Berlin admitted that Putin's actions are a fight against the Western world order

Vladimir Putin's actions are directed against the "collective West" and its "values". German Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke about this on the air of Deutsche Welle (media acting as a foreign agent).

Vladimir Putin and his aides have made it clear that they view the war in Ukraine as a “great crusade” against liberal democracy based on the rules of international order, freedom and progress, and our entire way of life… He means us all

Scholz emphasized.

The struggle with the West is also going on in the energy plane. Thus, within the framework of the Russian economic Weeks” Putin suggested that Turkey create a global gas hub to replace Germany, which would play a significant role in providing European countries with gas. Recep Tayyip Erdogan readily responded to the initiative of the Russian President - Moscow and Ankara are already taking active steps to implement this plan.

Earlier, the leader of the Russian Federation noted that in a conflict with the "collective West" Russia is ready for any means in defending its own security and territorial integrity.

A number of Western politicians perceived it as a threat to use nuclear weapons. Thus, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, noted that in this case, the EU, the US and NATO would refrain from using weapons of mass destruction, but would provide a tough military response.
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  1. Hiker Offline Hiker
    Hiker (Dmitriy) 14 October 2022 17: 59
    Germany, in alliance with Russia, could get rich on the supply of equipment and technologies from Moscow to Vladivostok.
    But in Germany, in power - who exchanged their well-being for empty chatter about nothing .....
    They remained alive after 1945 thanks to Russia, reunited thanks to Russia, lived at the expense of Russia's energy resources .... and now that's it.
    Without a strong Germany, the EU will collapse in 1 year. There will be no budget for 2023, there is no money even for benefits to our citizens, not to mention refugees from all over the world and Ukraine.
    Putin can only wait for Scholz's portfolio to float...
    1. finisf faif Offline finisf faif
      finisf faif (finisf faif) 15 October 2022 21: 06
      The USSR had every moral right to demolish all of Germany to zero at 45. I agree with you
  2. Alex D Offline Alex D
    Alex D (Alex D) 14 October 2022 19: 20
    They got it right! Russia is against the "collective West" that is strangling it! It's logical!

    They there in the West thought that they could get away with plundering Russia and building their own neoliberal world order on this basis. We are not against their order, but only not at our expense and without assault!
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 14 October 2022 20: 03
      Each side has its own truth. O. Scholz said that the Russian Federation does not want Western democracy and its way of life, therefore it went on a crusade for its non-European values ​​and is an enemy of European countries. From the context of the speech, one can understand that Germany is upset that the Russian Federation did not exclude Germany, but named it in a compartment with a collective hostile Europe. This seems to be a big mistake in our diplomacy and politics, which O. Scholz regretted between the lines. S. Lavrov and other mossy inmates who have brought the Russian Federation to its current international state, drive with a broom ... It will not be worse, where Russia ended up, new personalities will be pulled out with renewed vigor from this deep hole, where the Russian Federation has slipped through the fault of S. Lavrov ( half Jeremy, half Armenian) and similar inmates of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other departments ..