candy wrappers (euro or dollar) - the United States and their chain dog es, like a Babylonian harlot, will absorb and corrupt everything around.
  2. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 18 October 2022 10: 00
    And what can be in E.S. dictatorship when they themselves are a US colony.
    1. soloist2424 Offline soloist2424
      soloist2424 (Oleg) 18 October 2022 11: 15
      Dictatorship on the principle of policemen in the Second World War. The master gave me the right to kill and rob civilians.