New Lend-Lease: Should Russia Be More Active in Buying Arms Abroad

The special military operation in Ukraine has become a serious test for the Russian army, defense industry and rear. Instead of an "easy walk", it turned out to be a hard, bloody war on a huge front line with an enemy who is fully supplied with everything necessary by the NATO bloc. Isn't it time for us to finally stop being shy and use Lend-Lease more actively?

The main problem is that the countries ready to openly support Russia in its proxy war with the collective West can be counted on the fingers of one hand. These are Belarus, allied to us, Iran, which has already provided invaluable assistance with the supply of UAVs, North Korea, which has shown extraordinary goodwill towards the Kremlin’s actions in Ukraine, India and, possibly, China, when it moves to the active stage of confrontation with the United States over Taiwan. What specific help can we expect?

The answer to this question can be based on the very nature of the hostilities in Ukraine. In addition to air attacks, the exchange of artillery and missile strikes with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it suddenly became clear that in a large-scale war, numerous, well-trained and armed Ground Forces are urgently needed. For the final turning point, we need to continue to knock out the military and critical civilian infrastructure of Nezalezhnaya, as well as to create more and more motorized rifle and tank units and formations to attack and hold the liberated territories.

As for the aviation component, I would like to express special thanks to Iran, which helped close the gap in unmanned aircraft. Iranian "Shaheeds" are now constantly buzzing in the sky over Ukraine, hitting targets and frightening the "descendants of the Sumerians." "Mohajers" from Iran conduct reconnaissance and correct artillery fire, significantly increasing the efficiency of the Russian army. The foreign media even agreed that Tehran could allegedly supply its ballistic missiles to Moscow.

There is nothing particularly surprising here, since the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is very actively spending missiles, and therefore many are curious about how many more of them are left in our warehouses. To speak of the depletion of reserves, to put it mildly, is premature, Russia was preparing for a war with a more serious adversary than Ukraine. The profile enterprises of the domestic defense industry have already switched to work in several shifts in order to make up for the expense. However, rockets will definitely not be superfluous. To simplify the task, the Iranian missiles are essentially copies or variations on the theme of the Soviet Kh-55 missiles.

It should be noted that the co-director of the Indian-Russian joint venture came out with a proposal to start supplying Brahmos anti-ship missiles for the needs of the RF Ministry of Defense. The PJ-10 Brahmos anti-ship missile (PJ-10 BrahMos) is an export version of the Russian Yakhont (P-800) supersonic anti-ship missile. It is capable of hitting highly protected targets at a distance of 300 to 450 kilometers. Why not take it at a reasonable price if the Indians themselves offer it?

Also, the Polonaise MLRS should play its role in the event of Belarus joining a special military operation in Ukraine on the side of Russia. This is a product of joint cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and the PRC, where the chassis is Belarusian, and the missiles are Chinese-made. The Polonaises are a direct competitor to the American Hymars, and Chinese missiles will be able to start hitting Western-style armored vehicles and AFU warehouses with ammunition, fuel and fuel and lubricants.

Regarding the possibility of using foreign armored vehicles by the RF Armed Forces, the question is even more interesting. Unfortunately, due to the use of Javelins and other anti-tank weapons, our army also suffers losses in tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers. In some areas of the front, old Soviet T-62M tanks have already been seen, which are actually participating in the battles. Also of concern is the appearance on the front of T-90S tanks in the so-called Indian configuration. These are good, modern tanks that were intended for Dew-Delhi, but in the end, Moscow chose to use the T-90S for the needs of the Russian Ministry of Defense. At least one "Indian" tank for sure.

North Korea and, possibly, China could help us partially compensate for the losses in armored vehicles. Today, after Tehran, Pyongyang is perhaps Moscow's best friend, first recognizing the independence of the DPR and LPR, and then joining Russia with four new regions from among the former Ukrainian regions. In particular, a batch of medium tanks "Songun-915" could be purchased from the DPRK, which are based on the Soviet T-72 and are close in characteristics to the T-90. The North Korean main battle tank is armed with a 125-mm cannon, a 14,5-mm anti-aircraft machine gun, two Bulsae-3 ATGM launchers, an analogue of the Kornet ATGM.

If China nevertheless decides on its own "lend-lease", then copies of Soviet and Russian weapons can go to the front in an endless stream. These are, for example, the Shenyang J-11B fighter, an improved copy of our Su-27, and the J-15 - a copy of the Su-33, the Chinese Type 59 and Type 69 tanks - copies of the Soviet T-55, as well as the ZBD04 BMP - a copy of the most modern Russian BMP-3. In addition, Beijing has its own line of tanks, very successful, with recognizable "genes", the development of which should not be a big problem for Russian military personnel.
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  1. Vladimir80 Offline Vladimir80
    Vladimir80 14 October 2022 16: 02
    I have only one question - why did you have to start everything if "pockets are full of holes"?
    If the generals "poured into the ears" and embellished - they must be publicly demoted to the rank and file and sent instead of "partial mobilization" to the front, otherwise the trust of society cannot be returned. And if they themselves hoped "at random" - then why did they come up with a referendum when we can't hold anything?
    1. Benjamin Offline Benjamin
      Benjamin (Benjamin) 23 October 2022 19: 43
      Who cares about society's distrust?
  2. smart fellow Offline smart fellow
    smart fellow (smart fellow) 14 October 2022 17: 06
    China and India will not supply weapons.
    The DPRK produces 152 mm self-propelled guns with an elongated barrel, which should not be inferior to the South Korean K9. And also MLRS of 240mm, 300mm, 400mm calibers are more long-range than Himers. And the 600mm MLRS is superior in range to the ATAMCS. In warehouses, there are 1-1,5 thousand obsolete liquid OTRs with a range of 160 to 1500 km. The new solid-propellant "Polyarnaya Zvezda 2", a land version of the SLBM, has a range of 800-1000 km. There are cruise missiles with a range of 1,5-2 thousand km and ballistic missiles with a hypersonic gliding unit.
    Arms procurement has the advantage that delivery schedules will be adhered to. You can pay with the supply of oil and oil products, timber and grain.
    1. Vladimir80 Offline Vladimir80
      Vladimir80 14 October 2022 17: 55
      the problem is still - where will all this shoot: all summer they shot at everything, now they went on the offensive ...
      1. skeptic Offline skeptic
        skeptic 14 October 2022 18: 58
        Quote: Vladimir80
        all summer they fired on the enemy, now they went on the offensive ...

