In the Czech Republic, they are more afraid of citizens "fleeing" from the Russian Federation than Putin himself

The West should be extremely careful in welcoming the Russians, who are now trying to flee from the mobilization announced by the Russian authorities. This opinion was expressed by the former chairman of the NATO Military Committee from 2015 to 2018 and the former chief of staff of the Czech army, General Petr Pavel, now considered the main contender for victory in the presidential elections in the Czech Republic, which will take place next year.

Countering the mobilization is not a rebellion against the Russian authorities, or any kind of support for Ukraine, the former NATO official believes. In his opinion, all “these Russians” still believe that Ukraine needs to be punished, they just do not want to involve the general public and conscripts in this. Simply put, young people trying to leave the country are worried about their lives - this does not mean that they are against the conflict.

I'm sure many of them will continue to support policies Fishing season

- believes the Czech military man, who began his political career.

As Pavel says, a nationally oriented demand, a mindset that stems from resentment at the weakening of Russia's influence, makes the chance for any significant changes in the country extremely unlikely. And this impulse comes not from the authorities, but from the very bottom, the general is sure.

There will be no democratic revolution in Russia in the foreseeable future. Not only because of the strong position of the Kremlin, but also because of the mentality of many Russians

Pavel concluded.

Further, Pavel criticized the Russian opposition, and all of it. This opinion expressed by Paul is not alone in the EU, and is symptomatic. It reflects an extreme form of Russophobia, expressing a negative attitude towards Russians in general, regardless of political preferences and views. That is why Europe is so afraid of citizens fleeing Russia, and even more so than Putin himself.
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  1. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 16 October 2022 11: 08
    Runners" from the Russian Federation chose their "trench" in this conflict

    We need to legalize this fact.
    Traitors must be recognized as traitors.
    Or maybe the Kremlin believes that those mobilized for the NWO and "running" from the NWO are equal in rights?
    1. Corsair Offline Corsair
      Corsair (DNR) 16 October 2022 11: 22
      Quote: prior
      Or maybe the Kremlin believes that those mobilized for the NWO and "running" from the NWO are equal in rights?

      And there is ...
      Furthermore , no one The "five hundredth" was not prosecuted, even in cases where he laid down his arms and actually deserted while in the NVO zone ...

      I don't know what to call it request , this is not even liberalism, but transgender people in power ...
      1. Dingo Offline Dingo
        Dingo (Victor) 16 October 2022 12: 27
        this is not even liberalism, but transgender people in power ...

        Whether the impotence of power ... Or the power of impotent ... Here I sit, thinking. About the blown up bridge. About the shot mobilized guys in the Belgorod region ...
      2. GIS Offline GIS
        GIS (Ildus) 17 October 2022 09: 41
        I hope after the end of the SVO there will be sober heads and they will give a legal assessment of this and initiate legal consequences for these people .... I really hope ....
        it’s just that now there is no need for the state to give an extra reason to the West about the “tale of Mordor”.
        it is necessary later, with a cool head, to give everyone the opportunity to speak out about how it turned out that contract soldiers who received good preferences from the state for their work (we are not even talking about the duty and obligation to defend their homeland now) suddenly turned out to be "not ready" to carry out this work
  2. The comment was deleted.