The Chinese military began testing an analogue of the Russian "Hunter"

The first video of a test flight of a new development of Chinese military engineers, the CH-7 drone, has appeared on the Web. The first sample of a large reconnaissance and strike UAV was shown in 2018. 4 years later, the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technologytechnical CASC Corporation has begun flight testing of the drone.

The declared characteristics of the CH-7 are slightly inferior to full-size combat aircraft, but they look impressive. The length of the device is 10 meters, and the wingspan is 22 meters. The total takeoff weight reaches 13 tons, while the drone can reach a maximum speed of 900 km/h. The payload of the UAV is 2 tons.

The UAV is built according to the “flying wing” aerodynamic configuration using stealth technologies, which makes it hardly noticeable to enemy air defense systems.

It is worth noting that the CH-7 with its dimensions and external outlines strongly resembles the Russian heavy drone S-70 Okhotnik. At the same time, the domestic strike UAV surpasses the “Chinese” not only in maximum takeoff weight (25 tons) and combat load (up to 8 tons), but also in maximum speed (up to 1000 km / h).
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  1. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 17 October 2022 10: 53
    The Russian heavy drone S-70 "Okhotnik" is unlikely to reach the middle of the Dnieper, for the same reason why strategic bombers do not reach there. Because of the danger of being destroyed. None of the authorities will risk losing an expensive drone.
    Is it really necessary to have 8 tons of combat load if they do not risk flying?
    The Chinese version is both cheaper and more inconspicuous, due to the size, engines, weight and fuel volumes.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 17 October 2022 11: 34
    The Chinese are doing everything right.
    Instead of an expensive heavy no analogue in the world, make a light mass workhorse
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. Demonlivi Offline Demonlivi
    Demonlivi (Dima) 18 October 2022 20: 33
    Turkey manufactures baikatars under a Ukrainian license, as this is a Ukrainian development! But if such a powerful country, Russia, because of corrupt rats, will give its developments to China, this is a shame! Jobs for youth! Our schoolchildren in Moscow will assemble any drone on your knee, and even with positioning on the ground! 9-10 class! And here the minds of the ratty officials of the defense industry want to wash money for the naikitae !!!!