The Russians laughed at the prank of two Ukrainians with a song about Putin

Frames appeared on the Web showing the final part of the communication between a Russian and two Ukrainian women via video link. The guy turned on a song in Russian, to which the girls began to dance, not recognizing the melody. However, the joy of young Ukrainian women did not last long.

The girls thought they were talking to an opposition-minded Russian. But during the performance of the musical composition, words were heard about Russian President Vladimir Putin in a positive way, and the guy began to wave the flags of the Russian Federation. This confused the Ukrainian women and after a while they broke off communication. At the same time, their behavior clearly demonstrated that awkward moment when the “victory” suddenly turned into a “bail”.

It should be noted that the rally made the Russian public laugh well, who commented cheerfully on what happened:

This is their stop word

joked Elena Krauklis, hinting at Putin.

Hard trolling!

Viktor Bagaev reacted.

And it started off so well...

Vladimir Serebrennikov pointed out.

A little more and topless would have danced ...

- ironically remarked Dmitry Dashchinsky.

It is a masterpiece! And the analogy of what is happening in the song is stated amazingly ... they just hung for a while, the Ukrainian firmware has not yet disappeared in their heads ...

Evgeny Prasolov drew attention.

In a bummer! Almost fell off my chair from laughing! Man you are great!

- Irina Voitsekh admires the joke.

How they are twisted only by the name of Putin

- said Vladimir Markelov.

Reviewed 20 times. This is the Nobel Prize. Oscar. This is the best trolling!

– wrote Artyom Unique.
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  1. Corsair Offline Corsair
    Corsair (DNR) 16 October 2022 14: 46
    Well yes...
    This is clearly Russia's "victory" in the information war.
    The enemy is defeated yes .

    The Russians laughed at the prank of two Ukrainians with a song about Putin

    And from the howl of air raid sirens in the cities of Russia, is it funny to you too?
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 16 October 2022 18: 18
    Here the people have limited opportunities, but they use such opportunities for Russia. And Putin, and the government? What did they do? We watched how Bandera in Ukraine was reborn for 30 years! Here you can see for yourself that cooks and taxi drivers think faster than Putin and the government.
    1. Dan Offline Dan
      Dan (Daniel) 18 October 2022 12: 08
      Quote: steel maker
      Here you can see for yourself that cooks and taxi drivers understand faster than Putin and the government.

      If Putin thought more slowly than cooks with taxi drivers, then songs about him would not be composed. Only you cannot understand this, because you think more slowly than the "Estonian" from the joke. laughing
  3. opportunist Offline opportunist
    opportunist (dim) 16 October 2022 20: 28
    As soon as they heard Putin's name, they flinched. laughing
  4. svoroponov Offline svoroponov
    svoroponov (Vyacheslav) 17 October 2022 04: 15
    If they are in the photo, then they are not Ukrainians. And a mixture of peoples, ranging from the Mongol-Tatars to the peoples of the Caucasus.
    1. Saffron Offline Saffron
      Saffron (Igor) 17 October 2022 13: 29
      As Lisa Truss said: "From the Mongols to the Tatars"
  5. ZnahWest Offline ZnahWest
    ZnahWest (Ingvar b) 17 October 2022 20: 13
    The coolest agitprop ever! )))
  6. The comment was deleted.