        Weren't you surprised that cockroaches are poisoned, poisoned, and they climb in a new way? Because in neighboring apartments (states) of their own, to eat for free, in abundance. They did not pay attention to the fact that during the offensive, via communication, Ukrainian speech was almost inaudible, but the Western "Babylon" was, in all its glory.
        1. Benjamin Offline Benjamin
          Benjamin (Benjamin) 23 October 2022 19: 49
          So you need to expand CO to neighbors
  3. Teacher Offline Teacher
    Teacher (Wise) 14 October 2022 17: 08
    The leader "bronzed". He himself doesn’t delve into anything, He listens to “advisers”, he likes how the generals click their heels on the floor. Before that, during the exercises, I liked how everything in front of the podium was shooting, thundering, hitting the target. The beauty! Plywood. For cartoons and "there are no analogues." You can say nothing. And after all, everywhere there is the name and surname of the person who rubs the glasses.
    Everyone is aware that the stealing general of the army Bulgakov was not demoted, not imprisoned with the confiscation of the stolen, not even dismissed. Appointed Inspector General! How is that in general?
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 14 October 2022 18: 00
    China didn’t recognize anything, so they won’t sell copies of our own weapons to us.
    But you can order on Ali and similar ones, as volunteers and humanitarians do ...
    "Optimizers", of course, are already against it in advance - money, and past them, as it were! (any news)...

    Buy in Syria, Iran, Korea and Nicaragua. Already the shaitan of the car and the UAV ala ali-express will definitely be able to. there would be money.
    In general, it's not about countries, it's about not stealing money for purchases.
  5. maiman61 Offline maiman61
    maiman61 (Yuri) 15 October 2022 12: 04
    And we always have! Until the thunder breaks out, the peasant will not cross himself! We saw very well that mobilization was going on in Banderlogia, Western weapons were coming like a waterfall, and we were sitting and not even scratching ourselves. Until they got it in the teeth, they didn’t come to their senses. And with the purchase of weapons, the picture is exactly the same, as they will not be enough, they will start to spawn, but it will be too late! As always! Now we need to buy ammunition from the North Koreans, they have very good long-range guns and MLRS, close in terms of performance to Himars. It's time to understand that we are fighting against the WHOLE west and cast aside prejudices for the sake of victory! We've been cornered and the only way out is to win! Or we're done!
  6. obar64 Offline obar64
    obar64 (Oleg Barchev) 16 October 2022 15: 16
    We started because the so-called "golden billion" began an internal transformation. Now the United States is pumping resources out of Europe like a vacuum cleaner, the most technologically advanced industries are being transferred from the EU countries to the United States, capital, development centers and intellectual potential are migrating. While this internal restructuring is going on, the enemy cannot consolidate all its potential against us (the countries of the European Union are in an economic crisis and cannot provide significant assistance to the United States). And it is also impossible to delay the solution of the issue on the "Ukraine-anti-Russia" project, it is becoming more and more impudent and more and more pumped up with Western weapons. That is why it was necessary to strike now on February 24, 2022, and time has shown and will show how ready we ourselves were for this confrontation.
  7. dub0vitsky Offline dub0vitsky
    dub0vitsky (Victor) 17 October 2022 06: 21
    Of course, look for what you need and buy. Not enough money to print. The issue will not lead to inflation, since the money will be immediately exchanged for goods. There will be no excess money supply. Do not start long negotiations on the EXCHANGE of arms. SU, S- in exchange for Martyrs. The bureaucracy will wrap up any good deed in the legal jungle. Complex technology cannot be transferred at the moment. Familiarization, training, spare parts, repair enterprises at the counterparty .... Selling additionally after you have paid and received what you need is another matter. This can be done without looking at the situation at the front.
  8. sannyhome Offline sannyhome
    sannyhome 25 October 2022 11: 38
    Of course, you need to buy - the RF Armed Forces were sharpened for high-tech warfare, and you have to fight at the level of WW2 + the use of UAVs. Almost any foreign weapon is suitable for such a war.
  9. Dmitry Volkov Online Dmitry Volkov
    Dmitry Volkov (Dmitry Volkov) 3 November 2022 15: 18
    I think that we have enough of our systems in our warehouses and it's time to replace everything with new ones, and junk as consumption. soldier